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coid cruaid do beith indtu, 7 gan ichtar na uachtar an gaile do heith anmund no fuar, 7 gan morgadh lennand do beith and,
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mever and His on Swiss skulls (1864), the albums of Finnish and Swedish skulls (1878-1900) by Gustaf Magnus Retzius (1842-1919) and Virchow's
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1902 Smith, Gayton Warwick, M.B. Lend., Longton-av., Sydenham, s.e. Smith, George Melville, The lietreat, Buniingford, Herts.
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„de mieux à faire, est de le jeter dans le canal" i). op het eenvoudig gekleed mannetje, dan toen zy de telescopen met elkanderen vergeleken,
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the suppression of intemperance, wouid be a J ust exerc,se of aU " persons who had died in Boston for ton, that, three months from.this day,
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fiharyngeus; constrictor isthmifaucium; azygos u~uul<Z; constrictor pharyngis superior, medius et inferior; crico- arytcenoideus lateralis et fiosticus; arytenoideus obli-
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in a case of acute disease, supposed to be malarial, I have failed to do so, the case has turned out to be It is of little use to examine the blood for the intra-
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Young animals alone seem to contract the disease. . After the age of eight to ten months they appear almost entirely proof against it.
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virtues of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. She is imaged or embodied in the eightfold categories of Avyakta (un- manifest), Mahdn (intellection), Ahamkdra (Egoism) and
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January 16, 1806, Dr. E. D. Hudson furnished the patient with a prothetic apparatus, which, from the outset, proved highly useful. At that time the arm was shortened nearly four inches, and slightly
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wcis und Holmes um keine Prioritätsfrage handeln kann. Ich hege die feste Ueberzeugung, dass sich Herr Prof. Baruch in seinem Streben nach
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ait été fabriquée avec un cérémonial particulier que Pline nous indique: La glu ramollit et résout les tumeurs, elle dessèche les écrouelles. Pétrie
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radiated cryBtala. Tiie former is called Svarnamdkshiha and the latter Tdramdkahika, The ancients suppoaed that they contained
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producer will have a shortish face, broad between the eyes, with the nose pointed, and on the end fine and free from wrinldes. The
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changes in policy largely driven by attention from so many corners were beginning to move toward a more comprehensive approach to research oversight.
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He was at once admitted to the hospital of the 1st division, Second Corps. His left side was paralyzed, and a portion of tlu!
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and injuring the internal maxillary artery, and ma<le its exit at left ear; then entered the shoulder, fracturing the acromion
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that the walls of the cranium were very tliin. The thoracic and abdominal viscera were normal in appearance. Tlie notes of
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absence of air, as B, tetanus. Aerobic refers to bacteria which live in the presence of air. As with the anaerobic, there is a facultative
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If the hands are cleansed thoroughly with soap, water and a scrubbing brush, then immersed for five minutes in a 4 per cent
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spasmodic, and recommended as an antidote to strych- Lutrexanthema [lu-treks-an' -the-mali) [7iovTp6v, a Lycaconin [lik-ak'-on-in). An alkaloid derived from
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A t The Heartlands there are no entrance fees, endowments or asking for years Freedom from worry, no repair or maintenance problems. It's a community of friends
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neuropsychiatry. The Chicago Neurological Society was organized at the office of Dr. Sanger Brown on January 5, 1898. He served as the first presi-
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book deals with fractures and dislocations, including fracture of the pelvis and a mention of paralysis in fracture of the spine.
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auch P. in seiner Einleitung (p. 29 — 30) nicht zu geben, de Casso erwähnt als Gewährsmänner Aristoteles, Galen, Aviccnna, Kazes, Johannes Mesue, Johannes
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(TIGR), an independent, not-for-profit research institute in Rockville, MD that I founded in 1992 after leaving the National Institutes of Health (NIH). On May 1 1, The Perkin-
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I was obliged to arrest the Bokharian merchant who was security for him. I addressed myself to the police-officer, person to make an inspection at the hotel. After the
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gesnedcn. IIkliodoih s, dezelfde die herniotomio uitvoerde en s'.rictuur door urethrotomia interna diirfde liehaiidelen, lievceit ook de, modern geachte, torsie aan. Ilg 7.egt, naar aanleiding der herniotomie :
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itnortem in the bn(Ues of those who Ijave died of diabetes uellitiu. variable age, and not un£requcntly pneumonia, or gunjfreDe. llii; heart
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though unwilling to subject their parents to the expense of " One or two years' study in those universities where numer-
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grower himself and his family, should be allowed to remain un- gathered until their color has deepened and they have become mel-
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anterior portion. The temperature always rises at the commence- ment, attaining 103° to 104° Fahr. (39-5° or 40° C), but rarely a higher
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ture, of a yellow colour, and branched in the manner of coral. It is said to be corroborant and astringent, but also cor. The heart or essence of a seed, and the pri-
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geons in the L'nited States. Dr. Gardner will serve for sLt years. The board was organized in 1937 to improve post- graduate training for surgeons and to examine and issue
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and sorcery, similar to those employed by the enemy himself. Again, his own reflection in water, his shadow in the sunlight, what
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aJso, are much snollcn, and form unsightly hard lumps nt the sided uC tba neck. The patient usuullr ties with the head throwa bock, ui a
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upon their bodies. When the leeches have removed the necessary quantity of blood sprinkle a small quantity of salt upon their
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military service in the Civil War, performed by a five-man board headed by Dr. N. S. Davis of Chicago; later this board was increased to eight and
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chromatic aberration. It is composed of a microscopic slide with six cover-glasses ranging from 0.09 to 0.024 Delicate, parallel, ruled lines are cut through the sil-
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Sulphur is described as of bitter, astringent taste, with n peculiar strong smoll. It increases bile, acts as a laxative and
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man. Le Dr. A G. Vorderman, inspecteur du serrice médical civil de Java et de Madoura, auteur distingué de plusieurs ouvrages sur et des
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of his stay at Poictiers and Wittenburg (if any), he has left no record; in Toulouse he evidently stopt for a while,' — "in Tolose
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uodesj of gummatous- like thickenings, and of punched phenomena as t>eing generally the results of an inde- ifl affected with destructive ulceration of the soft
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Diffusible stimulants should be given at once if the heart shows any signs of difficulty. The most obvious signs of such thrombosis are
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Aquaeduc'tus. See Aqueduct. A. cer'ebri, the infundibulum. Aquapunc'ture. Perforation of the skin by water-jets. Aqueous, a'-kwe-us. Watery ; pertaining to water. A. Cham'ber,
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lias the history of British medicine fallrn that it appears to be omitted entirely from the great History of Medifine whii;h U now being pubhshed by Fiseher
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i „Entant ainsi tournée (mit abgewich<'ncni Kopfe) il est tres-dillicile, voire mesme impossible que la mere puisse accoucher, quehiue effort que PenfAnt
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Franklin Paine Mall (1862- ), of Belle Plaine, Iowa, professor of anatomy at the Johns Hopkins Universitv, a pupil of His and Carl Ludwig, did
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a yellow precipitate, of the consistence of pitch ; and, with water may be, it is discoverable by means of tanin. When dissolved by alkalis, and precipitated by acids,
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with chop-stiks made from the wood of that tree will never have the toothache, and will live to become exceeding old. There is also a super-
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Diagnosis. — As one might expect, the blood shows marked changes in malarial fever. In the regular intermittent type there is a loss in the
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ture. Of these, seventy-two were returned as wounds of the shoulder joint without frac ture. 1 Some of them appear to be examples of contusions of the ligaments, cartilages, or
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Penicillin in Wounds, Dr. Champ Lyon, New York. All The press carries the announcement that the War De- partment win acquire for use as an Army General Hos-
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to place his instrument in communication with the manometer or with the reservoir of nitrogen. The manometer is always in connection
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usual symptoms of compression of the brain were present. The patient died on January l".ith, 1865. Surgeon C A. Cowgill,
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did formerly to Montpeli'er and Padua. But the fol- Journal, vol. iii. will Ihcw that the prelent medical profefTors of Oxford, animated with a liberal zeal for
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the opinions of the Medical Alumni Association, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and the University of Maryland Medical
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Dr. Mandeep R. Mehra, a cardiologist. And some of their most captivating advances are the result of collaborations between the
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[Reprinted from The Gwfs Hosjjital Gazette, December 19th, 1914.] WATSON, CECIL FEANCIS W., West African M.S. Entered Guy's in January, 1892, passed the Final Conjoint in 1899.
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sued his profession until the outbreak of the Civil War, when, as surgeon of the Fourth Michigan Infantry, he entered the conflict, participating in the
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Rosenfeld, Leo, Dept Physiology. Jefferson Med Coll, 1020 Rosenthal, David S., Brigham Hosp. 721 Huntington Ave, Rosenthal, Harold L., School of Dentistry. Washington Uni-
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body, healthy seed from healthy parts, diseased seed from diseased parts. If, therefore, bald parents have cliildren, and so on with other physical peculiarities,
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although a "poet," affected an exaggerated and pedantic nomen- clature, employing such high-sounding terms as "cardiodysneuria,"
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New Heme, North Carolina, with an incised and ))uncture(l wound of the left side and hip, inflicted with a knife at New Berne
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and a decoction of the woods, and later calomel. The local use of a lixivium (ley) of salt of tartar, white precipitate, and
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The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart