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disease occurring epidemically, or as an endemic, within a peculiarly limited geographical area. Though sub- ject to great variations, its typical clinical manifest-

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the table"--all these principles of good health and disease control. This evolves from parent education, particularly of

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disorganized. A fissure on the posterior portion of the shaft is curiously and delicately bordered by necrosis." The catalogue

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dans l'Atharva-Véda que nous voyons la magie, ou du moins les jongleries sacerdotales (c'est-a-dire les imprécations et les actes conjuratoires au lieu

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enrollment, medical reformers believed, would simultaneously win public confidence in medical practice and reduce the output

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strongest of the membranes and perhaps the most sensitive. Nine- tenths of its sensory nerves are derived from the fifth cranial, while the

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Potawatomi name, Mi-ceh'-weh-u'-deh-ik'. The name refers to the Fall Creek. Tributary of White River in Marion County. Chamberlain

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copper 20 gr. for one ball (with common mass q. s.) ; the dose may be gradually increased, carefully watching its effects, but should never exceed 15 gr. of sublimate and

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ground floor. Examining some of the old logs, he discovered many bullet-holes, mute evidence of bygone battling. He believes this house

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alccsic is not without some risk of postnasal, fetal, respira- tor)' difficulty. This, however, is readily combatted by the

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I had been part of around 4,000 or more servicemen who were human guinea pigs in gas experiments conducted from 1942 through 1945 by the Chemical

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who confided so implicitly in his honor, until she stood before him a guilty and injured woman. This is a matter for most

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•ubsided; itaii, C(iiue<)iicntly, there will be great languor, modcratG Dxcrcioc, und especially riding on horseback, go

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Von der Philosophischen Facultat der Universltat Gottingen mit dem ersten Preise der Beneke-Stiftung gekronte Schrift. Von

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5. Westphal, O., and Jann, K., in "Methods in Carbo- hydrate Chemistry" (R. L. Whistler, J. N. Bemiller, 6. Reuber, M. D., J. Nat. Cancer Inst. 26, 891 (1%1).

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of amputations at the shoulder joint is expressed in the report of Surgeon II. S. HEWIT, Medical Director of the Army of the Ohio. (AlTKNinx TO I AUT

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1897 Cowburn, Arthur Douglas, M. D. Brussels, 31 , Bai-hston-fjdns. s.w. 1891 Cowell, Alfred Kodgers, M.B. Camb., Uoicnshire-hill, Hamp-

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ample remuneration for a temporary' privation of labor and emigi'ation. " There was no action taken on the report, but on December 15, 1803, the

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semejante hablar [i. e., talk with the devil] ; y creo que lo hacian de miedo, porque todos ellos se atapan los ojos cuando hablan con el." 7

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patient afterward consented to treatment, and speech and hearing were duly restored in the time promised, whereupon Dr. Eder told him that in point of fact his physician was

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tnembniiic. The lesion most frequently found in tlic bodies of cbUdren irho hare died of measles, is capillary Inonchitlit, Yrhich lias gonicLimeB

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it was that the farmers would come and in spite of all the positive evidence, they d want to do their thing. So they had

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tion ; she did, however, lose some from the cleaning out of the cul-de-sac prior to opening of the abdomen. From first to finish

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attention of the surgeons of the Hartford. After careful examination, finding no portion of the clavicle could be preserved, Dr.

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tion and a stage in the cure of open pneumo-thorax and of valvular pneumo-thorax, is suggested by progressive improvement in the symp-

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his entering the hospital, from a malarial fever, to which was attributed the slow manner in which the wound healed. He was

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easy, he started practice when quite young. At twelve the lad was in Preble County, Ohio, and in 1820 he married. Evidently at some

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Inlicritance, therefore, is invariably Ihrough tlic sv]-)hilizc(l mnthcr. If the infection is virulent in the mother, the micro-organism penetrates

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cerebrum to a level witli the cori)US callosuni, was softened and yellowish from the developuumt of p\is. Infianuuation of the

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which goes by his name (1845), 1 and upon his return he made of which he became Fellow and gold-medallist of the Royal Society

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many, 1497-1560. — XII. The doctrine of courtesy. — XIII. The renaissance and educa- tion in England. — Appendix: Coloquia of Sebaldus Heyden, excerpts from. — Biblio-

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sanguinis, & concedo; sed non debemus ea uti sola, absque praeparatione infirmi cibus debeat esse gruellum de avenato... R.A. 824.

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nator longus and internally by the pronator teres. T., Fa'cial, one formed by lines uniting the basion with the alveolar and nasal

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Sclero-Corneal Trephining in the Operative Treatment of Glaucoma. Surgery of the Eve. By E. Torok and G. H. Grout. Svo, pp. 508.

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perhaps officer volunteers in the subsequent Desert Rock series, were the only subjects of bomb-test research who signed forms saying that they were voluntarily

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convinced iiiu tbat ihi'y wcro t«tanic or ccliunptib It la ituwbcro stated thnt tlio musdcs of the Ixu.'k trcro tciuo, except during tittt

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blood cell series, the anemias, the mycoses and th« ten. well illustrated text, without padding and re- Tait. M.D., Ph.D., -Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology,

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cilitating construction and improving quality of Ml 3 shot- gun libraries. It allows direct selection of recombinants, dephosphorylation of inserts to reducing chimerics, con-

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of Aristophanes, and in more elevated and dignified style in the third chapter of Walter Pater's romance of Roman antiquity, "Marius the Epicurean."

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bid phenomena. Extreme prostration may demand diffusible stimulants. Spasms and other indications of congestion may be met b}' cold to the head, and inhalations of ether, followed by

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liquor question, and lost it again on the money question. During the two-thirds of a century since the adoption of the Constitution there has

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gowns "or should witness at such a distance from the operator, internes and nurses, that they, in working and turning about, will not permit their

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I beat; Uic iitcreuscd activity in tlie general and capillary I thint, form a vuiy manifest contrast to the prostration of

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juice; borage flowers, violets, roses si of each; a quarter and syrup and use, the which digests the matter, whether it be

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edge of the liver. It is the part that, in favorable cases, can be palpated and being the lowest part, contains the residue of the bile and the cal-

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another, the whole remains undigested for seven hours, before which time the rotting process commences and the man has his

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Charaka Samhidl {vide Charnka Samhila. Chapter XXX, Chikitsita- of Vataja vaccinal diseases. Rudhiiakshara (mciiorrhrea),

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Erfahning< n, Berlin, 1865 ; llESdEL, J., Die Kriegshospitdhr des St. Johannitrr-ordens im Ddnischen Fehtzugc von 1864, Breslau, 1866.

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at the rapids of the Maumee, from the Spanish settlements on the Mississippi, with an offer of assistance from them. In April, three com-

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damage. In most of these cases there was a more or less constant leakage of urine, either into the rectum or through the perineal fistute

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X, [2], 79 p. front, (port.), i fold. pi. 23i<"°. S9994 Brahman: a study in the history of Indian philosophy. viii.Sg p.

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n>«nt. [Convincing proofs nf its efficacy in esses of Uenia ferred, not only by the author of th'xt work, but other dis-

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1870 Davies, William Bowen, Llandrindod Wells, Radnorshire. 1869 Davies, William Henry, Penncr House, Newport, Monmouthshire.

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treats at length of the subject, and practiced the operation of trepanning the sternum. Among the modems, consult SabaTIER, Memoire sur les Fractures

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of the tissues about the field of operation. S. Bone, Governor General of India, 1793]. A genus of plants of the order Dif'teroairpu:. S. robusta, Gaertn. f. ,

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Time alone can show whether his claims are justified. In the case of extraperitoneal Caesarean section it may be anticipated that a few

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enterostomy will of course be preferred if the gall-bladder is reasonably liealthy. Direct treatment of the stricture b}- trans-duodenal incision

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The innervation of the heart was investigated by Henle (1841): by Fried- rich Bidder, who discovered the ganglionic cells at the junction of tiie auricles

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the diseased action in the whole animal body, thus rendered There are three other arguments, but of very little or no value, which are generally brought against the inflammatory

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recherches de la mission dont Castellani faisait partie. par ponction lomkiire, chez des sujets atteints de Maladie du sommeil,
    The Salon: 2009 Flyer
    Photograph: James Stuart