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gratulations from far and near. The Masonic order had in Dr. Eddy one of its staunchest supporters from as early as 1823. His devotion to
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Pacific Hotel in Chicago. The President, Dr. T. D. Fitch, called the meeting Dr. J. N. Hyde, Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements, prefaced
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axilla, popliteal space, groin, urethra, and different instruments were from time to time employed. The behavior of the patient was much influenced
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the whole war. Our cavalry came into action and they made a most comforting and inspiring sight. Lances, sabres and carbines
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Cotugno (1736-1822), who also demonstrated albumen in the urine by boiling (1764), seventy years after Frederik Dekker (1694), and
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Mtiller (1801-58), of Coblenz, who was also the greatest German physiologist of his time, and, like Haller and John Hunter, one of
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by a discharge of pus mixed with blood. In this disease the teeth Saivesara is characterized by a painful swelling of the gums,
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ciated with pupillary dilation as is found in acute ability to read or to maintain focus at the average of this journal, has an excellent article on this con-
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generally wakeful. The abdomen becomes tympanitic, and when a fatal termmation is approached it becomes very much distended. The pulse
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knife or scissors, the edges of the cleft, and. af- after the union of the lip. or the operation of sta- cum sulph. (Ph. Ed.) £j ; Potass, bitart. 3 SS - :
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1. Brady, rum, or gin from 4 to 6 oz., hot water 12 oz. Mr. ClABK directs a wineglassf ul of spirits to half a pint of warm water. A pint of ale is sometimes substituted. —
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tered in the books of the Lunatic good effect in shortening the dura- Asylum for the county of Lancas- tion of the fit, and in rendering it
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changes in policy largely driven by attention from so many corners were beginning to move toward a more comprehensive approach to research oversight.
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paling — ), Printed and Sold in Aldermary Church Yard, Bow Lane, London, affects to find the cause of these tales in a meeting of certain Com-
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the evil by systematic cultivation of unselfish feeling and training of the intellect and heart by the reading of good books and association
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may afterward be re-established." SCHILLER (M.) (Kriegschir Skizzen aits dem deutsch-framosischen Kriege, 187<V71, Hannover, 1871, 8. 38)
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W. L. Schreiber. 24 Tafeln und i Text Illustration. Strassburg, W. L. Schreiber. Mit 5 Abbildungen. Strassburg, J. H. E.
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deanliness, warmth of clothing, ventilation of apartments, cxerdan in the open air, a sufficient allowance and proper eboicc of food, which
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active substance as Bordet and Ciuca (1920, 2) had observed the bouillon cultures of deformed colonies to do. Thus the antiserum neutralized the
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Clendiimen, Frederic); John, Haicksbnrn, Victoria, Australia. Cleve, Richd. Plowman, 79, Albert Palace-mans., Battersea. s.\7.
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internal coat of the bladder. Ulceration of the internal coat of the bladder may be cured by the decoction of Golden Seal alone. It must
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about one third of ita original size: it had been enlarged by Far the purpose of examining the condition of the ao where the arteria innominaca is given olT, aa al«o the origin
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and to the premature sacrifice of &c, have resisted a long course of many of these useful organs, which remedial applications, and have
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Philippines, Cairo, the Sudan, and India to get cheaper people-- who were not very goodbut they wouldn t raise the salaries for
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Esanthema.tica articularis, Dengue — f. Fanielica, nodes. Fever, gangrenous — f. Gastrioa, Fever, bi- lious, Fever, gastric — f. Gastrico-biliosa, Fever,
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discover any wound of the stomach." ARCHER S c:tse. already noted, is detailed in the Medical Repository. 1812. Third Hexade. Vol. Ill, p. 215, et ten..
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qu'elle fait ressortir l'absence de proportion et de perspective, montre que les personnages sont relativement mieux traités que les plantes. La fonne
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pital, 1920 to date; resident physician at Lake Gen- A. B., 1903, A. M. ; University of Chicago, 1902, B. S. ; Rush Medical College, 1904. Interne at St. Anne's and St. Eliza-
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it was extracted with very gri'at difficulty. The jiatient recovered, and was returned to duty on November 18th, 1862. The
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who all fell ill after partaking of a ' blood sausage '. Two women had but slight gastro-intestinal symptoms for a few days, while two men developed
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the plural in certain passages, has been pointed to acteristic of the early part of the nineteenth century, but the close of the century saw practically all of
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New Heme, North Carolina, with an incised and ))uncture(l wound of the left side and hip, inflicted with a knife at New Berne
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"The places of death" might mean either (a) the vital parts or {b) the places fatally attacked by disease. 2 Is "the whole" the individual organism or the universe
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to bear above his crest. And in that year when our Lord the strenuous and warlike Prince departed to God, I wrote this little
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of smell. 2. One for measuring the velocity of osmotic force. Osmosis, oz-mo f -sis. The diffusion of fluids through membranes.
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to try and identify an infectious agent, and that work has been done in part at FDA, and a lot of work was done in CDC and in
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errors in the transformation specification. In contrast, the hand-coded programs were obtuse, difficult to understand, P Bimemar. SB Davidson, K. Hart, C Overton and L Wong."A Data
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rest in a recumbent position as much as possible, to keep the bowels well open, and to abstain from eating and drinking such
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Theodoricus recommends us to turn the nose to its proper shape when distorted, by means of a strip of linen fastened to its ex-
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geologist; he was in the desert all the time; he spoke Arabic well: he really understood the Arabs and he loved them, and they
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fered for some time with intense crises of abdominal growth was detected in paraumbilical region. At oper- ation it was found encased in fat, and hanging from
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Bacteriology, Protozoology and General Parasitology. Review of — Six times per annum (or 100 — 3O-38, Whitefriars Street, EC.
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tween shock and concealed hemorrhage is incorporated. The management of these and all other emergencies that may arise is
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Mannstreuwurzel mit Wein, auch die Abkochung derselben treibt den Harn; i Drachme gebranntes Kupfer mit Wein treibt ohne Beschwerden
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handle a weight that would have staggered him had he been conscious. Another popular trick was to make some extremely modest and retir-
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authors have investigated the effect of strophanthin on the mammalian heart. They find (1) that if the venous inflow, being high, is kept constant,
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result in PIE and its sequelae. In this category are the foreign body impac- the cases of atelectasis which occur suddenly is there danger of leakage.
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Jerome Weeks, Dr. Bunker of Oregon, Illinois; Torrey, King, two Hopkins brothers, who settled in De Kalb and Oswego, Illinois; and
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ference is a great one between the nurse and the person under his or her care, and it should be remembered that in their own experiences they
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vated. The conjunctiva is red and swollen, rising up like a wall round the cornea; the eyelids are tense, livid, and often enor-
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been impossible to glean any fuller details of the case of Wease. The explicit and careful statement of Surgeon C. E. Denig
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Il etait possible que cette circonstance fit varier les rtsul- lats, e'est, en effet, ce qu'on a constate depuis quelques an~
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THE INNER E.-\R, Including Otoneurology, Otosurgery Staff Member, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston; formerly As- sociate of Adam Politzer and Senior Otolaryngologist with
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sibly the most interesting cases, althougii the least authentic, are those relat- ing to living animals, such as fish, insects, or reptiles. It is particularly
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At half-past two o clock this morning haemorrhage again commenced, not profusely but persist ently, and could not be controlled by tightening the tourniquet, which now, although very tightly
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puuecs par l'effet de la force acc laquclle la seve tend a sor- tour par utic serie d'experienecs, qui pruuveut que, tout en te-
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normally do not expect those symptoms at lower doses. Why did the Desert Storm soldiers have so many side effects at supposedly lower doses
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pepper, long pepper, ginger and long pepper root, equal parts in fine powder; treacle, equal in weight to all the other ingredients
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The loose boxes are now properly fitted with bunks, some being larger than others. The large corridor, with ifs stone extremelv well adapted now for their present purpose. I
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air, bile, phlegm and blood or their combinations produce the second Under the class of accidental inflammations, swellings of all
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of nineteen who jumped out of a second-story window. On reaching the ground, her foot turned under her as she fell. The high heel of a French
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70176 -Qjg Entdeckung des Hypnotismus. Dargestellt von W. Preyer, . . . Nebst einer ungedruckten Original-Abhandlung von Braid
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with scanty expectoration; later on the mucus, which is coughed up, begins to be reddish from a minute quantity of blood mingled with it ; and,
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lishing the first school of medicine in our State. Some claim that Brainard and his associates, who had a charter as early as 1837, should
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along with an offer to divert their road a short mile or two, by altering their surveys so that the road might pass through the town, if the towns-
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un bien-être qui dura peu de temps, car bientôt le cancer devint plus étendu, plus ulcéreux et plus sanguinolent si bien que la malade en mourut
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which pass vaso-motor impulses to the stomach by way of the great Some vascular disturbances of the stomach result from abuse of
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ptomaine and toxine formation follows, deficient nutritional assimilaton plus chemical irritation are added to cell fatigue
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church at Folkstone, England, a brass tablet bears the following inscription, which will give the reader an idea of the mother of this
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faithful) has its own peculiar care, the labour for the Spagyrists before my times has been great and heavy ; but this, by the help of the Holy Spirit
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since over Bite of external condyle, due to the adhesions of the granulations of the main wound. These were broken down by a probe and free vent established. Wound dressed with Ilays s lotion and many-tailed bandages.
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the school rotated among the farmers whose families used it, and the director then housed the teacher during that year or
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upwards, absolute suppression of stool and flatus, hic' by the action of the deranged Vdyu and Kapha, is said (undigested food matter) is present, it produces its!own
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gods. Care is taken not to turn the feet towards their father or mother, or superiors. To have refreshing sleep, the mind of the
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cially of lesions of the parts in the vicinity, and early and acute state of pyelitis, the chief inten- opium, or other anodynes, with demulcents, &c ,
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instability of the calculi and split them into frag- rities ), if it facilitates the operation, incision water is diuretic, it is found beneficial (in lithi-
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Again, lay chewed pennyroyal on the navel, soon the pain will be still. Again, rub a small (juantity of the the things which we wrote above ; then if there be a
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Bake in about six cakes, which would cost from one doi lar and fifty cents to two dollars a-picce, if bought for tU« 37. FKoe-riNG, on Ictno, fob Cakes. — The whites of 8 egg«
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conscientiously, done his duty to the sick and to the inhabitants of the village. (If these patients were removed to Weston from
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The most constant feature in the reaction was the increase in pain and ment of gonorrhoeal vidvo-vaginitis in twelve children, of ages ranging
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those of the child that has once tasted milk I do not admit . . ." (p. 614-615). Harvey began his discussion "of the nutrition of the chick in ovo," in "Ex-
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the greatest opportunity for developing diagnostic skills and for pursuing medical research. But I enjoyed pediatrics a lot as a
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