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Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland, 1901 ; m. 1898, Ida Shaper, Cana- joharie, N. Y. ; prof. Anatomy, Univ. of Kansas, 1902-05; dean,

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egg white, &c., is to be regarded as a response to anaphylaxis. G. W. Hill, A. V. The ' buffering ' of blood. Brit M. J., 1922, i, 340-1.

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Edmund Pitts, Afiiftant Surgeon to St. Baitholomew's Hofpital. Swithin's-lanes William Graves, Surgeon to the Britifti Lying-in Hofpital. .Downing-flreet.

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The innervation of the heart was investigated by Henle (1841): by Fried- rich Bidder, who discovered the ganglionic cells at the junction of tiie auricles

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maladie à elle comme le voulait l'auteur du British Med. Journal (xoxvdfLiixw A'III, p. 217), mais cpie le mot n'exprime qu'un symptôme (la léthargie p.e.).

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origin to the notochord. F., Ileoappendicular. .See F.y Treves' Bloodless. F.s, Ileocecal. See Poiiclies, Ileoceccil (Ilhis. Diet."). F.. Ileocolic, a semilunar

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Fatal Cases. One hundred and seventy cases of the series of two hundred and forty- seven primary amputations for shot injury of the upper arm, but without more explicit

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seems to be associated with erysipelas. P., White, fatal catarrhal pneumonia in a syphilitic fetus with fatty degeneration

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remarkable that in antiquity they were not generally amid a variety of interesting anatomical and physio- logical detail, traces of Pythagoreanism in the virtue

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of guns." Another trait in the Londoner of 1770 is not lacking to-day. " There is no city in the world," writes our young diarist, " whose inhabitants have so much

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hut was arrested by pressure ; patient very much weakened ; comatose. Died." Dr. Leavitt does not mention a haemorrhage from the brachial, and the ligation of that artery, in his report of the

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muscles; neuro-traumatic arthritis ; loss of sensation; moderate improvement; discharge." CASE 42 (p. 252), of H. Gervaiso, has already been men

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three affected with partial canities. In the family of both parents there was stated to be congenital premature canities, and some white hairs had been

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prospect of unemployment thwarted his ambition and drove him to follow his father into medicine. His interest in medicine soon

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angebrannt und im eigenen Menstrualblute ausgelöscht um den Arm gebunden. Gelrunken wird zur Verhinderung der Empfangniss Milzfarn-

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acquired form of dilatation of b.-v's aud extension of act of emptying b.-v's by pressure. Avascularization. fibrous stenosis of arterial b.-v. ArterioiilDrosis or Arte-

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ry vessels ; and hence the differ- a gradual and progressive union of ence between arterial and venous particles already present.

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trouvé que sept aflFections provenant de cette langue. Il distingue a) des formules avec des chiffres (7, 9) importées des peuples sémitiques ; h) les formules à

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counsel! ; and as for small matters, let them passe ouer." And he repeats the advice again, under "A White Flaws," Fol. " I wolde not councel a man for euery tryfle sycknes to go to

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FEL, Bile — f. Anguillae, see Bilo — f. Bovinum, Bile of the Ox — f. Bovis, see Bile — f. Naturae, •Aloes— f. Tauri, see Bile— f. Terrae, Ludus Hel-

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wandered through the fields and forests collecting vegetable simples. The physician's office was called the Iatreion, and was

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prostate, Paris, 1KJ8); MEKClEll (L. A.) (Essai stir un nonv. mnyen de diagnos. dcs divirscs la prostate, in the Arch. gen. 3 st -rie, 1839,

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sistant physician, pathologist and medical superin- tendent at Illinois Eastern Hospital for Insane, 1894- western University Medical School, 1897-99, and pro-

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the future progress of the school to secure a better building, better and more apparatus, and better attendance to duty on the part of the faculty.

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unnecessary on their part, they are the public's humble " Respectfully begs leave to inform the Public and the Inhabi- tants of York in particular, that he has commenced business at

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Chcnoweth, Maynard B., Chemical Biology Research, Dow Chemick, Sidney S., BIdg 10. Rm 8D07 NIH, Bethesda. MD Chcmoir, A. 1., University of Tennessee, Memorial Res Ctr

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he ni"re he reads, the more he wonders, finds anuses at the groin, and miraculous recoveries in every ligent endeavors; fur the operations devised by PlirslCK, DtPl YTKKX, and Professor UKOS.S for the

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" The candidate for Midwifery will be required to understand the Anatomy of the Pelvis, its contents and their appendages,

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the patient suffering from haemorrhoids, in the event of possessing sufficient strength, should be anointed and demulcent food (Anna) in a fluid state (of a gruel-like

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Cask. — Private Jolm Valentine, Co. K, 88tli Pennsylvania Volunteers, aged 19 j-ears, was -n-ounded at Cold Ilarbor, water, and tincture of iodine was painted over the track of the hall. Milk punch was fi'eely administei-ed. The wound

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he saw them when he descended the Ohio, and was forced to take to the land on account of the "vast marshes." Mr. Hanna mis-translates

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touched Liotot, Hiens and Duhaut to the quick. Their sense of injustice augmented into a resolve for revenge that prompted a conference in

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cTe«itc)tt confidence, hn bccD pleased to expreaa Himaclf to me nect iind expLiin many ano m all C4<— simplify our future id-

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Er amgto mir dann die Sammlung, die er hier auf seinen Exkursionen zaaammen gcbraehl hatt<% und die in ei nem hesondc>rnZiniJïier auf einer ganzen

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