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should be made of straw, com-husks, hair, various palms and grasses, never of feathers, which can only be mentioned in reprehension. The
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pertaining to defect or absence of s. Adermic; Apel- collection of air under the s. Pneumaderma ; Emphy- atrophy of s. Dermatrophy ; Dermatrophia ; Atropho-
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Mr. Gerrard to send an Order for you to receive £30. I ordered Mr. Gerrard since to give you £50 more. I have estab- lished a Correspondence with Mr. Gerrard here, that you are
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backed with all kinds of topical emollients fit for relaxing the skin and common membrane, which is now extremely tense. Should all these endeavors
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Give symptoms and treatment for chronic catarrh of the stomach and Symptoms: In chronic gastric catarrh, diminished, variable
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icle. M. pro'pria, the basement membrane of secreting organs. M. schneideria'na, the pituitary membrane, q. v. M. tecto'ria,
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+ Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring thai what you are doing is legal. Do not assume Ihat just
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abundant in metals is the mine. On this subject one would reason that all is, multiplied, and goes on growing in substance, measure, and weight up to
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resolutions he was satisfied that he had misunderstood them. (Great cheering.) He then read them to the Convention, and remai'ked that
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unilateral involvement of the olfactory lobe, one of congenital absence, the other of softening due to arteriosclerosis. In both cases a well-marked
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adoption of the alternative of establishing a preternatural anus is compulsory. It is highly probable that, in the rare instances in which shot lacerations of the intestine are
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the theriaca, spelt " tryacle," are again recommended, to drink simple for inward tenderness, and to smear interesting light is thrown on the weights and measures
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1911 Pierce, Hugh, 14(j, Cliatlavn-street, Liverpool. 1903 Piggot, Allen Pledger, 26, Cloudsdale-road, Balham. s.w. 1898 Pike, Cyprian Royston, St. Vincent, West Indies.
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be put ashore at Mudros, and not brought down to Egypt or Malta. There was at Mudros, in the 3rd Australian General of Major Lockhart Gibson, a Avell-known ophthalmic surgeon
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d629, 1700. e 218, 1868, 101. f 476, 1885, i., 235. a piece of The quantity consuuied in twenty-four hours w&s about
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Dr. "Do vou still think vou have homosexual desires" Dr. "Do you still have desires to go to the Turkish bath Pt. "Yes. the thought occurred today. I reasoned I was
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über Syphilis in seinen bis dahin erschienenen Büchern gemacht hatte. Unter allen Schriften dieses Sammelwerks ist die des Alex Petronius inhaltlich die
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Orthoplasy [or'-iho-plaz-e) [6pfl(if, straight; K,aai{, a. straight ; paxic, the spine]. Having a straight back- Orthosiphonin [pr-tho-si' -fon-in). A crystalline glu-
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DIN AN, G. A., 2nd Lieut., Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Edu- cated at University College, Cork, and Guy's. He was well- knoAvn in cricket circles. Commissioned in January, 1916, to
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PROF. Dr. tschli, 1882. In BRASIL-MEDICO. Rio. N. 38 de 42. HASSELMANN, Novos esporozoarios da ordem Gregarinida Buetschli, 1882. In
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In adopting the handbook of Dr. Lehmann as a manual of Organic Chemistry for the use of the with numerous additions, and 243 illustrations, by Isaac Hays, M. D., Surgeon to Will's Hospi-
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grain, feed regularly and avoid sudden changes in feed. If a horse has received unusual exercise, it is proper to feed hay
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than its antimonial substitute in the Pharmacopoeia. The eau medicinale de Ilusson, a secret remedy for gout, probably contained colchicum (introduced
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mit Honig gekocht, Bodensatz von Menschen-Urin mit Lawsonien-Oel 7); fein geriebene Kupferblüthe mit gleichviel Oel gemischt und verrieben;
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opiates were administered, and diluents and a light diet were prescribed. There were symptoms of peritonitis during the first
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stated in the Argument to this treatise. That our author should not have doubted the real existence of the Amazonians need excite no wonder, considering the very
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move resources to the large-scale plantation and large farm sector. Transnational corporations and big companies, which own
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on July 24th, 1864, from " the effects of the wound." Assistant Surgeon S. A. Storrow, U. S. A., reported the case. the Washington Park Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 16th, and died on June 21st, 1862. Reported by Dr. J. B. Smith.
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receiving no efferent nerve fibers from the sacral nerves, as has been pointed out by Langley and Anderson. They are supplied with fibers
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membrane. It is oontiQued anteriorly as the iris, a cironlor curtain nith a central opening, the pupil. This curtAin is governed by the
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that it may be so should render persons extremely cautious in their intercourse with those who are sufiering under it. Symptoms. — There is usually an anxious countenance, sick-
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toutefois la population baisse puis qu'elle était de 200.000 en 1850. La population est ainsi composée : Blancs, Créoles, Hindous, Malgaches,
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deuuro, without the delay that would reMult from awaiting The food hitving undergone a sufficient degree of ma- ceration and mastication, or other mechanical process, by
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veins and thus lead to congestion (after Spalteholz). disturbance of the crural nerve and the plexus around the iliac arteries.
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A. Primbose. Filariasis in man cured by removal of the adult worms in an operation for lymphscrotum. British Medical Journal 1903.
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pneumonic plague. The exposure of plates of culture media within short distances of the mouths of the patients showed that the plague
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other part of the body. The bleeding may be very profuse, especially if there is a cut. If the parts are only bruised the bleeding will be more or
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Vipatdikat. The type in which the eruptions exude (a kind of slimy secretion) and which are circular, thick, excessively itching, glossy and black-coloured is called
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d'appendicites par section do l'appendice vermiforme. Que dire encore qu'en 1858 John M. Carnochan de New- York fait la resection du nerf maxillaire
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force had it beyond its moral sanction Above all, was it ever a reality or merely a " counsel of per- all who take it to certain moral rules of practice,
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pel, and large pledgets applied along with suitable compresses. External to these, sponges with suitable bandages are to be
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bleed and pm'ge, forbids all fomentations of warm water, but approves of those made with tepid oil, after which dressings
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But, rather than look for antibodies against Coxiella in blood samples from this group, I used a test in which non- infectious
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