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eye-lid and attended with a little pain is called an Arvuda or veins (Sira) controlling their wrinkings (closing and growths (Amkura) on the eye-lid which reappear even

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lesions which are the cause of arthritis, deformity of bones, cere- bral symptoms, etc., tuberculin again will in most cases settle the

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Mitchell, Robert Macfarlane, M.B. Edinb., Coolgardie, Western Moiser, Bernard, M.B, Lond., L.R.C.P., lle'vorth Grande. York.

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of men, women and children. So much rich booty was taken that raiment was held of no account unless it was cloth of gold or silver, or plumes.

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comes more liquid, looking like prune-juice, and the general condition of the patient worse in every respect. If the disease advances into this

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adoption of the alternative of establishing a preternatural anus is compulsory. It is highly probable that, in the rare instances in which shot lacerations of the intestine are

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Penicillin in Wounds, Dr. Champ Lyon, New York. All The press carries the announcement that the War De- partment win acquire for use as an Army General Hos-

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or even a general convulsion. After this period, which may be un- noticed, the symptoms of paralysis come on. The cow shows weakness,

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discharge from the nose and throat. Should the patient recover it is only after a tedious convalescence, with great facial disfigurement and often

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data collection sessions in the AFHRL A-10 flight simulator. Sessions in the simulator will take 55 min each, and no subject

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upon their bodies. When the leeches have removed the necessary quantity of blood sprinkle a small quantity of salt upon their

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d629, 1700. e 218, 1868, 101. f 476, 1885, i., 235. a piece of The quantity consuuied in twenty-four hours w&s about

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Sobre folhas de Passiflora. Estado do Ccara (Dias da Sobre capim, de terrene alagadico. S. Paulo (Hemp.). Sobre folhas de aipim e mandioca. Districto Federal

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Dr. "Do vou still think vou have homosexual desires" Dr. "Do you still have desires to go to the Turkish bath Pt. "Yes. the thought occurred today. I reasoned I was

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Monkey 77, which had not been pregnant previously, received 220 mg. of testosterone propionate between the sixtieth and the one hundredth day, a

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and you will find an elixir of which one part is projected on looo of purified Mercury, and there is produced perfect Luna. Of this take one part and

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DIN AN, G. A., 2nd Lieut., Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Edu- cated at University College, Cork, and Guy's. He was well- knoAvn in cricket circles. Commissioned in January, 1916, to

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as large as a goose's egg, the kernel of which is astrin- gent. The tree is not known to scientific botanists. the resemblance of the contents to gums,) is a tumour

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Pike, H. U. Significance of diabetes mellitus in mental disorders. J. Am. diabetiques. Bull et mem. Soc. med. d. hop. de Par., 1921, 3e ser., 45, 498-502.

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grain, feed regularly and avoid sudden changes in feed. If a horse has received unusual exercise, it is proper to feed hay

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cervical sympathetic ganglia come from the upper thoracic spinal cord, hence a part of them pass over the first thoracic nerve, that is, through

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mit Honig gekocht, Bodensatz von Menschen-Urin mit Lawsonien-Oel 7); fein geriebene Kupferblüthe mit gleichviel Oel gemischt und verrieben;

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epidermoid cyst ; or, according to Warren, a form of cyst made up of skin containing small and ill-defined papillre, but rich in hair follicles and seba-

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320 Tlu Hemutic and AUhemual Wriiimgs of Paracelsus. Take any body you wxil and two parts of arsenic. Pulverise, and then

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1 The later European campaigns afford many instances of the conservative treatment of shot fractures of the wrist. Thus: Dr. L. STKOMEYEU

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of W. B and John McD , p. 445; of J. D , p. 4-49; and, in this volume and chapter, CASES 206, 212, 2-01, 225, 228, 302, 304, instances

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stated in the Argument to this treatise. That our author should not have doubted the real existence of the Amazonians need excite no wonder, considering the very

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on the writer is to be given. At first one notices the crudities, the slight logical lapses, the unwarranted assumptions, all of which are natural enough if the

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1902. Dr. G. F. Still: '' Some Abnormal Psychical Conditions 1903. Dr. a. S. F. Gruxbaum : " Theories of Immunity and 1904. Dr. R. Hutchison : '• Some Disorders of the Blood and

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of travel, epidemics advance more rapidly and pui'sue even during appro 5tiniat<Iy pandemic extensions. pk<;es which enjoy an absolute or a relative immunity,

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10. Gordon, E. R., J. Biol. Chem. 248, 8271 (1973). Received January 16, 1978. P.S.E.B.M. 1978, Vol. 159. PROCEEDINGS OF THE SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 159,230-236(1978)

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Sasse'' urges that the operation of Choledocho-duodenostoray should not be limited to cases of absolute necessity, such as tumours, strictures,

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thenic. See D., Atonic (Illus. Diet.). D., Biliary, that due to heart-disease. D ., Catarrhal, that caused by •in the constitution of the digestive secretions. D.,

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that it may be so should render persons extremely cautious in their intercourse with those who are sufiering under it. Symptoms. — There is usually an anxious countenance, sick-

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eated [\\\Mi. Diet.). I.. Infantile, of infant life wheth- er hereditary or acquired. I., Inhibitory, that in which the loss of the power of inhibition is the chief symptom.

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the names of their first components, such as the Kakalyadi group (Gana), Kala, Asarala, Ekaishika, and Ajashringi pasted together,

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as to cause death. There is a case reported from the French of a person office-holder in Brandenburgh, who weighed 427 pounds.

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l'emplâtre opodeldoch. Depuis, tout se tait à son endroit. Son rôle C'est dans le Codex Parisien, dressé par ordonnance du 23 Juillet

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Trituration by forceps and stylet (A.MISSAT); 13. Crushing (DE- MARQUAY, MruK.K); 14. AV ire and metal loops (IlAXtKKOTH, DlEF-

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1890 Pooler, Harry William, M.B. Birm., Ashted, Binningham. 1888 Poolman, Arthur Edward, 10, Weymoufh-street. av. 1903 Pope, Charles Alfred Whitino-, Souierset Hospital, Cape Toivn.

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water upon the surface, and it can only be obtained by digging wells. In such a climate the bamboo, the akanda (Calotropis gigantea), the

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Vipatdikat. The type in which the eruptions exude (a kind of slimy secretion) and which are circular, thick, excessively itching, glossy and black-coloured is called

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emitting an unhealthy discharge. Upon a thorough examination of the parts, pieces of the missile were found impacted in the

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carotid arteries. The internal, which ascends by the side of the aspera arteria, is called afiofilectica. is fastened to this part,) the clavicle Celsus. The

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of course, something quite apart from the parasite- Practical considerations. — Certain clinical facts about malarial hepatic congestion and malarial hepa-

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of the Medical Department, that there are already in the library thousands of unbound monographs and pamphlets too numerous to number, and

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branes, fibrous, see Albuginea — m. Folliculeneee, branes — m. Villeueet eimplee, Membranes, Berons. to the discharge of the liquor amnii. These inein- ;

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pel, and large pledgets applied along with suitable compresses. External to these, sponges with suitable bandages are to be

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n'y a aucun doute qu'elles ont été infectées par les provenances de Hongkong. par l'application de mesures d'hygiène sévères et appropriées. Mais, dit-il,

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weakness as well as other ills, so it is apparent that diet extremely rich in this vitamin, or even, in se- hayfever sufferers in Oberlin at three levels of vita-

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the original application and subsequent progress reports by the researchers for the Department of Defense, records of the Faculty Committee on Research (the

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during seven years seems to have fully justified its existence. Dr. James B. Herrick, Dr. Robert B. Preble, Dr. Joseph A. Capps, Dr. Joseph L. Miller

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beo • 'j patep nopteji • opjeoc J>onne nub pine ];onne brej yrete]\e bjiince o]]ie mojijne fcenc pulne |onne o]>pe

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to make available the evidence, and whether it is through the exigencies of the time or whatever, fails to do so, and maybe it is even

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later, as, for example, among the Gallo-Roman finds in France, we trace the evolution of the jointed or articulated surgical instru-

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water, orange and lemon peel, tragacanth, and other attractive ingredients. The effect of Arabian chemistry and pharmacy

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graphischen Darstellungen. Berlin, Vereinigte Verlagsanstalten G. Braunbeck & Gutenberg-Druckerei Akt.-Ges., 1909. "Monographien einzelner Firmen aus den verschiedenen Branchen," Ixix p.

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physicians as cardiac neurosis. Yet for a year before going A man of 40 underwent shell shock June 15, 1915, and had no remembrance of what happened up to July, 1915,

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b. Pili, see Hair — b. Rachidicus, see Medulla ob- ber, canvass, Ac, from dry rot, mildew, &o., and nee Epiploon, gastro-hepatic — b. Pastoris, Thlaspi

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Lactic Acid. — In the past year considerable interest has been taken in the effect of lactic acid bacilli. ]\Ietchnikoff has stimulated the

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and which need to be seen in the dead body itself." He advises his students to consult Mundinus treatise but to demonstrate its details for themselves on the

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health, it seldom takes effect till after about forty days : if in six weeks, or two months, no sign of disorder appears, the patient is usually concluded to be safe. It

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    The Salon: 2009 Flyer
    Photograph: James Stuart