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of plague in rats, and records an autopsy showing the lésions met with in which the rat derives the infection, and the manner in which the eontngion

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a surgical operation. It is not advisable to attempt the removal of " road-jouffs." Kest, stimulating leg washes and bandages

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8887. PaWe bills will not be delayed fbr ttie completion of m:atlsi1cal ttwd other reports and returns, and at tHe close of the fiscal year medical officers

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(firit'icf, from sclerotica, and itie, denoting in- A .-having; also, an alkali; a'nd the scoria of any t<i extract halls impacted in the soft parts; to re-

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prepared on the principle of Behring's method, which effects of jequiritol in the human system when applied locally in the conjunctival sac, and when injected sub-

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and influences the metabolism of the bones and nervous system. Ex- perimentally, its removal in a dog produces (1), diminution of body-

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be obtained from all subjects, including patient-subjects, who were administered radioisotopes for experimental purposes, except when it appeared "not feasible"

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The advancement of scientific medicine in the second half of the nineteenth century was characterized by the introduction of a

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(Missionary Labours and Scenes in South Africa. Mqffat, p. 262.Ji See also a corresponding legend among the Basutos : " A legend says that both men and animals came out of the

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Gene expression: The process by which a gene's coded information is converted into the structures present and operating in the cell. Expressed genes include those that are

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1889 Tebb, Albert Edward, M.D.Lond., 22G, Finchkij-road, Tlampstend. 1900 Telford, Evelyn Davisou, West Didsbmij, Mundiester.

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fined to the mesenteric or portal glands, or even to the spleen, while the animal enjoys fairly good health. Again, in some in-

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sometimes cannot be appeased till it terminates in the dissolution and rotting of the common membrane, which occasions thin spreading suppurations

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He was mobilized on the fifth day, sent first to a territorial regiment and then, in October, put into the reserve of an

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each state's requirements of medical schools would come "up to, but not beyond," the standard recommended by a joint commit-

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The principal military hospitals in Illinois at that time were located at Mound City, Cairo, Quincy, Alton, Camp Butler and Camp Douglas,

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sio Sem'inis, Expotra'tio, Patra'tio, Spermoh't.le. U. prostat'iciis, Vesi'ca seu vesic'ula prostnt'icti, Sinus pocula' ris seu 2}>'08'tat(B, Corpus'cuhtm Wcb-

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Mesotan [nies'-o-tan). The methyloxymethyl ester of salicylic acid ; a clear yellowish fluid used in treatment Mesotendon [iiies-o-ten' -doit) [jieaog, middle ; tendo, a

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fever we prefer the evening; in asthmatic cases, the morning; in hectics, the period when the febrile ac- cession is most strongly marked. In the other disorders


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of its own tree. In view of these facts, the farmer will find it wise to propagate fruit trees by budding, rather than by seeding, and

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parts of sound bran and ground oats, with half a pint of bruised naxseed-meal added, properly seasoned with salt, morning and

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"When the Medical Department of Illinois College was organized he became professor of theory and practice of medicine. Here he gave two lectures daily

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fourteen years' duration in the eye, the stone was removed. escent in the eye for fourteen years ; after the removal of the eye the bone

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to the perpendicular height of the column, not its dia- meter. Quicksilver is chiefly used in injecting the lacteal s and lymphatics, the vessels of the parotid glands,

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Begründung wagte auch Kalafatti nicht abzuleugnen — man übertrug die Entscheidung des Streites dem städtischen Oberhaupt, dem Podesta der

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Apache, Navajo, Zuiii, and Tusayan. Those of the Apache, as might be inferred from their nomadic state, were the crudest ; those of the Navajo,

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incision into the seminal vesicle destroys it. The author classifies his cases of seminal vesiculotomy according to the following groups of

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Hicke: I sense that the kind of support and interest in the Saudi Arabian country and culture was part of why Aramco did this

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patent, it is very advantageous to the patient to have the diseased gall- Details of the technique of cholecystectomy are given, but it is curious

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Diseases of the Lips. By using too much food, such as fish, the flesh of buffaloes, milk, curdled milk, &c. the three humors are

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etc. Clubs: Conservative, Junior Constitutional, Surrey County Cricket. Address: 40 Margaret St., Cavendish Square, London,

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on wheels — 20s. on coaches, less on other vehicles — to raise the necessary funds. In not a few parts of the city, he said plaintively, there was no street that would admit

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fracture of both hones of left forearm," and his return to his company for duty August 0, 1860. This man is not a pensioner.

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abdomen, by lesions of the vessels, by morbid secretions of the serous membrane, by the ruptures of abscesses, aneurisms and cysts, and may be divided into primary and consec

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in every way likely to give satisfaction to those by whom his services are reijuired." In 1849-50, Dr. Philbrick was again

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us with the opinions of the Coan school at a very early period after the time of our author. We shall have occasion to give

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turned by a handle, till the froth arises to the top of the vessel. It is then put into frames to cool. These soaps Teanspaeent Soap. Cut fine white curd soap into thin

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throats, constipation, difficult micturition accompanied by shivering, pains in the side and chest ; such are be greater still, the fevers which follow drought and

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and known bv a variety of names, including " V'aquez's disease," "Osier's disease," " splenomegalic polycythamia," "myelopathic

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twenty-seven days later a severe radio-dermatitis developed, and left in its train an ulcer the size of a two-franc piece on the back of each

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5. Gorter, E., and Grendel, F.: Jl. ExjDcr. Med. 41:439, 1925. 6. Mudd, S., and Mudd, E. B. H.: Jl. Expcr. Med. 43: 127, 1926.

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we found no problems or only minor problems in most of the minimal-risk studies we examined. In our review of documents we also found examples of

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mixed. American butchers always prefer the Devons when they can be obtained. In the Southern States the Devon is the breed preferred

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occurred in Réunion (18 deaths). A rat epizoöty preceded the epidemic. Yersin'a serum was employed for IS patients, one child wanting nearly 16 ounce«.

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first volume of the Confederate States Medical and Surgical Journal, and as the fourteen numbers of that work that were published are now very rare, no hesitation lias been felt

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Congressman, in which he admitted that he had favored his brother, David Dale Owen, and his brother-in-law, Robert H. Fauntleroy, for

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Abbildungen, 4 Kartchen imText und 2 Tafeln, .... Hamburg, L. Friederichsen & Co. (L. & R. Friederichsen), 1910.

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V\<] roportkmata rise of bead, or distorted ordefbrmad pelvis, may require the ehUd to be destroyed, and its balk lessened ; ortb( ttiou or sym-

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Bexham, Thomas, Private, Co. A, 150th New York Volunteere, aged 35 years. Spinal injury. Treated in hospital at Columbus, Ohio. Returned to duty on March 20th, 1865.

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removed, and the greater portion of the incision had united by first intention. He was now allowed the "extra diet" of the

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woolen trade requires tariff protection — the story of textiles in America, in the New York commercial, June 6, 191 1. [Wash-

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The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart