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Wilkins, Henry George Gastrill, Uxhridge-road, Ealing, av. Wilkins, John, North- Western Hospital., Ilampstead. x.w. Wilkins, Thomas Halford, 403, Coventry-road, Biriningham.
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Irrtümer Htl, die aus der Vernachlässigung der Lehren des Hippokrates und aus der Vernachlässigung der Warnungen einiger weisen und tapferen
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due to infection by pneumococci. A., Postcecal, one caries of the lacrimal or the ethmoid bone, producing Diet.). A., Puerperal, a variety seen in infants in
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lepröse Hautausschlag eine Folge derselben ist, dass „ënggodjadi badam" In den Bataksagen kommt auch ein Lepröser vor. Eine Prinzessin wurde
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und datieren aus dem Ende des 12. Jahrhunderts. Leiter des letztgenannten war von 1197 — 1233 Bruder Wilhelm Cocus. Hospitalbrüder und die Armen-
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great suppuration about the joint. On June 3d, the patient was chloroformed and one and a half inches of the lower extremity of the right humerus and an inch of each of the bones of the forearm were re
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which corrodes the lungs when " the patients do not readily How expressive this language is of the state of mind in the case of the unfortunates who are subject to spermatorrhoea !
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der to extend our comparative frame to include other eth- nic and racial groups. In California, the thalassemias pri- marily affect Southeast Asian immigrants, although an-
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no-kin'-gwa-mi'-ni, or soft corn, because it ground easily. It was used for lye hominy, and was the favorite corn for parching, as it was easily
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the John H. Stratford Hospital at Brantford, and is President of its Medical Board. He has also been the representative at
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In his letter to the Provincial, on Oct. 21, 1683, Father Beschefer says of the conversion of these Indians by Father Allouez: "With
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mony to these fluids. Mr. Brande resin as enters into its crystalliza- gives alcohol and water. I am tion,. its taste is extremely hot,
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sixty years. Lateral distortions also are produced, and the positions in which patients lie are accessory first strict, then feed him up ; repose and silence,
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does not materially differ from that advised in the acute. Fomentations of hops and cicuta, or stramonium leaves, placed upon
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feature, heard at long intervals only in some cases and frequent and painful in others. It is liable to be dry and husky rather
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The candy, by dissolving slowly in the new salts, into the composition of which, mouth is well suited to relieve tickling it now enters, adds itself to the sugar, as
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Glybolid ( gli'-t>o-liil). The proprietary name for an antiseptic paste made of equal parts of boralid and Glycerin. (.See Illus. Diet.) Syn., Glyceryl alcohol;
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Hydriodid [hi-dri' -o-did). A compound of hydriodic Hydroadenitis (hi-dro-ad-en-i' -lis) . See Hydradenitis Hydroaeric {hi-dro-a'-er-ik) [itSup, water; Oiyp, air].
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The various unnatural conditions thus included under the common term dyspepsia, or indigestion, obviously require different
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COUN'TENAFfCB, FhKu, FdKu., ri'mifi, (F.) Iml l<un'li.>{e, Foligm. Aa iDdiipogition, chuu- figurt, Vitagt: Itoia am, 'with,' and riim, ' I MrligdbjiitniMiaa.iairtbclinibiRcrabrautd;
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subject is underwater or if tubing connections uncouple. An attendant will be in direct visual contact and communication with the subject and will be able to assist should the
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the cartilaginous portion of tiie nose the parts were secured in position by adhesive strips, and by placing in the nostrils bits of gum catheter plugged about with sponge or lint, to
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against the side of the bed, hands on the bed, body, thigh and leg all in a straight line. He next swings up onto the bed with the injured side, and the foot
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sedentary, and cachectic habits, and oppressions in the stomach from irregularity," it is useful ; and, in common with bitters and purgatives, has been considered as an
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fcrrc<l to continue with VntU nKitemenu Xone of ihe ordinary pniftlnca judkinuidy enjoin«<lt>y the Hanuine Sncieiy, should
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discussion on the introduction of the metric system in medicine in Illinois. 1. Radical cure of hemorrhoids for which injection with equal parts of
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animal economy, deposited only on different organs. chiefly consist of cajcareous phosphat, but they seldom contaiia the acid phosphat, and are consequently formed
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ditions, as unsanitary and poorly ventilated stables and filthy drinking places, play a very important part in the production
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coloration ; il e.st difficile d'obtenir de lui des détails précis aussi bien sur Traite ment, — Potion chloroformée etc., 70 centigrammes de chlor-
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convenient locations, and CME credits. Some even include Our seminar evaluations tell us that we're doing things right, and our attendance figures speak for themselves. We'll
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infancy and manhood. and the surface of the body, in In treating of infancy, the rea- the equilibrium which is requisite
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Was this a case of protracted febrile delirium Or of psychosis due to commotio cerebri, that is, an effect of height- ened intracranial pressure Or was it exhaustion-delirium
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Definition — An acute infectious disease of animals, due to the bacillus anthracis, especially affecting cattle and sheep, but transmissible to man.
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Dioptoscopy (di op-las' -ko-pe) \pia, through ; oipEaBai, to see; Buoirelv, to examine]. A method of estimat- ing ocular refraction by means of the ophthalmoscope.
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mation so that it can be displayed graphically with Mapview. In addition, algorithmic work is under way to use mapping data to automatically identify regions of con-
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well, he was dazed and remembered nothing of what had happened. In fact, he did not understand what was said to In a week's time, his memory and intelligence returned,
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gressive. She saw Christ in person — His clothing. His wounds. His crown of thorns, His cross — as well as the Apostles, the holy women, and the assembled
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These blisters should be treated, after their bursting, with a plaster (Pralepa) composed of the ashes of the burnt skin of leopards and elephants and made into a thin
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qu'elle fait ressortir l'absence de proportion et de perspective, montre que les personnages sont relativement mieux traités que les plantes. La fonne
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the ancient Hebrews, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Iranians, and Indo-Aryans ; a guidebook for beginners in the study of an-
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on the anterior upper aspect of the thigh. R., Front-tap. Same as R., Tendo achillis. R., Glute'al, contraction of the gluteal
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nerve are concerned in its production. See R., Supra- orbital. R. -function, a function due to reflex action. sponding to the cremasteric reflex in the male. R.,
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FLINT fAUSTINT, Jr.). Tlic Soui-co of Muscular Powor. Aririimeiits aii<l Con elusions (Iniwii from Observation iiixm tlie llmiian Snigecl under Ciuiditions
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unlikely to meet the proposed criteria for notification and medical follow-up. However, another important group of studies not considered in detail by the
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Diarrhoea and Dysentery from Impure Water. — The instances of out- breaks of these two diseases from contaminated water-supply are very
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school-boy of eight, mentions a case of very severe injury to the bones of the face and head, with escape of cerebral substance, and recovery. The injury
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Dr. Hoadley was born in Chenango County, N. Y., November 19, 1847. His parents removed to Illinois and settled near Elgin in 1860. They later
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As he did not object to some deformity and callus, so long as he had a perfectly useful arm, he carried out Dowden's treatment, and went back to work in 3 weeks'
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sa membrane d'enveloppe un certain nombre de capillaires qui se divisent et s'enchevêtrent avec les filaments nerveux et constituent la rétine qui \'ient
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(fibrous, fatty, or cartilaoinous). It is also present in most body -fluids, but not in normal urine, cerebrospinal fluid, or sweat.
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at to enjolii tipon llie patient to keep a siiurp lookout for Uio first trnccs of il, AS 1 uiii illiutrutc hy a moel sinking example 1 cured
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form. Prof. Homer J. Webster has identified Isaac Darneille as the author of the letters.'' The Farmers Library was the first paper pub-
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entered about two inches above tfie left nipple, producing compound comminuted fracture of the fourth rib. Portions of bone
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formation in plain and glucose broth cultures during the earlier days ot incubation. This stands in direct contrast to the other members ot the
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direct endeavor. It is a by-product, a sort of hon- North Carolina it would be the lesser evil to estab- lish this school in one of the cities of the state.
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cursor of rapid recovery and safety. While the lochia is apparent the patient must not endeavor to get up, or to undergo any noticeable
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the figure of the inhabitants, for they are different, and do not at all resemble one another. To treat of all would be a
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be put ashore at Mudros, and not brought down to Egypt or Malta. There was at Mudros, in the 3rd Australian General of Major Lockhart Gibson, a Avell-known ophthalmic surgeon
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been developed at the negative side, oxy- a strong attraction for oxygen. They put gen is evolved at the positive side, it was clean iron filings into a gun-barrel, bent so
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channel by which the infection entered the body. The serosae are usually hypersemic, with many hemorrhagic points and even
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to commence wherever the bone projects ; or if there be no pro- jection, at any part of the fracture ; and is to be carried first
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The air, bile, and phlegm are affected by the above causes, which deranged knowledge (satwagun), affects the seat of understanding
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No grafting is to be done till cicatrization is complete, the slightest infection is sure to cause elimination. It is not necessary to excise all of the scar, though the
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hut was arrested by pressure ; patient very much weakened ; comatose. Died." Dr. Leavitt does not mention a haemorrhage from the brachial, and the ligation of that artery, in his report of the
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According to Galen, there are three kinds of asps: that called the land asp, the chelidonian, and the third the ptyas, which is
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angebrannt und im eigenen Menstrualblute ausgelöscht um den Arm gebunden. Gelrunken wird zur Verhinderung der Empfangniss Milzfarn-
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Medical Ambulance Company (Motorized, Separate) 93 24 63 Headquarters, Medical Department, Concentration Center 27 1 Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Medical Group 30 12
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adults, caused terrible suffering and was so virulent that a vic- tim could he chatting with his children in the morning and
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trouvé que sept aflFections provenant de cette langue. Il distingue a) des formules avec des chiffres (7, 9) importées des peuples sémitiques ; h) les formules à
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Photograph: James Stuart