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schedule of " Queries " ; these dealt with the duties of meetings and of members, and enquired into conduct, behaviour and faithfulness to Friendly principles. No

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humerus, a portion of the head of the radius, and incrusting cartilage of the articular surface of the ulna and radius, the cartilage

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true toxins of the Brucella organism have not as yet been demonstrated, one has to think of the proteolytic degradation of the harmless albuminoid body

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men. If it ext«iids into the abdomen, nothing surgical can be done. Name two unfavorable results of careless castration that require sur-

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fever. A paroxysm occurring every seventy-two hours is due to the presence in the blood of the quartan parasite ; then we speak of this as

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FC could no longer co-exist. A period of cultural crisis rapidly emerged, sustained in part by the Kikuyu Central Association's (KCA) 46 goal of grassroots political

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make a very careful examination of the vegetable kingdom ; and a very powerful. The success which followed the employment of

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Private A. Grant. H, 59th Indiana Volunteers. Tullahoma, Tennessee, September 1st, 1864. Private J. B. Griffith, I, 95th Pennsylvixnia Volunteers, Washington, D. C, May 14th, 1864.

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extremity of the right humerus, amputated in the lower third for gangrene following fracture of the outer condyle. The hospital case-book states that, in this case, there was extensive laceration of the soft parts,

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But it was an assault on an established custom, and what was to be given to the wife was taken from the husband, who did the voting. It

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2. Parinov S., BarUcy V.. Yershov G.. Kirillov Eu., Timofcev E.. Belgovskiy A.. Mirzabckov A. DNA sequencing by hybridization (o

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of his coming, his marriage, and the birth of his children. The deep snow was an Important and very extraordinary phenomenon. Nothing has equalled

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Avicenna briefly describes the operation of opening the tumour, and applying cauteries or strong medicines to the Haly Abbas directs us to open the tumour, and cut out its

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vailed. The Chairman reported the bill. The House, if I mistake not, passed it nem con. without asking the ayes and nays. And thus con-

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ginning to be introduced in the West, and the newspapers had glowing accounts of its superiority over water power, and anticipations of home

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Our blood banks are in jeopardy. The whole blood banking system is in jeopardy in this country. Already scenarios for the

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good, more than three-fourths of the patients having recovered. Undiscriminating oppo nents of conservative measures might seek to found on this datum a serious argument.

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Hacker, Henry James, 1. Elsworthy-terrace , Ilampstead. n.w. Hackney, Gordon Herbert, 20, Calthorpe-road, EdghasioHj Hadfield, Charles Frederick, M.D. Camb., Upper Clajjton. n.e,

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2°.) Locafdo dos exemplos no Hoiio, conforme o objectivo visado, assim como as exigencias biologicas de cada planta e as condigoes espe-

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blaek pigment patches. It contains a great number of mucous fol- licles and sebaceous glands, The epithelium lining the volva is of

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Hydrogenation {Jii-dro-jt'n-a'-shiin). The process of Hydrogenoid [hi-droj'-en-oid) [i'fSwi, water; }fi'i'('n;, to produce; fiiiof, likeness]. .Applied to a constitu-

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or milk-and-water, sweetened. If tea or coffee is used, it should be weak, and taken with plenty of milk. A drink of water may be

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part of the country there are districts where practically every person, with the exception of quite small children, is a worm-carrier and accustomed to expelling worm seg-

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and drink a small quantity of wine not much diluted ; but if the bowels are not opened, he should get his body rubbed wdth

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General Sherman s Campaign in 1865 through the Carolines Annies of the James and Ohio, etc., from Fort Fisher to Army of the West Mississippi during the siege of Mobil , from

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tine 1 oz., lard 3 oz. ; melt the turpentine and lard, and 7. For grease, Venice turpentine 4 oz., wax 1 oz., lard 4 oz. ; melt together, and add sugar of lead 1 oz. (or alum

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number of other populations which may show no evidence of AIDS and not be members of any high-risk group. So there has been con-

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Rakta-pitta — Puya-rakta— Kshavathu — Bhrams'athu — Dipti— Pratindha — Parisrava — Pari-s'osha — Ais'as — S'opha — Arvuda— Pratis'yaya. 118 — 120

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cal considerations, we consider therefore emetics as useful. Let them however be cautiously administered, and let the practitioner be decided by what he sees. If

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the fluid members, such as the spirit and the humours, according to Averroes. Or else I say they could come together, that is

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short. The left renal artery casne from the bifurcation of the aorta and the primitive iliacs. The right kidney was situated normally, and received from

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a picture of toxaemic absorption. On changing the dressings one morning a dirty grey exudate was found about the tubes, from which diphtheria

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75. LÉGER, L, et La reproduction sexueé chez Pterocephalus. In Arch. zool. expk 76. LÉGER, L. et La reproduction sexueé chez Pterocephalus. In Arch. zool. exp.

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not large. One such has recently been reported by \V. K. Stokes and land in the autumn of ii>i.j. The milk had probably In-en infected by

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but they render it very inebriating. An infusion taken inwardly is said to destroy worms, and strengthen the stomach. This plant has been highly esteemed, but is

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thai every thinf; imbued with maUcr from tticm may be dca- but Mr. Blukftddcr RUtcs, thnt this was almost uoifbrtuly by a topical spplicaiion, acting merely as a cautery, why may

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and conspicuous as the name of the father of State Medicine and Public Health in Great Britain, and the adviser to the Privy Council for many years on sanitary matters. Dr. Simon

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is clear and to the point and bears out Standish O' Grady's contention that " the mediaeval Irish were, when they gave their minds to it, excellent translators, and could solve the

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metals has penetrated thither from the sun by means of its own .'\res. As the earth is nourished by the sun, so is the one element by another. Of the three

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and size respectively, and whose body has exquisite softness. Institutes of Menu, Qnd Century B.C. Chap. III. Andrew Davidson.

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Some of the best modern work on the circulation came from the Cambridge School of Physiologists, who were all pupils of Sir

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stimulating and at another time a soothing method of treatment. This sore usually commences from an excoriation, or a pustule,

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artificial clinical classifications, in misuse of neurological terms, and in fallacious interpretations of symptoms and of lesions, all arising from the

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vested interests, unearned increments, Fauslrccht, and other i)hases of Rob Roy's "simple plan," as smacking of feudalism. Yet, in

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The duration of the attacks is variable. They seldom continue longer than half an hour ; the average duration may be said to be from five to

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element. The red transparency was also extracted and transferred to the stars, that is, to the moon and the other stars, which were distributed into many

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Winnipeg is to have a fine new Medical College building situated contiguous to the General Hospital, to cost $50,000. Dr. William Canxiff, who was the first Medical Health

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made of Mesha-s'ringi and Ingudi barks should be used taken, and gargles with Kapha-subduing drugs should be used. Plasters prepared with Snrald, Kushtka, S'drn-

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bodies that her future endeavors will be as successful as have been her C. C. Not enough money . . . not enough parties . . . not enough holidays

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diation therapy in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease. Supportive treatment such as blood transfusions where indicated and the use of antibiotics in any of the leuke-

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Attenuation, at-ten-u-a'-shun. A thinning or weakening. A. of Vi'rus, a weakening of a virus by repeated inoculation. Attic, at'-ik. The portion of the tympanum above the atrium. A.

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substance in a platinum crucible with nitric acid of specific gravity 1.1-1.2, and treat the residue with ammonia and a few drops of a

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qui vivent dans des logettes spéciales k la surface de certains végétaux et occasionnent principalement au Japon des accidents chez les ouvriers

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he was transferred to Mulberry Street Hospital, Hari-isbnrg, and, on September 6th, to the hospital at Fort Columbus, New York

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became routine, the degree of review was lessened; as specific institutions became more experienced, more reviewing authority was delegated to them.

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28th, 1868, Lieutenant Maley called on Assistant Surgeon George A. Otis, II. S. A., in reference to a plastic operation. He is

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    The Salon: 2009 Flyer
    Photograph: James Stuart