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of Mansfield, Ohio, reported, July 3, 1872, that the radial nerve as well as the artery was wounded in this case, and that the
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A fortunate day is to be selected for the pupil to commence read- ing the shastres. On that occasion he is to be clean in his person,
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Edin. ; pres. of Edin. branch of British Med. Assn. ; hon. surgeon- oculist to H.M. the King, in Scotland; mem. F.R.C.S., F.R.S.
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authorities that the Streptococcus conglotneratiis is the micro-organism aged 27, in which on the twelfth day of the illness jaundice appeared,
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&c. ; if much inflammation, however, it will fetch the hair, 3. Nerve and Bone Liniment. — Take beef's gall l qt. ; alco-
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the urethra at its membranous portion, and finally lodged in the epididymis of the right side, whence it was extracted, on
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pain on pressure of the spinal processes and the lumbar spine. There was slight ecchymosis about the left iliac crest. Lumbar puncture showed clear fluid without hypertension,
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Electrobiology (e-lek-lro-bi-ol'-o-je). A modern term Electrocardiagram (e-lek-tro-kar-dc'-ah-gt-am') \i'lcc- the trophic processes in the nervous system, upon the
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2 Wickersheimer: Arch. f. Gesch. d. Med., Leipz., 1913-14, vii, 1-25, 5 pi- ' Otherwise a general medical manual (quoddam opus in medicina).
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li> F. H. HUiMPMKIS, M D. (biux), F.K.C.P. (llilin ). M.K.C.S. (Eng). I'les. of the Amer. Klectro-Therapeiitic Asst>c.
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. Changes in plasma Na and K and hematocrit with development of rat pups. Numbers at bottom of jidicate the number of rats in each group, here and in the following figures. Bars indicate SEM.
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qualified in all the departments of medical science. He is well calculated in every respect to faithfully discharge the duties of
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There are few instances where this state of the stomach occurs. In the advanced periods of putrid fevers, when the bile regurgitates ; or, when absorbed, in jaundice, it
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diapliragm and upper posterior yuirt of the right lobe of the liver, reentered the pleural cavity, having made a wide ragged track,
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cases are referred to in ttXtjv Sa-a kvltu. This is very strange, or at least awkward, and the reading of A, which transposes and avw, is certainly more natural, but it
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EENDAI.L, A. I., Day, A, A., and WaIiKER, A. W. Metabolism of Bacillus hotu- Kerner, C. a. J. Neue Beobachtungen iiber die in Wiirtemherg so hdufig vor-
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2. Sandweiss, D. G., Saltzstein, H. C, and Farbman, 3. Grey, J. S., Wieczorowski. E., and Ivy. A. C, Science 4. Savage, C. R., Inagami, T.. and Cohen. S., J. BioL
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ment of Lunatics. By Paul maladies, intellectual and corpo- Slade Knight, M. D. many real, which is presented to the years Surgeon of the Lunatic medical eye at every step in civi-
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cribed as heat-making in their potency, should be used in any of those seven aforesaid forms, in the case of an ulcer due to the deranged Kapha. The drugs of two
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would remark that no elibrts have been spared to secure for it a continuance and extension of the remarkable favor with which it has been received. The last London issue, which was considera-
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make all the modifications it has assumed in different coun- tries and ages. 1 come to this conclusion without any feel-
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Tuberculosis of the peritoneum is often suggested by the indica- tions afforded by careful palpation (thickening of the walls of the
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Natur lässt sich nicht stören. Dr. Rush muss ein vortrefflicher Lehrer ge- wesen sein, wie er auch als Mensch bewundeningswürdig war. Er konnte
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2. Another treatment is to wash the affected part with soap and warm water, with soda dissolved in it, after which apply a lini-
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rationale for demanding obedience to capitalist values of hard work and disciplined living. "Too great liberty," Taylor wrote to
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stupor, weakness, staggering, and congested, swollen, weeping Lignieres finds his cocco-bacillns in the expectoration at the
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acquired atelectasis in -{vhich the air has been removed fection]. A disease first described by Schaafl'hausen, absence of any perceptible cause, conspicuous infantil-
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chief seat of the disease is the portal vein we can hardly expect Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen, — My remarks will deal prin-
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8. Humphrey. D. R.. in "Baroreceptors and Hyperten- 9. Spyer, K. M., and Wolstencroft, J. H., Brain Res. 26, 10. Gebber, G. L., Taylor, D. G., and Weaver, L. C,
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geologist, astronomer, and pathologist, and shares with Leonardo da Vinci the honor of being the first geologist to see fossil re-
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plus efficaces, c'est possible et une investigation serait désirable ; l'aide des princes indigènes devrait ériger une chaire de pharmacologie. Les hakims
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are joined together should be tied firmly, though carefully, by wrapping cloths or yarns about it, pressing the parts closely against
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tain individuals without any regard to their previous mental discipline or ac- quirements. . . . Few appreciate the art of curing or mitigating diseases rests
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great expense for thb substance, because it costs a good deal to make electrum. So, then, it is better to leave copper as copper in its own form. In no respect is its electrum better, but rather commoner. So by dissolving it in graduated
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The Preface. Chapter I. : concerning the Arcanum and Quintessence. Chapter II. : concerning the definition of the Subject and Matter of the Tincture of the Philosophers.
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was attending ophthalmologist to the Michael Reese Hospital. He is said Dr. C. Gurnee Fellows was a graduate of Hahnemann Medical College in
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(Foil iciest i mulatitig hormone mid interstitial-cell-stiinidaliug honnone) All gonadotrophins are glycoproteins; they can be effectively separated from
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reignty '' of whole colonies. An ointment made from veratrum also does well. Another method is equally if not more efficacious. Rub the en-
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for a few days; then 25 drops of oil of turpentine every 6 hours until oozing subsided, and then 5 grains of quinine with each dose of oil. There was
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„febris continua" die Menschen mit einer solchen Heftigkeit befällt, dass gar weniger Stunden tötlich, mit den Symptomen einer Gehirnentzündung
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the sublingual gland. F., Submaxillary, the hollow on the inside of the lower jaw-bone containing the submaxillary gland.
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aber nicht nur Tränklein, Salben, Pflaster und Pillen u.s.w., nicht nur Theriak und Mithridat, die Allheilmittel der landfahrenden Acrzte damaliger Zeit, es
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cation of the connective tissue. M., Parenchymatous, that affecting the essential substance of a muscle. M., Specific or
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The lesions of the pituitary membrane are varied. Hypersemia of a purple or violet color is common, especially along the septum,
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content cannot be accurately determined, but a very fair idea of the potency of any given sample in this respect may be gained by observing
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counsel! ; and as for small matters, let them passe ouer." And he repeats the advice again, under "A White Flaws," Fol. " I wolde not councel a man for euery tryfle sycknes to go to
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apparently did not impress his colleagues, for, some ten years later, when eral Physiology in France," a report praising the contributions of France to
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amener et conduire les pieds à V orifice de la matrice, le meilleur et le plus Und wenn Fasbender schreibt, dass Guillemeau bei dieser Sehieflage „die
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la conseillait dans les fièvres, dans toutes les maladies inflammatoires quand le sujet était robuste; il la condamnait chez les enfants, les vieillards et les
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men, says that the majority of them die early. The terrible physical strain brings on hypertrophy and \ alvular diseases of the heart, and many of them
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encapsulated variety is regarded with suspicion, for many should be treated as malignant ; some, however, can be cla.ssified as non-malignant after gross
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mechanism within the central nervous system. This is supported by the in- variable association of masking with a tingling or throbbing sensation.
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Sinn rladurcb gana dunkel geworden ist. Dieses Sehiekssal teilt der vorliegende ge«chirhte (nach Flaviun Joisepbus bellum Judaicum 11, tap. 13), aus Gregor
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way similar to that of an innominate lesion. The sacrum has a possible movement; that is, one of antero-posterior rotation around the sacro-
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wards the left shoulder. Now, put on the woollen belly-band, moder- ately tight, and secure it with needle and thread, not with pins. You
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so that it gave him returns which made him a wealthy man for that time and age. In addition to his practice he ran a drug store in
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an irregular, sausage- or kidney-shaped shadow suggest- ing the presence of more than one calculus, and meas- uring 1.75 X. 75 in. The renal shadow indicated a con-
The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart