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preascd point is retnarkably thin. The cfTect is diflcrcnt when tlw pressure upon the aldn proccodft from within, aa, for instanop, ia Ibc

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.Mcl3urney, collected ten cases thus treated, with seven absolute failures and three doubtful successes. Mason in a further series found one so

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their stones with the bark, and with salts and oxymel; the inner parts of Avalnuts, and mp'tle leaves boiled in wine and

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it strikes an unusual spot, and the throat, being soft, the chest, and comes out again through this passage. it stands, iSair must be taken with Sufafifvoov, though this

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Maittairii, Denisii aliorumque doctissimorum virorum curas in ordinem redact! emendati et aucti opera Georgii Vvolfgangi Pan-

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from the anchovy; and many of their native vegetables are supplied at our tables, by the more pleasant aroma- custom, more certainly from the proportion employed,

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nator longus and internally by the pronator teres. T., Fa'cial, one formed by lines uniting the basion with the alveolar and nasal

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Maryland, whence he was transferred, on the 3(lth, to .Jarvis Hospital, Baltimore. He died, on August 5th, 18()4, of spinal

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ruled its practice, were loth to part with the old forms. It was not until 1788, eight years after Fothergill's death, that

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grass, horse radish, radish, capers, wine, spirits in small quantities, cheese, particularly when old, sugar, various water, particularly hot, and taken in large quantities.

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10 . Raizes — tuberculosas ou armazens de reserva : dahlia, cenoura, orchidaceas, Dipladenia illuslris (flor de babado em Minas).

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(1831), the right subclavian within the scaleni (1833)," both ca- rotids simultaneously (1833), 14 and the right internal iliac (1837). 16

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losis by sun rays ; and Oppenheim"" recommends the use of X-rays ICtioloov. — Though it has long been known that milk is a vehicle

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his interesting speculations he sometimes anticipated important develop- ments. Thus, in speaking of Sternberg's observations on the taking up of

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July 25, 1868: "The arm is full, strong, and efficient." -- 14. Ft. D. Sevage, Co. D, 183d Pennsylvania, aged 29 years, was

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methods; (2) is clinically rabid by veterinary diag- tion and is killed before confirmatory brain lesions For all direct exjx)sures — that is, tooth wounds

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biculus cordis. It is divided into two lobes, besides the lobulus Sjiigelii, which Hippocrates calls hyfiercoryfiho- ses; terminated by an obtuse margin above and behind,

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Cotugno (1736-1822), who also demonstrated albumen in the urine by boiling (1764), seventy years after Frederik Dekker (1694), and

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medicine factory. The older man died suddenly and Dr. Cyrenius Wakefield then carried on alone the business from which he is said to

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SPrRIT (SOLUTIOX) OF XlTBOGLTCERES (TBJXiTErs")- — 1 P«r c«nt. — Anti-spasmodic, Rubefacient, Stimulant, Carminative.— Uses : Extern., as counter-irri-

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to the power of witchcraft, and the celebrated ' ' witch doctors " do vet find employment and supply their amulets or engage in heathenish

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exigencies of the original subdivisions. It is probable that Nagarjuna might have redacted this part of the Samhita of western opinions is to place Nagarjuna in the first

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cially of lesions of the parts in the vicinity, and early and acute state of pyelitis, the chief inten- opium, or other anodynes, with demulcents, &c ,

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Surgeon General's Library, 1912, 2. series, xvii, pp. 135-137. Sclicnck ilS9S). 'I'lic two lalli r iliscovcrics were made in tlic .loliiis Hopkins

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who would not fuffcr the Application of the aftual Cautery, that is, of a red hot Iron (winch certainly promi .o well for a Cure)

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"IMakes no difference," said the doctor, "that is my charge." "Well," suggested the house physician, "I shall render a bill for

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through its immediate vicinity to the other articulations, the symmetry of the hand is promoted by reducing it to the same level as the other metacarpal

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knowledge in such areas as cellular immunology or molecular biology, which might eventually lead to more clinical research about therapeutic effectiveness.

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and experimental animal vMch is susceptible to AIDS. We need to be able to introduce a suspected causal fluid or tissue fron soneone with AIDS into the

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it does not much matter at which meal grain is given, only that the practice must be uniform. In colder weather care must be

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In adopting the handbook of Dr. Lehmann as a manual of Organic Chemistry for the use of the with numerous additions, and 243 illustrations, by Isaac Hays, M. D., Surgeon to Will's Hospi-

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tion is required to chow that, in addition to the other expenditures of tlie blood, a daily loss from tbo blood of largu quautities of albumen,

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abdominal cavity. They may result from violence, or may occur Traumatic herniae may occur at any point in the abdominal wall.

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of aqua vitce, one on diseases of the eyes, teeth, and heart; MS. 3 : a treatise on botany and herbology, a materia medica in

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is found to ramify into three branches at a place midway functions of the ten out of these (thirty vessels) are as follows, viz., two serve to carry Vdyu, two Pitta, two

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(Piilrn Jrrltans), the Cat Plea (Pulen Fclinius), and the Dog Plea (Pulcn Canis). Each female flea deposits from eight to twelve whitish

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humours, if one or more are morbidly increased in quantity, their indications of cure are commenced by promoting the just balance

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the flat, broad, or moist syphilid or mucous patch. Condylosis [kon-dil-o'-sis). The formation of a condy- the cones of the retina externally and ramifying inter-

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confounds the penetrating and perforating wounds of the carpus and metacarpus, so that it is impossible to distinguish what proportion involved

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'Here from this spot on the banks of the Ohio, have the millions of freemen chosen a Chief Magistrate — whether in unsdom or weakness, time will soon

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on confusing second hand information with true understanding and education. It is unfair to the mathematical achieve- ments of Pythagoras and scarcely does justice to the theo-

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Stannard, J. Newell. Radioactivity and Health: A History. Oak Ridge, Tenn.: Office of Scientific and Technical Information, 1988.

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It is these considerations that led us to focus the efforts reported on in part III, and particularly the SIS, on research involving patient-subjects. The

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liness of the inferior extremities, her pulse particularly as his relations were afraid of was frequent and small, and her face was it. A blister was applied, and cooling and

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