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cases ; late results were given in 54 of these, with complete success in 45, great improvement in 4, and complete failure in 5. The Baldwin
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world." Then everybody listened very carefully, and after a full day of this, he closed up his book, and everybody thanked him.
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and improperly used the lime and sulphur dips are both injurious and dangerous, and in these cases the cheapness of the ingredients does not
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cross their fingers and Orientals to wear a crescent of horns over the forehead as a safeguard. In the Purana legend, Siva destroys
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cording to the reports of the city inspector, from Jan. 1, 1819, to Jan., 1835, inclusive (16 years), was 1387, ranging from
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ursprünglich ein wohlriechendes indisches Gras aus dem (renus Ändropogon verstanden worden sein, wie Trinius, Dierbach, Koyle, Dulonier angenommen
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these means our author divides into passive and active. Un- der the head of active arc friction, shampooing, percussion,
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how it should be done at Vimy - - or else! To show that he meant business, the colonel ordered the sergeant-major, a staff-
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Indiana and Illinois; and when by the treaties of 1809 some 3,000,000 acres more were added, Tecumtha became defiant and said that the lands
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cessful he is in practice. We can recommend this volume as a clear concise treatise on the subject considered in the text.
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pris un jour dans la rue près de l'ancien temple de Delft d'une attaque d'apoplexie; témoin aussi l'octogénaire Lucas dont nous citons en entier
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1892 { Picktlioru, Edward Butler, Naval Medical Service. 1900 Picton, Lionel James, 40, Little Britain, e.c. 1903 Pierce, Frederick James. Baker-street, Enfield.
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Enton'ia, {Entoiiia is, also, used for over-tension,) Conteii'sio, Dislen'sio, from tenders, tensum, ' to three lines broad and six long ,• arises from the
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AV. Bradford reports the wound still discharging, with epileptic fits from time to time, causing physical and mental disabiMty.
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collected under the cranium, which can be answered only by the perforation of it. He agrees with Arcliigenes that the operation is generally too long deferred, and that the sooner it
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tale. Polyurie, dysphagie, tachycardie et zona cervical. Guerison. Bull. et mem. Soc. med. d'hop. de Par., 1915, v. 39, pp. 21-28.
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mint 3 drops; oil of rose 2 drops. Mix and boil 2 or 3 minutes and have ready 1 qt. more of water in which an egg is put well
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the test of fine-print, viz., of the actual case-protocols, saves us from premature conclusions, and the plan of the book
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that skornej) other men shal not go away vnskorned.' }if ther be made speche to hym of any leche, nouther sette he hyrn at noujt ne preise hym to mich or con-
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ihus, aquila alba, sen miligafa was one'guished from that of an herb or shrub. bine. A perennial herbaceous plant of ance presented by the cerebellum, when
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nal proportion, and little faith can be put in the records of large amounts of opium taken when the deduction has been made from the laudanum used.
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ment. One star differeth from another star in glory. His light was to be bright and guiding, and seen of all men. Not for him
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tartar, so that they may be thoroughly mixed. Dry them somewhat. After- wards melt them in a tigillum, first over a slow fire and then over a stronger
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7 foirid luaith seilci maille senblonac gan tsalunn iad, 7 ni 146'' . . . Et is da ceinelach na neascoidi cruaid mbeag ina mbi meid mor 7
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which in many cases is all that is required. And this quiescent condition can be prolonged almost indefinitely, since an adult can
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geologist; he was in the desert all the time; he spoke Arabic well: he really understood the Arabs and he loved them, and they
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of the treatment, possible alternative methods of treatment, the risks involved, and the possibilities of complications have been explained to me. I understand that
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surgery was created. The interest of twentieth-century medicine The most noticeable thing about recent medicine is the growth
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away the " blackness" "the evil," which causes a man to be dis liked ; the white makes him " white " causes him to be " bright "
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of all the Hippocratic collection to an Ionic model. sents the more ancient tradition. A few variations, about 1650 this work was used by doctors throughout
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Extrasy stoles. — Hering considers that extrasystoles are due to hyperexcitability of the cardiac muscle, and that there is no proof of a
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I shall deal with the causes, the characteristic symptoms and the treatment of Sula occurring in any specific locality of a Gulma even without its actual presence or
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December 1st, the wounded man entered the general field hospital at Chattanooga, whence Acting Assistant Surgeon E. Bartholow, U. S. A., contributed the specimen (FiG. 562), with
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Pis'dcha Graha on the foiirteentli day of the fortnights. enters into (the surface of) a mirror, as heat or cold penetrates into the body of an organic being and as
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Talaschescu and Marinescu'- used a serum prepared by Cantacuzino in a series of ten cases of dysentery produced by infection with Shiga's
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disease connected with the change, little or no medical treat- ment is required. It is best to observe an abstemious diet, and
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the other State offices were kept in rented quarters, until the State put up buildings. The legislature of 1825 appropriated $1,000 "to build on
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It purpose does horseshodng serve Is it essential that horses to prevent wear of the hoof and on slippery ittreets to prevent
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all the useless and hideous knicknack which apparetly make so many people happy. Only u few remain, for nearly all huve-
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where they do not appear much sinks without the usual forerun- debilitated, generally bear loss of ners of such a termination,
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arsenal of Iraq and protection of troops was deemed a priority by the department of defense. We understand that safety and efficacy records
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Ballantyne remarks that the occasional occurrence of double monsters Avas a fact known to the Hip])()cratic school, and is indicated by a passage in I)e
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crystals soluble in water; use and dose as codein. C., Pseudo-, C,gH..jNO.„ colorless needles soluble in al- cohol, melting at 182° C. ; obtained as a by-product in
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carefully gotten up. In 18G3, ho obtained the following degrees : M.D., Queen's University, Kingston ; Membership of the Royal College of Physicians, London ; Membership of the
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noticed by vrritcre, although it is ofton a very troubtesome ayinptom, and that is gravel. In treating of gravel or lithin, an an idiopatJiic ntTection, wc shall have to notice,
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fidrrjv eivai irapa to ayi)p,a to elptip,evov, bpOays tov (TT>j06O'i uo~Teov v7ro8e8vxivai, to 8e dirb €TTi tov eTepou, ou8ep,irj<i p,eydXrj<; lr]Tpeirj<; TavTa
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may afterward be re-established." SCHILLER (M.) (Kriegschir Skizzen aits dem deutsch-framosischen Kriege, 187&lt;V71, Hannover, 1871, 8. 38)
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plares seccos para o ensino pratico elementar desses orgao reproductores, 1 Do grego — anthos = flor — phyton = planta, dasignagao preferida por Braun e depols por
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author ; but we have often seen it in injected lacteals. the body may be occasionally nourished when all the glands are apparently obstructed. This also appears
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the fifth edition, with numerous additions | ROGET'S Outlines of Physiology — and 300 cuts — in 2 vols. 8vo., 1304 pages. \ Bvo., 516 pages.
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tion in domestic animals. The purpose of the operation is to render the animal more useful, for work or meat production.
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marked prostration and serous or bloody diarrhoea. These mostly prove speedily fatal. L,ess redoubtable are those cases in which
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few instances, some advances have been made; but, while life itself is mysterious, the laws by which its operations are regulated will remain in equal obscurity.
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ally agitated, and the ether poured off in tvvo hours into a white dish. When the ether has evaporated, the colouring matter is left on the dish.
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perimental equine cases, and though this may be so in mild casual cases, the same is not true of violent and fatal ones. It is, there-
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15. Smith, D. W., Brown, D. M., and Games, W. H., J. Jackson, eds.), 7, p. 159, Academic Press, New York 17. Yu, S. Y., and Keller, R. N., Fed. Proc. 35, 2342
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functionally from Aramco, as was the nearby consulate. I believe that the consular staff and their dependents received care from
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extract once more by an alembic Do this f\\e times, always giving at the end a fire of sublimation, and at the fifth time it does not ascend. It remains at
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after exercise. In Neuhof's'' case of complete block, the idioventricular atropine, and also independently of this ; this alteration being due
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effort. Massachusetts General Hospital agreed to select the patients, perform the injections, and care for the patients during the period of study." 174
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Worten zusammen, dass jede Zelle von einer anderen abstammt. Ganz einerlei wie die Zellen in ihrer Form von einander abweichen, jede neue
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one of the people, joining in their sports and their work, while his opponents usually assumed some superiority over the masses in their
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admitted to Carver Hospital at Wasliiiigton. On January 8tli, 1H63, lie was pent to Haxter Ho-spital, Burlington, Vermont,
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deposit of £ in heart. Pinguedo cordis ; Steatosis cor- deposit of £ around kidney. Pinguedo renalis; Neph- immediate principles of £ Stearin; Margarin; Olein.
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by disease of the heart, or consequent to irritation of tubercles. It may be simple, the blood being all spit up, or it may be attended by an
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befell Israel because men devoted themselves to such idolatry instead of practising the arts of martial de self studied every extant astrological treatise, and
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Hyssopus officinalis L. var. angustifolia Boiss. (Labiatae) Gul-i-punah (Teh.); Zupha-e-yabis (Ar.); Jupha (Hind.); hyssop,
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and proper, the inclination to do that which is wrong or displeasing, is To come back to the jioint from which we started — the management,
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wahrscheinlich machen, dass während der Schwangerschaft keine Lostien- nung von Eiern aus den Ovarien mehr stattfindet, so dass die Über-
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was sent to hospital No. 1, Nashville, thence was transferre<l, on June 2ytli, to tlie Totten Hospital at Louisville; and on
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difficilement, avait une fièvre continue avec douleur de tête et un pouls Même traitement avec guérison au 14e jour. Il défend toujours le vin,
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    The Salon: 2009 Flyer
    Photograph: James Stuart