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arising without any external evident cause, but pre- ceded for the most part by an unusual affection of the stomach; febrile symptoms; pain in the joints, particu-
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home in Clifton, where there were thirty girls. On May 8th one of the girls developed typhoid fever, for which no reasonable cause could
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212. Martin Biles, AEC, Division of Operational Safety, to Julius Rubin Assistant General Manager for Environment and Safety, 13 March 1972 ("Summary of
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northern parts of the State, in passing a law for the removal of the seat of government from Corydon to Indianapolis. This latter act was
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Syrupus Lactucarii, U. S. Dose: 8 Cc., or 2 fluidrams. Fluidextractum Leptandrae, U. S. Dose: 1 Cc.. or 15 Solutions of medicinal substances in alcohol, oil or
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In their religions frenzy the Aztecs ate the remains of the human beings who were sacrificed to their idols. At other times cannil)alism has been a neces-
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An intestinal-decompression tube .swallowed by patient will usually pass through the gastrointestinal tract, in the Failure of a tube to be excreted per rectum does not in
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Conii, aa, 3ss. ; Ext. Taraxaci, Jij. ; Antiitionii Oxy- massam aequalem, et divide in Pilulas Ixxx., quarum capiat binas vel tres, ter quolidii. (De)bstruent, dis-
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of the thigh and due to disease of the external cuta- ( 1865 ) as a paresthesia of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve characterized by disorders of sensibility, in the
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Spleen: Engorgement of the venous sinuses with red-cell masses predominates to such an extent that wide areas of the spleen resemble large hemorrhages. Although polyblasts and
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is the result of changes during the animal's lifetime, it ii spokea Acquired immunity may be active, — that is, obtained by an indi-
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principally. He called Cicero '' the author I most admire as the great teacher both in thought and language, the first genius
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hauser Sale in New York in 1903, and now hangs in the Pennsyl- vania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia. An excellent
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subordinate capacity served also Richard Ferris, afterwards Sergeant Surgeon to Queen Elizabeth, one of the surgeons depicted by Holbein
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At this time we will introduce the subject of "heart dis- eases" and the mechanico-physiological causes. We will try to arrive at some reasonable conclusion as to the cause of intermit-
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schen (lermanen ganz auf die rein empirische Beobachtung angewiesen und in ihrer Autïassimg der klinischen Krankheits-Merkmalc von den
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la, surgical instruments, practical instructions, bandages, 159 Section 3. — Description of Surgical Instruments and Section 4. — Bloodletting, venesection, scarifications, cup-
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eine 40 jährige Thätigkeit zurück, da die Anstalt im Sommer In seiner Eigenschaft als dirigierender Arzt der Anstalt seit 1874 war
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COUGH MIXTURES : Elixir picis comp., 45 ; elixirs terpin. hy- dratis, 47 ; mistura glycyrrhiza comp., 95 ; mist, arnmon.
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made four hours after death. There was considerable pus and sanious matter collected under the deep fascia, and great destruction in and about the wound. The patient evidently died from the above cause and exhaustion consequent on a suppu
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literature at his fingers' ends, and his niu-rvellous knowledge and graphic power of expression kindled in the breasts of the young
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spleno-puenmonia often simulating a pleural effusion, which is usually unilateral and involves the whole lung. The consolidation may end in
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although a "poet," affected an exaggerated and pedantic nomen- clature, employing such high-sounding terms as "cardiodysneuria,"
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„ils pourront recouvrer la parolle paç Taide" etc. Vermutlich hatte der chirurgie nicht wenige besass (Paré war aus dem Barbierstand hervorge-
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Kmnkbeit nielit selten und bisher für Syphilis gebalten worden zu sein aebeint. ßeriberi mit Arsenik im Dixtrihtjutspital in fTimhi Lumpur, Sclunijur, welche
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eggs in. So then they started to fly in human tissue, vials of living tissue. And that was very expensive. They also brought
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Professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the Chicago Policlinic, of which he was treasurer at the time of his death, Dr. Hooper was a member of the
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by productive inflammation, tubercles, necrotic degeneration, caseation, fibroid change, calcification or ulceration. Animals susceptible : python,
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,, Jefferiss. Iain Mackinnon, 9, Gerrard-street. w. 1895 Jefferj'', Charles Chimrao, 62, Norroy-road, Putney, s.w. 1903 Jeffery, Thomas Walter, West Chislehurst, Kent.
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The small occipital follows the posterior border of the sterno- mastoid muscle and gives off twigs to the skin over the upper portion
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inspect all equipment. The rectal probe may be uncomfortable to inaert, and the Benaation of having it in place may be unpleasant. However, the sensations
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carrying, Kapha-carrying and blood-carrying S'iras in the region of the He also holds that there are 28 in place of 36 S'ira's in the tongue,
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The salts are usually prescribed. For hypodermic use, the bisulphate, di- hydrochlorate, or carbamidated hydrochlorate is to be preferred. —Dose:
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Fieber mit grösserer Putridität im Herzen, in den Spiritibus und den Humoren. Gegen 1545 floh Hieronymus Fracastorius wegen der Pest aus Verona zu seiner
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We cannot pass without mention of the fact that for consider able time after the Third Division arrived in France, Major
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a. morbid Btat«,und that the gastric juice is not secreted in a proper quaotJt>' or with proper qualities ; and next, that
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to Medical Geography. A social custom exists among the Marqaisiens which is surely altogether uni([ue and unknown among other races of mankind. It
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dtis, and long pepper, equal parts; powder and make into a linctus The Mango is well known as the most delicious of Indian
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mammary artery which gave rise to intermeiliary haemorrhage to the amount of thirty ounces. Cold aiiiilications and compresses
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scribe as distinct muscles. Without de- depending part of the slope they fix a shell, viating in the least from anatomical accu- or some other convenient receptacle, into
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after which passive movement and massage are performed. This is indicated in partly ankylosed joints, but not in acute cases. In chronic
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Diarrhea: Yes — of words. Also 66.2 bouts of Sayle's disease. Eyes: Photophobia, bilateral ptosis, failing vision. Nose: Acquired anosmia (try working on 28 without it).
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line ot demarkation daily becomes more evident j about the fourth or fifth day the cauterized portion begins to rise, and
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thought to be this, although they bear but a slight resem- Treatment. — Havino; a certain course to run, whose period cannot be shortened, tiie great object will be to conduct the
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viding for special Eiu.--.pi I :il>. attendance. and sanitary in>.|ieci ion. ni-n- sniu- times extremely narrow and severe. Not only were plague-stricken houses
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Urosacin {ii-ro-sas'-in). See Urorhodin (Illus. Diet.). Urosin (11' -rosin). Lithium quinate, a uric acid sol- hematopr>rphyrin obtained from normal urine by .shak-
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Capsulation (kap-su-la' -shun) [capsula, a small box]. nervous stratum of the epiblast. See also I'esicle, Au- containing the cartilage-cells. C. of a Cell, the cell-
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rived from a short course of instruction in the C'entral Cerebro- spinal Laboratory. That there is at any rate a substratum
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gent and Joyce Van Patten alternate in one of the roles with great success. Then there is Ralph Bellamy, who plays the professor with humanity and understanding. But
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the morning she brought him down in the same manner before daylight. This Kuykendall, I was told, always carried in his waistcoat pockets
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domly picked from libraries has proven quite powerful to identify genes and the use of normalized libraries in which the frequency of all cDNAs is within a narrow range has
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Newman, G. Ann. Rep. Chief Med. Off. Ministry of Health for the year 1920, O'Bbien, R. a. Schick test and subsequent active immunization. Proc. Roy.
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mistake and might be taken for a burglar. He was found in a state of great alarm by his neighbors, to whom he stated that he was a minister, and that
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one of the arcana which we cannot yet fathom. It is sufficient if we can assist nature, and conduct them The abuse of diuretics, particularly of mineral waters,
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make a very careful examination of the vegetable kingdom ; and a very powerful. The success which followed the employment of
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flattened, and sections immediately sank in water. Both the pulmonary and costal pleura were covered with a thick layer of whitish-yellow, recent lymph. An abscess which had formed
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2. Parinov S., BarUcy V.. Yershov G.. Kirillov Eu., Timofcev E.. Belgovskiy A.. Mirzabckov A. DNA sequencing by hybridization (o
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Avicenna briefly describes the operation of opening the tumour, and applying cauteries or strong medicines to the Haly Abbas directs us to open the tumour, and cut out its
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in this species postoperative adhesions are formed with greater frequency. In a group of rats which was not subjected to the experiment with paraffin
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sult new combinations of their principles. The heat required is about seventy degrees of Fahrenheit's ther- school ; and this may, perhaps, excuse our enlarging on
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continuance has been the chief cause of the relief. The ceeded, but much oftener failed; and we think that, in many cases, it has accelerated mortification. The con-
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good, more than three-fourths of the patients having recovered. Undiscriminating oppo nents of conservative measures might seek to found on this datum a serious argument.
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2°.) Locafdo dos exemplos no Hoiio, conforme o objectivo visado, assim como as exigencias biologicas de cada planta e as condigoes espe-
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agent. Quinia in large doses acts as an antipyretic, without the attendant dangers of the coal tar products. It may be advantag-
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mon's, great, Convallaria canaliculata — s. Solo- teba'cei, Crypfcs seha'cecF, Oil or MH'iary glands, rnta'neitm, Sehitm. euta' neum, having some analogy
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nerven-Enden auf deren Wichtigkeit Winternitz fest bestand, welche zum Central-Nervensystem sich fortpflanzt, wird von dort nach allen Organen
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General Sherman s Campaign in 1865 through the Carolines Annies of the James and Ohio, etc., from Fort Fisher to Army of the West Mississippi during the siege of Mobil , from
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tine 1 oz., lard 3 oz. ; melt the turpentine and lard, and 7. For grease, Venice turpentine 4 oz., wax 1 oz., lard 4 oz. ; melt together, and add sugar of lead 1 oz. (or alum
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liquid faeces still discharged from anterior opening. Disability total, probably permanent." Examining Board of Surgeons J.
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as postoperative. By ridding the organ of a certain amount of toxins and bacteria, an absolutely inoperable bilateral ease may become operable, and even if in-
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the fluid members, such as the spirit and the humours, according to Averroes. Or else I say they could come together, that is
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base, and was extracted, on the field, from the outer aspect of the left shoulder. On June 13th, Surgeon D. W. Bliss, U. S. V., examined and probed the wound.
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The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart