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The passage on p. lob regarding the use of ragweed (mug- wort) artemesia as a remedy for tiredness is interesting in the
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Nocard describes the affection in the horse as characterized by skin nodules (buttons, boils), which burst and discharge a thick,
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We gratefully acknowledge the technical assistance of Frank Banker, W. P. M. Fisher, Paula Giesa, Marilyn 1. Mascoli, C. C, Ittensohn, O. L., Villarejos, V. M.,
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mental development and discipline and the advantages to be derived from a fair knowledge of the common branches of education including mathe-
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History : ancient, modern ; England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, United States, — its extinction in 1887 to 1892 — Massachusetts, New Jersey, S. Africa-
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which is received into the vesi- its ingredients are discharged or cles of the lungs. 3. The same retained, according to the de-
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mention a certain movement of the brain, namely, a swelling up during expiration, and a falling down during insjjiration.
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port, according to the very same law that will cause, as every farmer knows, his wheat to fail if he plants it repeatedly in the same ground and
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See Respiration'i Cheyne-Stokes' (Illus. Diet.). B., See Respiration, Bronchovesicular (Illus. Diet.). B. Breeze. (See Illus. Diet. ) B , Electric. See Static
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return to the front, the added responsibilities which would fall upon his shoulders might be too much for him." He thought his intelligence had been numbed by his experience.
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pensioner. Acting Assistant Surgeon F. K. Baily rcjiorts the case. sylvania, where, on the following day, a small piece of bone was removed. The wound was dressed with cold water, and in
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oncerning which you have consulted me and asked me in brotherly fashion, but will dedicate to you a special treatise on those points, which treatise I shall name Concerning the Nature of Things, and shall divide it into nine books.
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whieh tLcrvii ddier unetcrMnmnimproricr combiitibOfinfidkalinepftrU; isvQostgcQcraUy manifested in tcjuons whkh have proved un-
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in any quantity." Tepid water was to be drunk, and a glass or two of red wine allowed. A mild mercurial piU was to be taken, composed of the pure metal with guaiacum, almond
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typical African features, while the other was a pretty mulatto exhibiting the distinct characters of the Caucasian race. Both the parents were perfect
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No. -38. Chamomile, scull-cap, and queen of the meadow, each one pound. Reduce Dose. — To one tablespoonful of this powder add one pint of water ; make a tea, and
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every muscle in hi« couutetiance was stmuluncoutly thrown S' rpa&«iog far the wildest reprenentitions of a FiikU or a
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forty-three years he served tlie people of his adopted city until death closed his most useful career in 1878. The Old Lusk Cemetery is the
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baths are to be substituted when the temperature rises above 40.5. At the same time, the patient is given from two to four litres of Vichy water
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The self or Jivatmat, though he sleeps not himself, is G f. Charaka :— When the active self of a person, tired in body and
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Guillain et Barre. Forme clinique de la nevrite ascendante. Presse med. 3 avril Guillain and Barre. (Lesions with external wounds.) Bull, et mem. soc. med.
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weakness as well as other ills, so it is apparent that diet extremely rich in this vitamin, or even, in se- hayfever sufferers in Oberlin at three levels of vita-
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Father Senat, a Jesuit priest, a younger brother of Captain St. Ange and about fifteen other Frenchmen. The captives were held by the
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resent lowered bicarbonate, the black bars unchanged bicarbonate, and the hatched bars elevated bicarbonate groups of rats at each potassium level. Each bar indicates
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physiologic functions. All these systems exerted a profound in- flu(Mico upon medical men in their attempts to classify disease, and
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shock, and found a hereditary taint in eight, and an ac- quired predisposition in nine. He found hereditary taint definitely absent in seven, and acquired soil definitely absent
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insectes nuisibles : guêpes, polistes, fourmis diverses (fourmi cadavre, fourmi Passons maintenant à une autre colonie voisine, le Soudan ; l'histoire
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Cystidotrachelot'omy. An incision into the neck of the bladder. Cystin, sis'-tin. C 3 H G NS0 2 . A substance found in urine and sweat.
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babies. For further information, write to Mead Johnson & (Statistical Bui. Metrop. Life Ins. Co., Dec., 1945) The maternal death rate in New York City in 1933 was
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sometimes cannot be appeased till it terminates in the dissolution and rotting of the common membrane, which occasions thin spreading suppurations
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Commission, welche zu folgenden Ergebnissen geführt haben: 1) Kein specifisches Bakterium oder Protozoon findet sich in Blut, Geweben
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of a study of the antitoxin of Bacillus botulinus. J. Am. M. Ass., 1920, 74, Dickson, E. C, and Shevey, R. Botulism : a study of the action of B. botu-
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tions. He was able so to contract his abdominal muscles that tlic aorta could be distinctly felt with the fingers. In this feat nearly all the abdominal
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tween shock and concealed hemorrhage is incorporated. The management of these and all other emergencies that may arise is
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present in purely muscular structures, go by the name called Sleshmaidharai (Synovial tissues) and is present upon a well greased axle, so the joints moistened by the
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death in 1890. Dr. Mary Thompson was one of the first class to graduate from this school and she was immediately put on the faculty and helped
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their presence I performed the operation, making a longitudinal incision through the deltoid musclr. opening the joint with the scalpel, turning out the head of the bone and sawing it off as near the injured
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wickelung in Halle a. S. Von Lilly Hauff. Berhn, Puttkammer Contents: I. Law and government : Nott, C. C. The immutability of the constitution.
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der AUgemeinen und Specielltn Cbirurgie, B. III. Th. V, S. 149 ; BRILL, J., De empyemate internis preecique remediis curando. Diss., Marburgi, 1834 ;
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Lapidific (lap-id' -if-ik) \lapis, a stone ; fieri, to be- come] . Giving rise to crystals or to fossils. Cf. Juice, Lapilliform {lap-il' -e-foriii) {lapillus, a little stone ;
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in the os fronds, one half of an inch below the anterior extremity of the sagittal suture. On the 29th, Surgeon D. W. liliss,
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are not so numerous and there ought to be unfailing remedies for all of them, while even for the internal, remedies should not be wanting.
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roads or inside a house for the preservation of the reading does not suggest that the cloth to be used should have been worn
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of Dr. S. W. WILLIAMS (Sled. Biography, 1845, and New York Jour, of Sled., 1852), that Dr. JORIAH GOODIIUE, of Hadley, practised the operation yet
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continue the cultivation of his orchard for some years after he shall have first planted the trees in it. There is no necessity for leaving
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(1425-1498). vrii. National poets of the Stuart period: William Dunbar (1450- 1520). IX. National poets of the Stuart period: Gawin Douglas (1474-1522). X. Na-
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obstinate f.ecal fistula had formed after operation, the admmistration of a B. coli vaccine certainly resulted in l)enelit ; but cases of dyscnter\'
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""' Grundriss einer Geschichte der Botanik in Bezug auf Russland ; mit Unterstiitzung der Kgl. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu
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the twenty-fourth day comfortable ; in other respects the same, but he had lucid intervals. He remembered again delirious, and all symptoms took a sharp turn
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anaesthesia must be light. They regard haemorrhage into a previous existing cyst as by no means an infrequent occurrence, and it may be
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after long rest it suddenly undergo an extra amount of fatigue, will receive far greater harm therefrom from a change from full diet to strict fasting. How-
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Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washinpon, D.C. 20007 Fig. 1. The pulmonary vasopressor responses to arachidonic add (AA), the PG endoperoxide analogue (11-9
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were in good condition, hut the patient was very weak from excessive suppuration. On the 23th, the ball was extracted from under the fractured clavicle. On July 17th, the patient was
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