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genu, one formed by the anastomosis of the aileries over the anterior and lateral surfaces of the knee. R. dorsalis pedis, an arterial network on the dorsum of

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especially in the case of children. When the stone falls into the neck of the bladder a sudden retention of urine takes place.

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lhinenterie,Dothienejitirie,Dothiinenterite. An in- other : sounds heard doubly, and in different tones fluid falls from a height, — the douches ascendan-

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„se transformer en mouche, et le froment en ivraireP" Nous pourrions ajouter qu'il y avait parmi les philosophes arabes des

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(Foil iciest i mulatitig hormone mid interstitial-cell-stiinidaliug honnone) All gonadotrophins are glycoproteins; they can be effectively separated from

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produces diseases of phlegm and air ; and if in the stomach, the diseases of air and bile, when the hair falls off. Cloudy, windy,

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Hocculation test, positive. Blood sugar 80, nonprotein nitrogen 14. On 1-28-35 catheterization showed 150 cc. residual urine. Utotropin gr. X

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paling — ), Printed and Sold in Aldermary Church Yard, Bow Lane, London, affects to find the cause of these tales in a meeting of certain Com-

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for proper guidance in matters pertaining to the organs of reproduction. It is quite important for all to know the anatomy of the genitalia of

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2 drams; oil of juniper, 16 drops; svrup of ginger, sufficient. Form the whole into one hundred pills, of which tnree are to be

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Convalescent Patients and those needing Restoration of Health. INIost agreeable r\'nnily Hotel. Vkrv IModicr-XTE T.ariff.

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per deli q'ui urn, Lixivium Tartari, Oil of Tartar, til iodid. gr. x, Iodin, gr. v, aquce. destillat. Oj. <!u Sang. A term given by Dr. B. Babington to one

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caecum or upper part of colon — pain, often colicky, and a tendency to Many attempts have been made to prevents ankylosis in joints,

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apply the actual or potential cautery to the part. After which warm oil is to be applied to the part, with fomentations and poul-

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disséminée dans tout le Sud do l'Afrique, sans offrir de foyers nulle part. Elle frappe surtout les hommes de couleur, mais cependant on observe des

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tion faite sous les auspices du Ministere de I'instruction publique. [6], iv, 768 p. 26"™. (RecueU de rapports sur les progrfes des sciences et des

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state of tonic contraction. He was unable to answer ques- tions. The pupil reactions were normal in the seizure. The attack ceased in two minutes, as the result of hitting heavy

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For the murias ferri, v. FERHUM ; and for the muriaa mingo. The distilled water from its tops is greatly esteemed in pains in the stomach. The plant has not

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ments. Like most mutes, she articulated a number of noises, — 50 or more, a "Anatomy and Observations on the Brain and Several Sense Organs of the Blind

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When the horn wall is separated from the sensitive structures, there is marked general disturbance, and pus is discharging at the coronet, it is

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in every case by muzzles, collars and bandages. Dirt and scales may be removed from the skin by washing with cotton soaked

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panied by recognizable thickening of the overlying bone. Endotheliomas en plaque are proportionately more often so associated with bony involve-

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de S. Paulo; em nenhum delles, porem, se observou grao de infes- ta9ao comparavel ao verificado este anno em Campinas por occasiao da

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name. There is another like F. reversed, occurring at ol. 11 a. 6]:t pyj-laj', also at fol. 32 a., towards the facsimile, twice with a shght difference, at fol 56 b. top

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open the abdomen, and perform one of tlie many operations for sewing- 4. If the uterus is fastened down by inflammation, local treatments

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accurate and systematic descriptions of chemical substances. Of, this, no fewer than 80 pages are still devoted to the philosopher's

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be identified." 3. UEVKRGIK s case (M&lt;\1. Uq., T. II, p. 4-1). an unknown woman, crushed by a carriage on a road in Flanders; speedy death. To these

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of W. B and John McD , p. 445; of J. D , p. 4-49; and, in this volume and chapter, CASES 206, 212, 2-01, 225, 228, 302, 304, instances

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Burks, Thomas F., Department of Pharm. Univ of Texas Med Burnett, J. W., Dept of Medicine, Univ of Maryland. Lom- Bums, Charles P., Department of Medicine, University of

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for making monarchs wait only go to show that his influence was largely one of personality, a personality which was kindly, dig-

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Was born, December 5, 1823, at Wigginton, Oxfordshire, Eng- land. He was the sun of the Rev. Charles Winstanley, M.A., of

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exercise. It may be necessary to drive them about for a short time each day. At such times it may be advisable to give them

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" human powder," many years before Arderne, " against all wounds." The formula ran, " I&. Symphyti ; balaustie, rosarum, squinanti, masticis olibani

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mity of merry and pleaiant perfons, honeft, of good cept in Matters of War: In cafe of love itfignificth foine lying and diffembling, that is, the peifon will

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7 teinneas na timterechta 7 is incubhidh an ceirin chetna tree (ferula); 32a; R.A. galbanum. Cf. 1450 M.E. Med. Bk. (Heinrich) 82. Take . . i quarter of gomme galbanum.

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them, for they are separated by the oil as by a wall, which does not suffer them to be conjoined and united. For oil and water are two contraries, and neither

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d629, 1700. e 218, 1868, 101. f 476, 1885, i., 235. a piece of The quantity consuuied in twenty-four hours w&s about

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perineal or sacral method is gangi-ene of the bowel, either partial or complete. This is due to the fact that the sup. hemorrhoidal are end-arteries, and can be avoided by the

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On adding a little alkali to the other glass, be dormant, until it is called into action by destitute of odour, are intimately blended chymical affinity acting- between various

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Kith, 1865, and was received into Hospital No. 2, at Nashville, Tennessee, on the following day. He recovered, under simjjle

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evidence was unclear or unavailable. Making a specific apology in those cases where the facts are clear today would not for these Committee members preclude

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begegnen wir dem Gebrauche der Bohrer (Neber, crepaturi). Ein Gegner erstand den Lehren Maggi's in Giovanni Francesco Rota,

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Total $12,461 $3,500 $3,886 $30$1.695 $12,670 $40 $1,550 $23,371 $35,832 5, Question: When did the need for additional funds for FY 1983 come

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7. When three consonants are placed between two vowels, the last, vowel ; thus trans versa' Us, fenes'tra, emplas'trum. In the following sentences the signs and indicate the

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' For examination questions put to a German candidate in surgery in 1580, see J. W. S. Johnsson, Janus, Amst., 1910, xv, 129-142.

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ed on June 14th. June 15th, patient better, 20,000 units tetanus antitoxin given intramuscularly, and on June 16th and 18th, 20,000 units given intramuscularly. On June 20th

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mixed, which thus, by the same refraction, and beatyng together, is prepared: so that, the ayre, and bloud, together mixed, are received by the braunches of the veniall Arterie, and at

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the 1970s and even further in the 1980s. Migration has been fuel lee by macro-economic an spatial policies that nave favoured

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dass er durch seine Tat Jahve's Zorn über das ganze Volk versöhnt habe. Weil Moses die grosse Wankelmütigkeit der Israeliten kannte und

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capacity of surgeon with the 84th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in 1861, he returned to this county and attained signal success as a

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Allport, Roland Harrison, Glendale, High-road, Loughton, Essex. Allport, Wilfrid, M.B. Lond., Handsworth, Birmingham. Allworth, Alfred Leigh, Parliament House, Peckham. s.e.

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testinal, liver and nervons disorders. Spoiled feed may prove highly injurious. (Jatarrlial inflammation of the intestine and

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on the other hand, having- regard to the adult condition, count the ilium and ischium as constituting a sing-le bone. 3. On the other hand, in the system of Atreya-Charaka, the

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some more or less serious interference with the functions of the pancreas, but in the absence of any definite indication by which this

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powder three times a day an hour before meals, taken either dry and washed down with cold water, or in half a teacupful of warm water.

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