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and mesenteric glands, in all of which organs these changes may be recog- particularly the change of bulk which is detected by these means, and

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ful secondary case, illustrated by a preparation, is that of: 10. Private W. Birdsall, Co. B, 49th Colored Troops, aged 25 years, Vicksburg, September 1, 1865, accidentally, by amuskef ball, implicating the right

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den Fortichrilt zu beurteilen, ist Sache des Physiologen und Embryologen Soviel lehrt jedoch schon bei oberflächlichem Studium die unbefangene

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1902 Hastings, Somerville, M.B. Lond., Hampton Hill, Middlesex. 1892 Hatch, Herbert Lincoln, M.D. Durh., Pinner, Middlesex.

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"You will have to find a good excuse so as not to worry the person you are contacting," Hempelmann wrote to DBM chief Charles Dunham. "This isn't very

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for one purpose, which is different from that of the fishes in the sea. And so of the rest. Everything is to be committed to His divine will, Who makes

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truth ; his teaching was to maintain the use of splints for months and months. Anyone discerning danger to joints in this prolonged

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the management of erysipelas in all parts of the head and face. You will see, if you reason at all, that by constriction of the

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when considerable cloudy fluid escaped, this was found to contain a short streptococcus. Wound closed with drainage. Two days later : Breathing and cough much

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1889 Phillips, Edward James Montagu, 33, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 1907 Phillips, Frederic Eustace Leigh, 47, St. George' s-road. s.w.

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were initiated to determine the validity of this view. We shall first describe these structures briefly and then present the data

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1888 I Colborne, George, 133, Woodstock-road, Oxford. 1894 Colby. Francis Edward Albert, M.B. Camb., Surbiton. 1888 i Colby. James George Emest, M.B. Oxford. Malfon.

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drugs of cold-producing potency (e g. the drugs of the Jdngala group, soup of Satina (cerials), S'dh'-rlcc, Shash- that it may bring on an attack of heart-disease also.

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(ESOPHAGUS, DILATATION OF. {See Stomach, Diseases of.) The value of direct examination of the oesophagus for the presence

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A dige.stive principle, allied to trj-psin, found in juice of pineapples. It will digest 1500 times its weight of elTect of bromin is desired. Dose, 15-30 gr. (l-2gm. ).

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gratulations from far and near. The Masonic order had in Dr. Eddy one of its staunchest supporters from as early as 1823. His devotion to

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whole routine of the treatment, according to the nature of the case. This, I need hardly add, needs knowledge, skill, experience and

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trope, castor-oil, and certain herbs that are still used, by country people, at least, as worm medicines. coction of artemisia maritima, coriander seeds, and

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axilla, popliteal space, groin, urethra, and different instruments were from time to time employed. The behavior of the patient was much influenced

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message to the legislature, which convened in February, 1813, he made the first known suggestion in the line of modem civil service reform in

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and chlormethylsalicylic acid. Antiseptic. T. Sali- cylate, C,„II,,0 . C.H,0„ a reaction-product of sodi- trichlorid, forming a white crystalline powder ; soluble

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sammenziehende Mittel wie Umschläge aus Salpeter in Essig und durch stopfende Pulver, die auf die Wunde gestreut und mit Bovist, Schwamm

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hepatitis cessive, hepatitis, ne- cessive, hemorrhagic ; Prognosis. Mortality. As usually met with and under favor- able conditions, equine influenza is a mild disease. In 1872 when

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of Bain (1510), Dirlewang (1549), and so on, until we find Fran- cois Rousset enumerating as many as 15 successful cases in his

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ing' in Jtdy and Augnst. The leaves have a pleasant, aromatic smell, and are the parts used. They readily yield their properties to water.

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when it will not, to the nicest test, discover the slight- est particle of acid. A gouty habit, and the pregnant state, will always bring it on; and, in many constitu-

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knife or scissors, the edges of the cleft, and. af- after the union of the lip. or the operation of sta- cum sulph. (Ph. Ed.) £j ; Potass, bitart. 3 SS - :

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four who recovered from hanging. AVhen the woman was found by her hus- band she was hanging from the top of a door, ha\'ing been driven to suicide

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29th : Has a little more color in his cheeks to-day than he had yesterd.ay; eat squirrel stew with great relish ; bowels better;

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the recollection of his estimate is till the whole piece is consumed, This disease is appearing in vari- mistake the impression of the burn-

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1902 Barton, Guy Douglas, M.B. Camb., Moqrcroft, Weybridge. 1896 Barton, Percy Frederic, Lingjield-road, Wimbledon, s.w.

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necessity of inserting my name in p. civ., unless it is thought to authenticate a narration which has truth for its foundation.

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W. L. Schreiber. 24 Tafeln und i Text Illustration. Strassburg, W. L. Schreiber. Mit 5 Abbildungen. Strassburg, J. H. E.

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of the temporosphenoid lobe through the outer portion of the crusta of the cerebral peduncle and the pons into the internal

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that "consent be expressed in writing before at least one witness." This recommendation followed from the suggestion of Anna Rosenberg, assistant

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of using elixirs and rejuvinators of the human organ- (invariably) prescribe some sort of tonic (Rasdyana) for his patients in their youth and middle age after having

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The heart center's heart failure service is a major endeavor that illustrates the continuum of medical and surgical treatments available at Maryland. Stephen S.

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syphilis and of uncomplicated tabes dorsalis, thermolability of the cerebro- spinal fluid is important from the diagnostic point of view and has

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and to the premature sacrifice of &c, have resisted a long course of many of these useful organs, which remedial applications, and have

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The presence of a physician for the cure of a disease is most important ; indeed, as indispensable as a pilot is to a boat, as a

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Philippines, Cairo, the Sudan, and India to get cheaper people-- who were not very goodbut they wouldn t raise the salaries for

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deal. He didn t want to leave; he wanted to get it settled right there. In the long run, Dr. Francis Moore, chief surgeon of

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discover any wound of the stomach." ARCHER S c:tse. already noted, is detailed in the Medical Repository. 1812. Third Hexade. Vol. Ill, p. 215, et ten..

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yet less antiseptic. The medicinal virtues astragalus. ascribed to quassia are those of a tonic, Queen of tfie meadow. See Ulmaria.

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qu'elle fait ressortir l'absence de proportion et de perspective, montre que les personnages sont relativement mieux traités que les plantes. La fonne

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takes on different aspects ujmn difTeiTMit parta of Uiu body, sbon-tng Chronic univcnal eczema is always a very distressing and very ob-

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1907 national conference. "We must start an active, organized Impressed with the impact of the council's own survey, Bevan

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it was extracted with very gri'at difficulty. The jiatient recovered, and was returned to duty on November 18th, 1862. The

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Skin Diseases in General Practice, their Recognition and Treatment. By Haldin Davis. Demy 8vo, pp. 352. H. Frowde - Net 15s.

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methods are introduced into clinical diagnosis; bacteriology is added to the curriculum; bacteriologic methods are introduced into public health

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Hospital gangrene, as illustrated in Plate XVI opposite, occurred occasionally in the cases of this group, but less frequently than in shot wounds on the ulnar side :

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at eighteen (22 years before) a colorless small induration of the penis, lasting about three weeks. There was now evident

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'History of botany, 1 530-1 860,' by J. Reynolds Green .... Ox- 39216 j~)jg Entwicklung der Botanik seit Linne, von Dr. Adolf Hansen,

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thesaurum in agro studenter absconditum quod longo tempore pectore- que anelo diligencius ac pertinacius diu auidius insuadaverim invenire

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cerohro-.«]itti;il tiK-uingitis doos not dopond on atoiogpheric or telluric inlIiiL-iiCL-!>i, but is rather due to di] infection of the body with n spmafic

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sometimes extremely bright or sound to the very last. Pains, like those of pleurisy, are felt about the chest, and are indications of those

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bruise -and consequent rupture of the vessels them- selves. This blood, when collected under the skin, is called an ecchymosis ; the skin in the mean time remain-

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of smell. 2. One for measuring the velocity of osmotic force. Osmosis, oz-mo f -sis. The diffusion of fluids through membranes.

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tion and a stage in the cure of open pneumo-thorax and of valvular pneumo-thorax, is suggested by progressive improvement in the symp-

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Medicine, and Surgery ; lecturer in Midwifery and Gynecology in Madras Med. Coll., and Exam, to Univ. of Madras in those subjects,

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errors in the transformation specification. In contrast, the hand-coded programs were obtuse, difficult to understand, P Bimemar. SB Davidson, K. Hart, C Overton and L Wong."A Data

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kommen manche Schwierigkeiten bereitet wurden, nicht nur tlurch seine praxis m den standgesetzt wurde etwas Geld zu sammeln. Mit einer

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Tliis malady is most intractable. Hitherto the best means of arresting its progress has been by strychnine hypodermically, commenc-

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