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author ; but we have often seen it in injected lacteals. the body may be occasionally nourished when all the glands are apparently obstructed. This also appears

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locoed cattle manifest dangerous symptoms, and attack men and other In chronic cases of loco the animal gradually becomes more emaciated

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The rhizomes of this plant are of a pale yellow colour and have an agreeable fragraut smell. The IJhiivaprakSsa describes them as

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VerfasHer halt nneli soirven Erfahrungen, die er als leitender Arzt der PlfttKkrankheit, gegen die Deainfi-ktiori von entschiedener Wirkung sieli zeig:t,

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bility in different persons, and it will be proper to begin useful to be neglected, and experience may enable us to give a further account of its success in some future

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2. The absorption of recrementitial secreted fluida, &e. As these are constantly exhaled on surfaces of the excrementitial fluids, as they pass over the

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1) Un examen rëitëru par des experts médicaux a prouvé que les cas de maladie 2. Btiêsk asiatique (la Manchourie et le Gouvernement de l'Amour y compris).

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was made by Acting Assistant Surgeon II. M. Dean, who furnishes the following record : "The patient was very much emaciated ;

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of vipers bugloss, hayrife, take half the salve, mingle with pounded helenium, smear till it get better, then body or elphantiasis, boil in water thoroughly helenium,

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Beigedanken an ein kunstliches Kingreifen, an die Entfernung und ablösende Mithilfe von Seite des M itnienschens z.H. bei der Plazentaq)eriocIe, während

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Vivification, viv-if-ik-a'-shun. The act of giving life. Viviparous, vi-vip'-ar-us. Producing the young alive. Vivipation, viv-ip-a' 'shun. A form of generation in which the

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the first days of treatment, and the stronger forms repeated again and again, and, in place of a 15 days, course of treatment, this is

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as in the fingers, where they are called villi. They ap- pear in rows, each having two ranks contiguous, and are the organs of touch. Opposite to the joints the skin is

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root — Spigelia (Ph. U. S.) Pinkroot — is celebrated Jinibria'ta, Spilan'thes acmel'la, from <T7nXog, 'a spot,' and avSoi, 'a flower,' owing to its dotted or

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nous pouvons un jour gouter la douce consolation d'avoir fait quelque chose pour le bien de nos concitoyens ; c'est de ce

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special connection with any one institution. The third party, composed of the friends of Bloomington, of course desired to preserve the status

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illustrations. London, The Scientific Press, ltd., 1894. Wunderlich, Karl Reinhold August, 181 5-1877. 6x0.9 M800 Sommersemester 1858 von Prof. Dr. C. A. Wunderlich, ... .

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1\| I)= Arterial Area ami Aiilieoiis Inflow. The traiisudaUoii nf tlie a liepc-jKls ilirectly on the arterial blood-pressure.

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Triad, purjjuric exanthem, rheumatic ]>hcno[neiia, and gastrointestinal disorders in purpura rheumatica. S., Schiile's, vertical folds between the eyebrows,

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This fuggefts however no bad Hint again ft miking them im bly imply, the S-idjs make more than one Species of this finnl!

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fore, will be treated of under the head of dislocations with a wound. Those without a wound may be remedied by moderate extension and the anti-inflammatory plan of treatment.

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annum — Rebman, Lim., 129, Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C. St. Bartholomew's Hospital Journal — Monthly 6d, — St. Bartholomew's

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color a beautiful brown by putting the goods through a so- Foe Coloring. — Lime water is made by putting stone lime 1 ing, stirring, and letting it stand until it becomes clear, then

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Lucas' Sign. Distention of the abdomen, an early sign of Lucas-Championniere's Disease. Chronic pseudomembranous Ludwig's Angina. "Angina Ludovici." Phlegmonous cellulitis

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ginger 1 dr., carminative tincture 2 oz., water 1 quart. — 13. In the commencement of j)uerperal or milk fever. Epsom salts 6 or 8 oz., powdered croton seeds 20 to 30 grs.,

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modernes, (der neuesten Zeit). Plus loin (pg. 37) il nous assure que la conta- d<inê notre itièclc". Ceci n'est pa« correct. Si on lit Procope (6e aiëele) on Toit

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form cartilage to the symphysis pubis, which contained the omentum, liver (left lobe), small intestines, and colon. It rested upon the al)d()minal mus-

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King, Vice-President ; Dr. Baldwin, Dr. O'Brien, R. B. Hamil- The report of the committee to whom the communication from the King's College Council was referred, was taken up.

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from that institution. Always ambitious, Dr. Pope traveled extensively in France and Germany, residing two years in Paris, in order to learn

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Cask. — Private Jolm Valentine, Co. K, 88tli Pennsylvania Volunteers, aged 19 j-ears, was -n-ounded at Cold Ilarbor, water, and tincture of iodine was painted over the track of the hall. Milk punch was fi'eely administei-ed. The wound

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nutteotes et qu'ellcs pcuvenl Cite guciies aire ce renicdc. Pariglinc. — Oo lit dans la Gazette de Saote que Mr. Ga- lileo Palotta adecouvcrl dans la sarxpartille ce qu'ilcroit t-We

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ginally a Persian word, viz. BADZCHER, or LAZCHER, or tions formed in the bodies of many animals ; they are composed of several strata, or layers, like an onion. In

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Hypochrosis, hi-po-kro f -sis. The same as Hypochromia, q. v. Hypocytosis, hi-po-si-to f -sis. A condition in which there is less

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des selles abondantes liquides et corrompues ; il avait du délire et mourut robuste de 26 ans fut pris des mêmes symptômes: selles abondantes avec


the subject. It is also to be greatly appreciated that Illinois College Medical School had the advantage of a year of his advanced ideas on this subject

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patients needing transfusions select their own blood donors. The American Red Cross, American Association of Blood Banks and Council of Community

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5. MiRA, E.: Psychiatric Experiences in the Spanish Civil War. Brit. M. J., No. 1, pp. 1217-1220, June 7th, 1939. 6. Sargent, Welliam, and Slater, Eliot: Acute War Neu-

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return to the front, the added responsibilities which would fall upon his shoulders might be too much for him." He thought his intelligence had been numbed by his experience.

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the scammony, to render it more active. Aloes is by far more useful; and though it sometimes produces piles, yet, in the forms above mentioned, we have not expe-

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oncerning which you have consulted me and asked me in brotherly fashion, but will dedicate to you a special treatise on those points, which treatise I shall name Concerning the Nature of Things, and shall divide it into nine books.

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from Zululand. I laid it aside as useless because the first answers the man gave were absolutely contradictory to those I have recorded,

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Psychiatry, has been appointed by the Governor to serve Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD, chair of Nutrition, has been appointed as Distinguished Professor of the American

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Thr lirit oF ihece operations appear, from whan hat been able, there it no ccriLiin tett by which it cao be aacertainrd Am it it BcitMiUy elected: and the very nature of the ditcoie

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and potential medical benefits of the investigation. 21 What this statement did not do, however, was explain what would count as

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annual Reunion); administer the revolving student loan funds; and oversee conservation work on Davidge Hall and maintain its museum.

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dixit: foeminam non fieri gravidam et iterum fieri gravidamP Dixit Abaje: gutta (seminis) una fuit et divisa fuerat in duas, una pcrfccit fomuun siiam

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Histcyi'y. — Chamomile is indigenous to Southern Europe ; we have also a common or wild Chamomile {Matricaria Chamoviilla) growing in

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innocence, as the ignorant read it. It is only natural, and proceeds from natural causes. As long as there is moisture in the body, the nails, beard,

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Hoare, William Wallis, M.D. Brussels, Mackay, Queensland. Hobson, John Morrison, M.D. Edinb., Morland-road, Croydon. Hodges, Aubrey Dallas Percival, M.D. Lond., Uganda.

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himself might see a few patients that daythe more complicated ones. But in the main, that s his focus. Again the idea being

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Guy's Priiic. of Forensic Med., by C. A. Lee. — E. H. Dixon, Cases of Ovarian Dropsy cured by Injection, in New- York Jour, of .Meil. and Coll. Sci., vOT. vi. — Camus, Ou Rupture

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how can our knowledge be still further increased, and how best The medical men are doing their share and more of the work.

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lab and also teaches. His fields are Huntington's, Alzheimer's and other memory disorders. His own work is focused on a Richard Murrow, MD, (left) demonstrates the programming of a deep brain stimulation

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Charles Géniaux. Les rebouteurs. La France méd. (Paris), 1902, 25 janv. 30. Dr. Gimhert. Stations climatériqucs françaises, Cannes et le Cannet. Bulletin

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The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart