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the circulatory system, and also is in part due to a giving up of fluid by the erythrocytes themselves. By suitable technique injections of large con-

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loose particles of bone were detected, and also an extensive denuded surface of the bone. It was now determined to remove the diseased bone. Accordingly the patient Avas put under the

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place much confidence in deple- been employed in England for ma- tion, excepting when circum- ny years, and its properties are

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Ufnally augment trom hourtohour; the voice grows Iichtmi and fnlilf, times preceded by a doccplire ameliorutioD of tho symptoms.

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Coexistent Gonococcal and Chlamydial Genital Infections," proposes to: (1) tetracycline in the treatment of uncomplicated gonococcal infections; (2)

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metabolism or assimilation except in the organized or stationary form; in other words, that proteid metabolism cannot take place until the material is built

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could tell easily which children had grown up in a town-site home. The children appeared to be taller, their health was better, the

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The accounting system of the United States from 1789 to 1910. Prepared under the direction of the Chairman of the Committee

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connected with Indigestion ; com- publications which pretend to pre- prising. a Commentary on the scribe its corrective. For how

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the cul-de-sacs of the gums, and into spaces between the teeth. The tartar must first be removed from the teeth, and the oral cavity

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proper to ooniporo the action of au energetic abstraction of boat to UiHt of exreauve exereise ; then it will be askefl if it be advisable to

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their water supplies; we put in sewers. When we were putting in these new Arab housing units, they had sewers. And then we let

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a grain of cocaine dissolved in the spinal fluid. He cites Good- fellow as being the originator of this method, but I think the

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four reacted slightly, and one gave a normal reaction. The remaining From vaccinations made on children born of mothers who were

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slightly moistened thumb and the finger, exerting considerable pressure at the time. There are several other means of artificially producing enormous tem-

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Sanitary reports from ships, while embracing matters of general sanitation and professional Intarest, shall give spedaV attention 16 hifllHnation and recom-

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The other cases were useful in our cabins, etc., for a ' Tabloid ' Medical Eqtiipment, and the Medical Officer, Dr. George Davidson, sends the following report: —

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of worship and it was eminently fitting that our flags should be there deposited. Following is the Order of Service : The congregation being assembled in the church and the doors closed, the church

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one-half ounces. The auricles of the heart were distended with black clots; a white fibrinous clot appeared in the right

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ance at the time of birth. During this time the parents are to Wet Nurse. The nurse should have a perfect body, of a yellow-

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pail of the soap to fifty hogs, put in a. kettle, add water and two pounds of copperas, boil it, then add dish water or milk (or any-

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paiient can generally lie equally well on both aides, ugh the horizontal posture usualy renders the breathing more uncomfortable, a« well as the cough more iroublcaoAc

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masculine bini, feminine binae, neuter, bina, nominative; There is also a class of inultiplicatives ending in plcx from plico, to fold; thus, simplex {semelplex) single,

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Limitans. (See Illus. Diet. ) L. externa. See Layer, A glucosid from seeds of apples and lemons, occurring as bitter, gleaming leaflets, soluble in alcohol and acetic

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Aufschwung. Der Oit verfügt über nicht weniger als 22 Hospitäler, die P, einzeln aufzählt. Eine Reproduktion aller dieser Daten würde uns hier zu
The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart