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befon! Petersburg, V'irginia, June ITtli, 1861, a gunshot contusion of the skull. He was taken to the hospital of the 1st

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to the cervical sympathetic. Ktcrnocpphulima, mastoid oh umirrulia (braehiocephalicivi) , cervical aud dorsal trapetiuiatucles and motor

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UHtti, Krwin 1'ayr transplanted a bit of thyroid from a woman to the spleen of her myxedematous daughter, with successful result. The paratJiyroid glands

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deanliness, warmth of clothing, ventilation of apartments, cxerdan in the open air, a sufficient allowance and proper eboicc of food, which

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than the red do, but in tlut intprvftl inrrc-iso pradually, ami that at If iifler the iiitertnitli-iit imroxysms liavt- ■.'■.•asi-il the Kplwnor

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•consisted of mattresses and blankets on trestles or stretchers, or even on the floor; hence as far as possible light cases only

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of the medical program. However, at the fourth meeting of the Advisory Committee, representatives of the Republic of the Marshall Islands presented

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ne suffit pas et la cabine de Bessemer n'a pas eu de résultats. L'autear reut donner plus de stabilité au vaisseau par deux gouttières, ouvertes en bas, par

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génératrices, le signe de la victoire. La racine du bouleau est recommandée contre les maladies des reins à condition de n'être pas cueillie avec un

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N'go. A caterpillar from which an arrow poison is ex- Nickelic (nik'-el-ik). Containing nickel as a quadriva- Nickelous (nik'-c!-us). Containing nickel as a bivalent

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drag down the lower part of the body; after which the head ' is to be sought for bv the hand introduced into the uterus, and

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The History of the Crusades, for the Recovery and Possession of the Holy Land, The History of Chivalry ; or. Knighthood and its Times, by Charles Mills.

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Cc.; sodium chloride, 6.5 Gm., in water, to 100 (V. Transparent, tabular crystals, soluble in 0.54 parts water, in 24 parts alcohol. Decomposed by organic matter,

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Gettysburg, July 1st, 1863. The wound was hennetically sealed by Assistant Surgeon B. Howard, U. S. A. The patient died on July 4th, 1863. The case is reported by the operator.

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similar to that of murexid, but which disappears on or tartaric acid to a solution of ferrous sulfate and c.c. of a zinc acetate solution (1:5). Wash the pre-

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case of longstanding with widespread fibroid disease and evidence of past excavation would, without very marked constitutional

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of urine, from caruncles in the urethra. See ISCHURIA. food prepared by the Lydians. Various supposes it to be thus called, because it was black like the boiled

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ing the prophylactic treatment of consumption : namely, the belief that the use of bread and potatoes favors the development of scrofula and

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hours. This defensive element may l>e, in part at already seen to be an active agent in attacking and observed in malarial fevers in great measure arises

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is No. 1198, Section, I, A. M. M., and was contributed, with a history of the case, by Acting Assistant Surgeon George R.

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udi-r the Imtcet has been iipplied. Vet in the spongy tex- ture of thb orgMi no such eflbct is found to follow ; Iwi. on the cuntmry, the recently united edges of the gum, ss

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The Aorta — The main artery of the body is called the aorta (Fig. 43). It springs from the left ventricle, runs up toward the neck, then

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Lapidific (lap-id' -if-ik) \lapis, a stone ; fieri, to be- come] . Giving rise to crystals or to fossils. Cf. Juice, Lapilliform {lap-il' -e-foriii) {lapillus, a little stone ;

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bability, the cystic duct is smaller than the hepatic, and much smaller than the choledochus formed by the cys- other mammalia, that the angle at which the ducts join

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and the treason." The Republican State platform of Februarj' 22 was almost as explicit, declaring, "That we are opposed to any interference

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will give birth to a sex-less (hermaphrodite) child. An sunk or divided in the middle like a leather-bag, will virtuous and generous children ; whereas a contrary

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12 Annual Announcements of the Woman's Hospital Medical College, 1870-1902. The only complete files of these circulars are in the Quine Library of the Medical Sciences,

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rarely be allowed, and the patient's eyes should be covered or protected by a screen from the surgeon and the field of operation.

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United States, and ravaged the Mississippi Valley in 1S73, reafHrmed the lessons of previous outbreaks of this disease abroad. This was especially

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Irrtümer Htl, die aus der Vernachlässigung der Lehren des Hippokrates und aus der Vernachlässigung der Warnungen einiger weisen und tapferen

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fluid, or solid when in a fluid state. Their danger is according to the degree, the part injured, the pecu- liarity of the constitution, and consequent symptoms.

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irmed the first gastrostomy (1849); Paul Berger (1845- ), who wrote 1 exhaustive monograph on the intorscapulo-thoracic amputation (1887);

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with directions for it to be taken to Mr. KiernaiTs or some dissecting-room of an approved anatomical school, followed simply by t lie medical men in one or two plain coaches, and

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much else in military service, participation in research is a discretionary activity that service personnel are permitted under military policy and federal regulation

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agreed to participate. The subjects were all staff members of the agency (or its contractors) conducting the research. The documents suggest that these staff

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back, round the belly and the chest. A loose bandaging (Shithila-Vandha) should be the rule in the region of the eyes and locations of important joints or unions.

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1897 Dudgeon, Herbei-t William, M.D. Durh., Cairo, Egypt. 1891 Dudgeon, Robert Henry Beauchamp, Toxteth-park, Liverpool.

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to trachoma, serial dilutions of the eye secretion were exposed to both yolk sac infected with trachoma and normal yolk sac side by

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The serum keeps well, and, as a rule, older preparations are preferable to new ones. The serum closely resembles arterial serum. It is of

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2. Diet should be non-stimulating and non-irritating, easily digested, leaving little residue; have sufficient calo- ries, proteins and vitamins after control of diarrhea ,and

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Sore Tongue. — The tongue is liable to become sore or ul- cerated, most commonly along the edges ; and there are fre- Tixatment. — Take mild and cooling aperients, particularly

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department. Just here cii passant is laid the immediate founda- tion of the breakdown. It is the man of detail, the man great

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to confound a rapid with an easy digestion. Various in- conveniences we know attend a quick digestion ; among which we may reckon flatulence, headaoh, and a symptom

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in the peripheral blood of prisoners in the Michigan state prison system. The size of the population has not yet been detennined.

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of the medical program. However, at the fourth meeting of the Advisory Committee, representatives of the Republic of the Marshall Islands presented

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delta du Fleuve Rouge. Une sorte de trait d'union s'établit entre ces deux foyers, le long de la côte d'Annam où la population est denf>e et la lèpre

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Gelpi: Yes, in consultation with an entomologist who was part of Aramco s Hicke: Do you have any idea about who started the residual spraying and

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cranium ; disease of the tibia or large bone of the leg between the knee and ankle; disease of the nails which may entirely Tilcerate out; disease

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ing, there results a picture which is horrible in the extreme. Tnie pocks nearly always develop in the air passages, and give rise to a copious fetid

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sometimes, even, it seemed, a little sour; the lofty bearing, which enthusiastic admirers called Napoleonic. The questions addressed to the patient were

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of the inferior, rib: their fibres run nearly parallel; but near ihe sternum disappear. Their use is to elevate the ribs. The internal ones are the reverse of the ex-

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I marrow, vrhilc the other rod vm% applied to the static from cotd. The kft side waft most powerfully coavuUed at each renewal of the electric contact. Go moving the acconil

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although ail of the periosteum that could be had been left." The result was satisfactory, and, on October 20, 1834, the man was discharged from

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be made air-tight. Schley uses a single drainage tube of 35 to 40 French calibre, and packs the opening about it with iodoform gauze,

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also capable of descending below the brutes. Now, in this wide range of capacities, while the larger and more general rule teaches that like should mate with like, there is pro-

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des climats et des saisons sur les dépenses de l'organisme chez Thommo", The December number contains notes on the "stérilisation de Teau

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5. MiRA, E.: Psychiatric Experiences in the Spanish Civil War. Brit. M. J., No. 1, pp. 1217-1220, June 7th, 1939. 6. Sargent, Welliam, and Slater, Eliot: Acute War Neu-

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vessel chartered for the purpose to Philadelphia, and there put out by Friends as apprentices on equitable Barclay exercised a benevolent influence in his own

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into vapour ; now this vapour is the mercury of Nature and the first matter A. By the action of the same fire upon aqueous humidity, when the

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must be given in a fourfold or fivefold quantity, in order to prove eff'ectual when administered afterwards, and that too

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to assume the erect position, lies on the side towards which the nystagmus is directed. All efforts to stimulate the vestibular apparatus

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exacting, although the same principle was involved. He placed his patients in a wooden tub and buckets of cold water were

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tins et quartns, Triceps magmis. Is' chio -femora' - ischium, and from the tuber ischii, and is inserted which contain structures similar to, if not identi-

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not be etherized. A method of reduction similar to that now in vogue was minutely described. Dr. Gunn then described his method of reducing dis-

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with periods of calmness, during which he would reply sharply but accurately, being somewhat vexed by the questions, and

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sects; the latter between the molluscse and arachnidcs, a class formed by him to connect the Crustacea; with insects. They differ, therefore, from fish and molluscx

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oppodeldoch. Elle comprend 19 substances (Racines de guimauve, con- sanicle, alchimille, piloselle, ophyoglosse, pervenche; Sommités fleuries dt

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The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart