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Lalrodectus, Lycosa, Metropelnia, APygale, A'emesia, inconstant projection into the great sciatic notch at the ischiatici, S. ischii. See Spine oj' Ischium (Illus.
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the application of powerful rubefacients along the spine. Death resulted on the morning of the 20th of July. The apparent
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On August 1st Dr. Jackson made a vaginal incision into a mass discovered posterior and to the right of the uterus. This mass had been observed for at least twelve days prior to coming
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exhibit. Where vaccination has been rendered compulsory, the results are surprising. In 1874 a law was established in Prussia that every child that
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any rate to justify operative interference, although none of them draw a sharply distinctive line between the two diseases. C. L.
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of a sensory nerve be followed by a unilateral reflex movement, the latter always occurs on the side to which the sensory nerve belongs. (2) If the stimulus received
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drops at a time only, will purify a sick-room in a few min % i>7.s. ; opium J oz. ; alcohol 3 qts.. Let stand 2 weeks, shaking
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many places they care not for pot, pan, kettyl, nor for hold. Wherfore it is presuppose that they lak maners & honesty, & be vntaught & rude ; the which rudenes,
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as postoperative. By ridding the organ of a certain amount of toxins and bacteria, an absolutely inoperable bilateral ease may become operable, and even if in-
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discharged May 30, 18fi5. and pensioned. Examiner C. C. Latimer, of Princetown, reported, September 16, 18G9, that the rated as total and of the first grade. This pensioner was paid to June 4, 1873.
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Secjueira has no doubt but that to the devotion and care of the sisters and nurses a large amount of the success is due, and this
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weitem der grösste Stand, sie machen drei Viertel der ganzen Bevölkerung eines Staates aus; 2) geben sie Brod, Soldaten und Sicherheit dem Staate;
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"In June, 17S8, while in Philadelphia, Saugrain met and dined with Frank- lin. Later he is heard of in the service of the Scioto Company. He led a party
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No. AM- 1 5758, awarded by the Institute of Arthritis, E I. Characteristics of Laboratory Rats Used by Representative Investigators in the
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SECOND EDITION, with Illustrations, Royal 8vo lOs. 6d. by " Posture and Exercise," exclusively (without mechanical supports).
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Wounds and Ligations of the Internal Iliac or Hypogastric Artery. Primary lesions of this vessel rarely came under treatment; but several instances were reported
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true of a drug which is vaunted as a panacea or cure-all for many diseases. "In listening to the praises of these panaceas," said
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fering from an excruciating pain in the head. All the medical aid obtaining at the same time was availed of, but in vain and his condition became quite critical when two
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Another application for prurigo : Of large nuts in a rancid state, oz. j ; of sulphur, oz. j ; triturate with the juice of parsley,
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wrong blood to the wrong people. So the lab, the blood bank, the x-ray unitwhich was very modernthey were all good. In other
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of air in the shade when they are in a state of perspiration from exercise ; nor should they, on any account, be permitted to
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mony to these fluids. Mr. Brande resin as enters into its crystalliza- gives alcohol and water. I am tion,. its taste is extremely hot,
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great deal of education to the American public to make them known what is the truth about the Haitian community. Mrs. Boxer. In other words, if we have been wrong, we better
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fomentations or Carrel's treatment may be applied for a few days. 10. If re-amputation has to be performed in presence of a sinus only very mildy septic, or if the
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and the Danube region; by 1703, it was devastating the Ukraine, wh(>nce, through the war of Charles XII with Russia, it gradually spread to the Baltic
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von J. N. Strassmaier, S. J., copirten Keilinschriften des Britischen Museums, von Franz Xaver Kugler, s. J. Mit einem Anhang
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sidering the case, it appeared that a pessary, properly adapted for the support of the relaxed parts, would, in this case, probably be the most effectual remedy ; and
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that of a great and soothing poultice, the good results of which can be appreciated best by those who have experienced its salutary
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shaped pieces. A seer thus prepared sells for four rupees. One drachm by weight will intoxicate a beginner ; three drachms, one
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with an artificial anus and its irritating fluid discharges at the caecum is a very pitiable one. In many cases the inflammation and ulceration
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contributing papers and being present are requested to notif\- the General Secretary, Dr. George Elliott, 203 Beverley Street, Toronto,
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heart solely by a change in the connecting parts, in like manner as in those exposed to excessive heat and fatigue, the diffusion
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as to cause abscess and death. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, March 1, 1896, there is an extensive list of gastrotomies per-
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oder verbrannt, in der Meinung, dass den bösen Geist dann dasselbe Loos An das Persilihi-lihi, gleich wie an alle Handlungen seitens des Guru,
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truth in the theory that bacteria of the same kind and form are found in all places of diphtheria, I would suggest inquiring into
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called the Kalyainaka Ghrita. The range of its thera- peutic application includes such diseases as Vishama malignant spirits and demons, etc., dulness of appetite,
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H34O4, an acid found by Strauss in Maracaibo copaiva 2o5° C. , easily soluble in alcohol, in ether, in caustic radicle is a metal or metallic oxid. A., Metanitro-
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virtues of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. She is imaged or embodied in the eightfold categories of Avyakta (un- manifest), Mahdn (intellection), Ahamkdra (Egoism) and
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subject had actually been misled about the purpose. 19 As we will see later in this chapter, the AEC's conclusion that consent was
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sweet, or very cool things ; such as milk, sugar-cane, liquid food, cur- dled milk, sleeping during the day ; or by the cakes made of rice,
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to'idien (Ch.), Posterior mastoid muscle. So called spinous processes of the first five dorsal vertebree ; have called Sjilenius colli, and Spleniits cap'itis.
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5. The system of Vag-bhata I represents, as visual, a com- promise between the two systems of Atreya-Charaka and Susruta. From the latter he adopts the two hanu or jaw-bones,
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212. Martin Biles, AEC, Division of Operational Safety, to Julius Rubin Assistant General Manager for Environment and Safety, 13 March 1972 ("Summary of
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of such a public want arises from the conviction we feel and the knowledge we possess, that the health, nay, fre([Uently the
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ments which it embraces. The Editor himself does not fear to challenge a comparison with any of the English works, in scientific accuracy, philosophical plainness and precision of
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The tjohdippy prevalence of Contagtoui Fever for the laM aiU'mgn ihuac whom opulence has placed far above « arc 8tncra[]y held to be the cauacs of infection, fonns an evil,
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Syracuse, B.S., 1885; M.S., 1886; Harv. Med. Sch., 1874, D. V. Sc. ; M'Gill, 1890; m, 1879, Caroline M. Smith, Titusville, Pa.; phys. to
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great deal of education to the American public to make them known what is the truth about the Haitian community. Mrs. Boxer. In other words, if we have been wrong, we better
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The non-specific protein dose varied from 100 to 750 million killed typhoid bacilli injected intravenously. A slight increase in the fragility of
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tration of tendon reflexes, especially the knee-pheno- Reflexograph (re-fleis'-o-graf) [rejieetere, to bend Bechterew for measuring, timing, and charting auto-
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Epheubeeren, Lattich, Cicuta, Opium und Tolwurzsaft. In diesen Saft wurde ein Schwamm getaucht, an dem der zu Operirende, um einzuschlafen, eine
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mists divide into the muscles that are situated ou the shoulder blade, on the arm, on the fore arm, and on The muscles situated on the shoulder blade are call-
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the International Standard of reference and workers in eleven different labo- ratories established the relation between the pure substance and the original
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Was born at Plymouth, England, November, 1814. His father, James Hooke (properly and anciently De La Hooke), was an attorney, and was married to Augusta Dillon, of Cornwall,
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rigidity of the whole body, a ghastly countenance, a In this case the noxious vapours act on the brain and nerves, through the medium of the lungs ; these va-
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bility in different persons, and it will be proper to begin useful to be neglected, and experience may enable us to give a further account of its success in some future
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healed, and these, also, discharge purulent matter. When he urinates the urine discharges from six orifices, which are suppu
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Denn diese Variabilität ist eine alt bekannte aber neuerdings wieder vergessene Wahrheit die mit unnöthigem Hangen und Bangen seit Kurzem von der Schule
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the relapse of an affection — the recurrence — Pe- eur'sin, RepetW'io — of a paroxysm, or disease, — tle.' The act of palliating — that is, of causing
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practised in Cobourg and the surrounding country until 1862, " The record of Dr. Goldstone's professional life in Canada,"
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unter Leitung des seiner Zeit berühmten Antonio Cocchi's, im Krankenhaus ▼on Santa Maria Nuova, hauptsächlich der Anatomie zu widmen. Hier sam-
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rogues and robbers who have no character, nothing to lose,— no interest except in what the colleges pay for such material. The legislators should say to the peo-
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seen on the body or limbs, and a clammy coldness invades the ears and horns, and especially the points of the hocks and ischia.
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Thus in a warm climate the period may be accelerated retarded to eighteen : a girl, indulged in all the luxuries of modern fashionable life, and the sedentary seam-
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stimulant and astringent lotions ; but the operation is generally necessary. If any vessel appears to discharge blood, and the application of alcohol, tincture of myrrh,
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make valid ethical judgments. These challenges are (1) that the diversity of views about ethics in American society invalidates any effort by a public body such as
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4735 Eileiterscttwangarscliaft, f. 4T85 Fmchtlager, ni. 2. Kporau- 4758 6. PaUt&T, f. fruit, embrjo, 4786 Fruchtleben, n. 2. foetal life.
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prepared for publication, in 1852, a very interesting account of " The Rise and Progress of Trinity College, Toronto, with a
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The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart