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Natur lässt sich nicht stören. Dr. Rush muss ein vortrefflicher Lehrer ge- wesen sein, wie er auch als Mensch bewundeningswürdig war. Er konnte

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2. Another treatment is to wash the affected part with soap and warm water, with soda dissolved in it, after which apply a lini-

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of the variously conditioned patients, laboring un- der synovitic disease were restored to self-sustain- and provided teachers for their "religious and sec-

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bark, either by liquefaction or by a natural resolution. The sulphur which is in botin is more subtle than the sulphurs of

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Thomson, Annales de Chimie, vols. 21, 23, 24, and 29, 34, 43. Journal de Physique, 45 and 46. Parkinson's Linn. Its leaves are like those of mullein, hairy and

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cellular structure becomes of a pulpy consistence and makes it5 way into the broncliijc, and is expectorated ' : without any

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of Phys. 1900; University Scholar and Gold Medallist; ex-lect. in Phys. Charing Cross Hosp. Med. Sch. ; investigating the Neuro-

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over the contents of the fragile roll. His friend, Pro- fessor Stern, remained behind. Ebers traveled home- explained to His Majesty, the lamented King John of

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ipicstion of o|>eration is the question. What is exophthalmic goitre If we only include the well-marked cases, we shall find the operative

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8. Humphrey. D. R.. in "Baroreceptors and Hyperten- 9. Spyer, K. M., and Wolstencroft, J. H., Brain Res. 26, 10. Gebber, G. L., Taylor, D. G., and Weaver, L. C,

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may be regenerated from those not afifccted. For example, the eleventh and twelfth dorsal nerves may be joined to the third,

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12. Dietzman, R. H., Castaneda, A. R., Lillehei, C. W., 13. Glenn, T. M., Lefer, A. M., Martin, J. B., Lovett, W. L., Morris, J. N., Jr., and Wangensteen, S. L., Amer.

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eoliccB dextrcB inferiores, distributtd to the caecum. en'terum, Init"ium intesti'ni crasai, Saccus Intes- tini crasai seu Coli, CcBCum Caput coli. Caput coli.


Congdon, Charles C, Memorial Research Center. University of Tennessee. 1924 Alcoa Highway. Knoxville, TN 37920 Coniglio, John G., Dept of Biochemistry. Vanderbilt Univ Sch

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sudden loss of sensation and consciousness, with spasmodic contraction of the voluntary muscles, quickly passing into violent convulsive distor-

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„si généralement répandu; qu'ils réforment le moins possible leur genre de „vie habituel à moins qu'il ne soit manifestement déréglé ou défectueux.

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from the Bahama Islands, and from Providence, where it is found on the coast. According to an account in the 'Philosophical Transactions, No. 385, and 387, this

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to be unreliable, as it sometimes fails to detect the presence of some tested in a small bottle and add a pinch of pure white sugar. Place

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The Preface. Chapter I. : concerning the Arcanum and Quintessence. Chapter II. : concerning the definition of the Subject and Matter of the Tincture of the Philosophers.

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causes a postponement of nature's calls. From this, as well as from some other causes, this fecal matter with its impurities, is kept in the colon and

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nnd Aristotle the bastard liver. It is a aingidnr property of the blood of the spleen, that, like the catameiiial dis- Okx. a Dr. Home took a like viev of Ibis d Uwe : and •ffimad

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coldest days and with ear pain, he would ride his horse to the nearest body of water to swim." At the CPC, Dr. Easton, who was awarded the Schliemann Medal of the Berlin Academy of

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Rochester. Preference appears to have been given to patients the doctors believed would benefit from additional time in the hospital. 55

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The leaves, roots, flower, stalks, and and may be cleared off the sulphate of juice of dandelion, have all been separate- lime by means of cold water. The virtues

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hour ; then add blue vitriol 1 oz. ; copperas 4 ozs. ; dip again i hour ; if not dark enough, add more copperas. It 5. WINE COLOR.— For 5 lbs. goods— camwood 2 lbs. ;

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„febris continua" die Menschen mit einer solchen Heftigkeit befällt, dass gar weniger Stunden tötlich, mit den Symptomen einer Gehirnentzündung

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Is the segmentation of the ovum to be considered a regressive process We do not think that this is the case. Two separate processes have to be taken into

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temperatures caused a small but statistically significant decrease in heart rate, increase in the esophageal temperature, increase in sweating, and decrease in skin blood flow (by

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In 1994, Dr. Crawford reflected on the logic of testing for panic in an environment that was thought to be too safe. "No troops," Dr. Crawford recalled,

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pily and through it wrought much good. Boston and New York, xxiv, [2], 770, [i] p. illus., 33 pi. (partly fold., incl. plans), 3 port. (incl. front.),

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does not constitute the element of fire. This element is not, therefore, called an element because it is fire, but rather because in it the whole firmament

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breathe it out again, or until he is deprived of one being having all these elements, and is nursed in a following line of thought. They see those who drink

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counsel! ; and as for small matters, let them passe ouer." And he repeats the advice again, under "A White Flaws," Fol. " I wolde not councel a man for euery tryfle sycknes to go to

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Byrom, J. W., Fleming, A. H., Hall, F. C., Harrison, , Hatching ton, T. I). A., Jones. J. R., Kelley, L., M irthall, , Wash, I. JV., Noitrant, L.,

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prect-de tho nctiis-l outbreak of the disease for several days; theu consist in an andefincd oonslilutional disturbance and irregularity of

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apparently did not impress his colleagues, for, some ten years later, when eral Physiology in France," a report praising the contributions of France to

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schreckender Energie den ethnischen Bestand Altisraels begründet und — um mit Delitzsch zu reden — „die 12 Nomadenstämme zur Einheit

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physicians, schools and hospitals. He was a member of the medical convention for the purpose of organizing the Illinois State Medical Society in 1850, and a

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ealore et spiritu, tum prineipaliter venit spiritus a corde sine (iuocum[ue medio extendit membra mediante ealore se. sanguinis et aliorum humorum venicntium

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systematized the results of his observation of over | tioner.— iV. A. Med. Journal, April," 1858. fore, say of Dr. Barclay's work, that, from his sys-

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reside on the premises they are able to devote the whole of their time to the constant supervision of the patients. All kinds of out-door

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in the hands of any anesthetist with ordinary intelli- Gwatliniey's plan of general analgesia hy oral admin- istration was referred to in the 1919 volume (p. 29).

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mous bulk, which was removed by amputation at the shoulder-joint, for a large lymphosarcoma growing just above the clavicle. The patient was a

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tronie uue grande quantité de pus. Lea animaui: ijou vent guérir, mais beaucoup périssent, quand ils ne peuvent pas se remuer. L'autcuT ne trouva l'oBtéomye-

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wards the left shoulder. Now, put on the woollen belly-band, moder- ately tight, and secure it with needle and thread, not with pins. You

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antrnin of Highniore. He was treated in a field ho.spital for several days, and on condition had been good, bnt he soon became comatose. On Decendier 8th, Surgeon

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put the dry mass into a crucible, and urge it with a strong fire till it flows like oil ; then pour it out upon a flat plate made hot, and while the matter continues

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an irregular, sausage- or kidney-shaped shadow suggest- ing the presence of more than one calculus, and meas- uring 1.75 X. 75 in. The renal shadow indicated a con-

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The child was allowed to die at her father's request! Dr. Calvin Truesdale of Rock Island reported an instance of "Severe

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It may be administered by inunction of mercurial ointment, by fumi- gation, or in the form of half a grain of calomel, or blue pill, or one-third

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fatal disease was ever before or since known in the county." " 'The old inhabitants,' says another authority, 'were not affected. The in-

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inches long by three and a half inches wide ; of a darkish mahogany color externally and internally; weight, twelve ounces.

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The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart