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ysis, it should be borne in mind that the nervous system re- quires arousing and stimulating to a due performance of the
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It terminates anteriorly in a conical process, the odontoid <dens) which is convex, smooth below and concave above to articulate with
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effects of taking pyridostigmine include slowing of yo\ir heart, abdominal discomfort, excess sweating, skin rash, excessive sdivation and pupillaxy
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pensation there was freedom of desigto, and out of the many possible arrangements a type was gradually evolved. Many men (claimed to have originated it, really it was: the result of
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L'homme est heureusement réfrac taire au Nagana. Livingstone et Foà racontent qu'ils ont été piqués des milliers de fois par des tsétsé, sans
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board the ship Solon, whilst anchored on the coast of Java, " The liver is so often the seat of disease in one form or another, that hepatitis may be considered the grand epiderrfV
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comprehensive notion of it is, to- substance. Unorganized bodies consist of particles of matter the configuration which results
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But this "putrid ulcer in the swollen throat " might apply as well to scarlatina is derived from the Latin incincta, girded in. The Roman
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.that a small portion will answer, we will cite a case. A lad 13 years of age, belonging to this office, eat a piece of last
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which became a law without the approval of the Governor it is provided that "where a negro, Indian, or person excluded on account of mixed
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Copiman cultivated the organism in glyceriuated collodion cap- sules in the peritoneal cavity of rabbits and dogs, producing zoog-
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71 per cent polynuclear leukocytes, 20 per cent mononu- This state lasted til February 25. Despite the fact that the patient ate well, emaciation rapidly progressed. The
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skin of the meatus was tlien seen to be much sAvollcn and reddened. right side was normal : on the left the region about the long process
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from which he passed to Toronto School of Medicine, whence he graduated with the degree of M.D. in 1867. On completing his
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celsus, but is not altogether free from the suspicion of h.-iving elaborated his original. The .\urora is by some regarded
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epiphysis and diaphysis, giving rise to considerable exudate, thickening of the bone and arthritis. The vertebrae, ribs,
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which aliHorb all the licjuids in the small intestines, except the chyle. From the commencement of nbKoq>lion until its
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directes que I'astronomie primitive est originatre de la Chine, et et grec, par Gustave Schlegel, .... Public par I'lnstitut royal
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Miller was for more than thirty-five years a practitioner in Chicago. He was born at Lodi, New York, March 2, 1840. He attended the College
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objectiver Beobachtung. Dabei einer Leichtigkeit in der Systematisirung, im Ordnen und in der Gliederung des Wissensstoffes, welche den antiken
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cooperation of the children with offers of extra milk and an occasional outing- incentives that would not likely have induced children who were less starved for
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the stump is charred down to the surface of the remain- ing clamp. In this way the lumen is sealed by the cau- tery and the clamp, and hemorrhage is in part averted.
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1864. The officer of the day. after receiving the final refM>rt8 at night, sbaU 1865« The following regulations relating to tk« admlsaUm and diaoharse ol
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bind the ureter; wbicb reseiiei tba greater num- poglonid'ia, Pil'ula tubtlugita'ln. PiUa placed b«r at the narraa or tba bj pogaatrio and weral under the tongue (o diiMilira there.
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L'emploi de couveuses a eu pour effet de réduire considérablement la mortalité des enfants nés avant terme. On s'est aussi occupé spécialement
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kleinen Salbei mit Graupen als Kataplasma; Siegwurzwurzel mit Wasser oder für sich allein, oder mit Weihrauch und Wein ; Schwertlilienwurzel ;
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metallica — e. Hfpatique, Colica hepatica — c. tPIn- c. de Plomb, Colica metallica — e. de Poitou, Colica metallica — c. Saturnine, Coliea metallica — ■ c.
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It enables health officials to conduct follow-up on exposed individuals early, allowing staff to contact those individuals who are at risk,
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day under the care of Seth K. Gifford. A plan for a school in New York was formulated in 1781 ; it became eventually the foremost public school in that city, and
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wesentlicher Verschiedenheiten im Krankheitsbilde, hat er die Diagnose: „Dysenterie" unentwegt festgehalten. Anscheinend ohne jegliche Vorboten
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it strikes an unusual spot, and the throat, being soft, the chest, and comes out again through this passage. it stands, iSair must be taken with Sufafifvoov, though this
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4. The magician is a lawgiver, the prophets are obedient disciples, 5. There we have the means of falling into a state of ecstasy, self-
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malheureux de l'armée. ... Je ne parle pas de moi-même ! Je suis habitué à toutes les privations et rien ne pourra désormais me surprendre ou me
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'""' Tobacco: its history & associations. Including an account of the plant and its manufacture ; with its modes of use in all ages
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twelve inches in length, and its diameter at the widest part about four inches. The walls of the stomach consist of four dis-
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The root of N. uniflora is used in making surgeons' tents. Nystagmiform, nis-lag' -mif-orm. Resembling nystagmus. Nystagmus, nis-tag'-mus. Oscillatory movement of the eyeballs.
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1901 Marshall, Reginald Pryune, 143, Grange-road, Bermondset;. s.e. 1890 Marshall. William Ernest, Naval Medical Service.
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oil on the cardia has often rendered it inconvenient in When joined to other medicines, it adds to their effi- cacy, or corrects the inconveniences they might other-
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outline, because it is rare that this surgical operation is required, as the complaint neither occasions any defect of the functional
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linns. Some simples are even described by Dioscorides and Pliny as the iiloofl" of different gods and chthonian animals. But even as the drug
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mutilations ; David brought 200 prepuces of the Philistines to Saul. Cir- cumcision is practised in nearly every portion of the world, and by various
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to the lungs, we must own the value and merit of the surgeon whose skilful applications and care contributed so much to this
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|>optic. In one case of extensire malignant ulccratioa of tlio mucous coat of the stomach, which was under the care of Dr. Chambers, no nausea and sickness exiitted, and all
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and the diluent without the tuberculin on the other. In twenty-four hours (early reaction) a liyjjeraBmic papule surrounded by a bright
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was admitted to liosjiital at Austin, Texas, April 18tli, 18(i(>, from lieltoii, Texas, sixty miles distant, with gunshot wound of tlie
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made a circular incision round the wound and thoroughly cauter- ized the whole, thus destroying all the inoculated bacilli. They
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massif du Fouta-Djallon, le bassin du Haut Sénégal, le bassin du Haut Climat, — Au commencement de mai la saison des pluies s'annonce
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of certain factors in the germ plasm which may interdict the union of two such abnormals; but albinism, deaf-mutism, retini-
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individual cases of gunshot injury antecedent to the adoption of the present system of registration of wounds, (October 1, 1863.) which are on file in their offices.
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and intrathecal injections still more so, but the ri.sk o( respiratory failure is greater. ( )n the completion of the operation, after magnesium
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Klinglin, die Strassburger Hebanimenschule und Gebäranstall crtit 1728 begründet ! Warum sollte auch die in Frankreich durch den grossen
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"The North American Indians are nowhere idolaters." 6 Idols were always carried to war by the natives of Hispaniola : "Atanse
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6 lumbar vertebrae (incl. first sacral, and dividing each into body and two transverses) x 3 . . 18 bones In the case of the first sacral vertebra, its two alae (Fig. 20, i i)
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was legitimate. Bartholinus speaks of an unmarried woman of Leipzig who was delivered after a pregnancy of sixteen months. The civil code of
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idle cavils and ignorant criticism of the translation. The same considerations make it desirable to set forth It seems clear enough that the modern system of Long vowels,
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1. Upon the leaves of the tree of life yon read the worde: That is, if you are not pure, or if you do not become pure at a vir-
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trperarum, emetics, given early, have been considered as a most certain remedy. It would give us the greatest trial we have, however, found them useful. In gout,
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anterior optic lobe abolishes the contraction of the pupil to light (Whytt's refle.x), and that a mere fragment of the spinal cord will suffice for the produc-
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exceptionally ten) days, there occur swelling and redness of the lips of the valva, and the vaginal mucosa with here and there
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7327 Herzhautentzündung, f. en- 7355 Linsenentzündung, f. inflam. docarditis, pericarditis. of the lens (from Linse, f.
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resort to flexible catheters of different forms and sizes, and trust a little to chance. After many gropings, one often succeeds in passing- a very small
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Francisco, has become a member of the staff of Davis Hos- Dr. Seaton has been a medical missionary doing princi- Since his return to the United States early in 1941 he
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19 days later, desirous of going back into the field. The peculiar absence of subjective feelings of fear in this case is something like what Awtokratow reported from the
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tubercles of the lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys." In the absence of these indications, though there may be numerous old-
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a blazing fire, a flash of lightning, or a meteor-fall nessing reservoirs of water, etc. by a man of Kaphaja temperamentj as well as one which has been forgotten
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The SMRC began receiving records for recently discharged Army veterans in October 1992. In February of this year, the SMRC began
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latin index ; la seconde foys, tu te doibs faire seigner, quant la lune est au signe du Sagitaire, au bras de la vaine appellee la mediana;
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To the Countess of Damiolsie, and the Canadian Fair. To .Mrs. P. de Sales Laterriere, and her family. — The Guest returned his thanks in behalf of his wife and
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Sig. : The Paint. The gums to be painted with the solution twice daily, both anteriorly and posteriorly to the teeth. Internally he gave ethereal tincture of phosphorus (i-iooo), 3 minims
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Diarrhoea and Dysentery from Impure Water. — The instances of out- breaks of these two diseases from contaminated water-supply are very
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in the district. The protected animals cannot be driven over a highway without exposing them to almost certain death. Even
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McMinnville, and Surgeon S. J. W. Mintzer, U. S. V., reported that the case was still progressing favorably, although the
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venience. In August, 1869, he applied to Assistant Surgeon W. H. Forwood, U. 8. A., at Fort Sill, with unmistakeable signs of
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Ausser den schon genannten unheilbringenden Geistern, kennt der Batak, ebenso wie der Malaye und Javaner ein Gespenst „hantu", einen bösen
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reason cases occur of simple acute bronchitis, verminous bronchitis, simple chronic bronchitis, pseudo-membranous bronchitis, tuberculous
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times as much of the decoction of all the parts (viz. — leaves, branches, barks, flowers and roots) of Vdsaka and with its roots and flowers as Kalka, should be used
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sej)tic solutions. For this purpose a counter-opening is made through the skin opposite the fluctuating point. The mucous membrane of
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vances in Pathology is given, illustrated by diagrams and with microscopes. Special courses of didactic lectures will also be given having reference to
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stricted only by the exclusion of a salt shaker from daily. It is desirable to tap abdominal fluid before the patient is greatly distended, for this interferes
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the t}-pes of Gutenberg's 36-line Bible (1457), and discovered by Professor Sudhoff in the Bibliotheque nationale, Paris. B: Blood-letting man (Ader-
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wohl schon in England heran, weil es sich herausgestellt hatte, und die englischen Freunde klagten gerade darüber, dass die Wolle nicht gleich-
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derived by Schoolcraft from n 'gik'-a-boo, or "otter's ghost". These two tribes were not members of the Illinois-Miami nation, but were
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1911), good histories of ophthalmologv have been written by August Hirsch (1877), P. Pansier (1903), and Carl Horstmann (1905).
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The size and value of American, Australian, and New Zealand flocks demand that the modes of treatment practised and the experi-
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Records now available show that at the highest reaches of Cold War bureaucracies officials discussed conditions under which human experimentation
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The scalpel rack is fitted into a metal tube. Sin. long by i ,in. in diameter, with a screw-on lid rendering it airtight. The tube is filled with a solution
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