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any discoloration in the skin, is called a SCIRRHUS ; but when an itching is perceived in it, which is followed by a pricking, shooting, or lancinating pain, and a change

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The following well-known cholera or diarrhoea mixture is of great Mix and take one teaspoonful every one or two hours. Definition. — An acute infectious disease clue to Klebs-Loefler bacillus,

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traction by which their particles are possessed by the one, but of are held in union can be disturbed which the other is destitute,

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deposit of new bone internally. The specimen shows a portion of the shaft to have been removed by a trephine, of which there

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der Cmgebung von Mengo werden buchstäblich Hunderte dahingerafft. In 26 von Cook beobachteten Fällen fand sich 25 mal Filaria perstans.

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tirées de leurs expériences les Drs. Eeed, Carroll et Agramonte. On sait que ces expérimentateurs, ayant exposé sept individus non immunisés contre la

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a pint, strain, and add powdered squill 2 drs., prmn truaia- cum 1 dr., tincture of tolu 4 drs., honey 2 oz. — Clateb.

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having a violent fever in a boarding school. Each scho- lar constantly passed the door of her room, and no one caught the disease. When recovered, she was removed,

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ihe Avalti and in the Hanns should be made in cases of bending and t Honey, clarifisd butter, and drugs of the Nyagrodhddi group.

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producer will have a shortish face, broad between the eyes, with the nose pointed, and on the end fine and free from wrinldes. The

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a period of one hundred and thirty-five years had insured no life wliich sur- vived ninety-six. The " London Assurance " for the same period had no

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c-treated cells. Lane a, uninfected culture; b, uninfected culture treated with 0.2 mM ZnS04; c, infected culture > ZnS04); d-f, infected cultures treated with 0.05. 0.1 , and 0.2 mM ZnS04; g. infected culture exposed to 0.1

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1 So the commentator Theophilus. tir'nv\oov means literally 2 Plugs of lint to keep the suppurating place open until it 3 Galen would prefer "under," as given by some MSS. in

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left side, between the tenth and eleventh ribs, at Fredericksburg, Virginia, December 12th, 1802. He was ti'eated in the field

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Juno. In his infancy he killed with his hands the serpents which were sent to dev'our him. The legends about him are innumerable. He was said to

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In 1657, a similar soci(>ty, called the Accademia del Cimento (Academy of Fyxperiment), was established at Florence. In 1645 an "Invisible College,"

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able feature of hospital work here is the extent to which advantage is taken of the maternity cottage, there being, as noted before, no

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reliel whereby in superimposed similar figures having their points of sharpest vision coinciding, a certain other point in the left field appears to be to the right,

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house, a large pack of wolves crossed the door-yard in full cry. " Dr. Taylor never took an active interest either in municipal

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increase the duties of the dietetic department enor- private-room patient with different tastes and food the bread preferred. The foods these patients enjoy

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(1. II. 15. MCLEOD (Xoteg, etc., 1858, p. 430); but both editors seem to have overlooked the fact that the only return c f injuries to the wrist joint made

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bum, or of a small hazel-nut, Microscopic researeh ahovrs the inJurj- tion to bt- tlic product of profuse pmlifemlioit of cells and nuclei, whicH

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of the urine. The only reason for the belief that this trifling disturbance is due to piroplasmosis is furnished by examination of the

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will produce a ('oi)ious (low of jjastric juice in ;i nastrostoinized dofi, and Kichct, in 1S7S, had ol)lained a similar elTect in a patient who liad to he fed throuf:;li

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the province, where he will have wider scope for the practice of his It is reported that Dr. Natrass, Toronto, having been appointed

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the terms "typhus abdominalis" and "typhus exanthematicus" to differentiate these diseases (1839), and of the term "hemo-

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necrosis of the ischium. with erosion of the cartilaginous rim of the ascetabulum. and slight caries of the great trochanter, with wasting and alteration of the surrounding soft tissues.

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12 prid instrument is called ' tendiculuw,' and it ow to be of whiche wraiste in pe ouer ende shal be a litel hole purgh whiche shal be putte pe two ende} of grete prede

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physiologic functions. All these systems exerted a profound in- flu(Mico upon medical men in their attempts to classify disease, and

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tlicre letnaios a Btationary scnnty mucous discharge which nuiy last fur of mietimtion lie long, this neeretion glues the lips of the uretbn

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Environmental and occupational pollutants are also major determinants of disease and death rates. Even "normal" levels of

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forcing the air out by compressing the chest, attempted as a forlorn hope. The writer has found the results of dry heat, applied by cautious roast-

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tongue loaded — great thirst — pain on pressure. Pulse 130 full and strong — skin clammy — no pain of head. V. S. ad deliquium animi. Applicetur emp. lyttaa amplum

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lauded frictions with lueicuriul oiotmciit, ntid give caloinel intcnially. apply fl\-ing4iU3[era to both sides of tlie sjnnc ; commencing' with tliem

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I. Situated upon a vertebra. 2. A spinous process of plied to diseases limited to the household or other cir- llii-\ley's name for a part of the embryonic petrosa.

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befon! Petersburg, V'irginia, June ITtli, 1861, a gunshot contusion of the skull. He was taken to the hospital of the 1st

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to the cervical sympathetic. Ktcrnocpphulima, mastoid oh umirrulia (braehiocephalicivi) , cervical aud dorsal trapetiuiatucles and motor

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UHtti, Krwin 1'ayr transplanted a bit of thyroid from a woman to the spleen of her myxedematous daughter, with successful result. The paratJiyroid glands

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deanliness, warmth of clothing, ventilation of apartments, cxerdan in the open air, a sufficient allowance and proper eboicc of food, which

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than the red do, but in tlut intprvftl inrrc-iso pradually, ami that at If iifler the iiitertnitli-iit imroxysms liavt- ■.'■.•asi-il the Kplwnor

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•consisted of mattresses and blankets on trestles or stretchers, or even on the floor; hence as far as possible light cases only

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of the medical program. However, at the fourth meeting of the Advisory Committee, representatives of the Republic of the Marshall Islands presented

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ne suffit pas et la cabine de Bessemer n'a pas eu de résultats. L'autear reut donner plus de stabilité au vaisseau par deux gouttières, ouvertes en bas, par

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génératrices, le signe de la victoire. La racine du bouleau est recommandée contre les maladies des reins à condition de n'être pas cueillie avec un

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N'go. A caterpillar from which an arrow poison is ex- Nickelic (nik'-el-ik). Containing nickel as a quadriva- Nickelous (nik'-c!-us). Containing nickel as a bivalent

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drag down the lower part of the body; after which the head ' is to be sought for bv the hand introduced into the uterus, and

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The History of the Crusades, for the Recovery and Possession of the Holy Land, The History of Chivalry ; or. Knighthood and its Times, by Charles Mills.

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Cc.; sodium chloride, 6.5 Gm., in water, to 100 (V. Transparent, tabular crystals, soluble in 0.54 parts water, in 24 parts alcohol. Decomposed by organic matter,

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Gettysburg, July 1st, 1863. The wound was hennetically sealed by Assistant Surgeon B. Howard, U. S. A. The patient died on July 4th, 1863. The case is reported by the operator.

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similar to that of murexid, but which disappears on or tartaric acid to a solution of ferrous sulfate and c.c. of a zinc acetate solution (1:5). Wash the pre-

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case of longstanding with widespread fibroid disease and evidence of past excavation would, without very marked constitutional

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of urine, from caruncles in the urethra. See ISCHURIA. food prepared by the Lydians. Various supposes it to be thus called, because it was black like the boiled

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ing the prophylactic treatment of consumption : namely, the belief that the use of bread and potatoes favors the development of scrofula and

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hours. This defensive element may l>e, in part at already seen to be an active agent in attacking and observed in malarial fevers in great measure arises
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