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|>optic. In one case of extensire malignant ulccratioa of tlio mucous coat of the stomach, which was under the care of Dr. Chambers, no nausea and sickness exiitted, and all
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and the diluent without the tuberculin on the other. In twenty-four hours (early reaction) a liyjjeraBmic papule surrounded by a bright
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was admitted to liosjiital at Austin, Texas, April 18tli, 18(i(>, from lieltoii, Texas, sixty miles distant, with gunshot wound of tlie
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made a circular incision round the wound and thoroughly cauter- ized the whole, thus destroying all the inoculated bacilli. They
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massif du Fouta-Djallon, le bassin du Haut Sénégal, le bassin du Haut Climat, — Au commencement de mai la saison des pluies s'annonce
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of certain factors in the germ plasm which may interdict the union of two such abnormals; but albinism, deaf-mutism, retini-
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individual cases of gunshot injury antecedent to the adoption of the present system of registration of wounds, (October 1, 1863.) which are on file in their offices.
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and intrathecal injections still more so, but the o( respiratory failure is greater. ( )n the completion of the operation, after magnesium
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Klinglin, die Strassburger Hebanimenschule und Gebäranstall crtit 1728 begründet ! Warum sollte auch die in Frankreich durch den grossen
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"The North American Indians are nowhere idolaters." 6 Idols were always carried to war by the natives of Hispaniola : "Atanse
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6 lumbar vertebrae (incl. first sacral, and dividing each into body and two transverses) x 3 . . 18 bones In the case of the first sacral vertebra, its two alae (Fig. 20, i i)
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was legitimate. Bartholinus speaks of an unmarried woman of Leipzig who was delivered after a pregnancy of sixteen months. The civil code of
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idle cavils and ignorant criticism of the translation. The same considerations make it desirable to set forth It seems clear enough that the modern system of Long vowels,
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1. Upon the leaves of the tree of life yon read the worde: That is, if you are not pure, or if you do not become pure at a vir-
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trperarum, emetics, given early, have been considered as a most certain remedy. It would give us the greatest trial we have, however, found them useful. In gout,
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anterior optic lobe abolishes the contraction of the pupil to light (Whytt's refle.x), and that a mere fragment of the spinal cord will suffice for the produc-
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exceptionally ten) days, there occur swelling and redness of the lips of the valva, and the vaginal mucosa with here and there
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7327 Herzhautentzündung, f. en- 7355 Linsenentzündung, f. inflam. docarditis, pericarditis. of the lens (from Linse, f.
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resort to flexible catheters of different forms and sizes, and trust a little to chance. After many gropings, one often succeeds in passing- a very small
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Francisco, has become a member of the staff of Davis Hos- Dr. Seaton has been a medical missionary doing princi- Since his return to the United States early in 1941 he
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19 days later, desirous of going back into the field. The peculiar absence of subjective feelings of fear in this case is something like what Awtokratow reported from the
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tubercles of the lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys." In the absence of these indications, though there may be numerous old-
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a blazing fire, a flash of lightning, or a meteor-fall nessing reservoirs of water, etc. by a man of Kaphaja temperamentj as well as one which has been forgotten
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The SMRC began receiving records for recently discharged Army veterans in October 1992. In February of this year, the SMRC began
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latin index ; la seconde foys, tu te doibs faire seigner, quant la lune est au signe du Sagitaire, au bras de la vaine appellee la mediana;
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To the Countess of Damiolsie, and the Canadian Fair. To .Mrs. P. de Sales Laterriere, and her family. — The Guest returned his thanks in behalf of his wife and
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Sig. : The Paint. The gums to be painted with the solution twice daily, both anteriorly and posteriorly to the teeth. Internally he gave ethereal tincture of phosphorus (i-iooo), 3 minims
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Diarrhoea and Dysentery from Impure Water. — The instances of out- breaks of these two diseases from contaminated water-supply are very
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in the district. The protected animals cannot be driven over a highway without exposing them to almost certain death. Even
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McMinnville, and Surgeon S. J. W. Mintzer, U. S. V., reported that the case was still progressing favorably, although the
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venience. In August, 1869, he applied to Assistant Surgeon W. H. Forwood, U. 8. A., at Fort Sill, with unmistakeable signs of
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Ausser den schon genannten unheilbringenden Geistern, kennt der Batak, ebenso wie der Malaye und Javaner ein Gespenst „hantu", einen bösen
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reason cases occur of simple acute bronchitis, verminous bronchitis, simple chronic bronchitis, pseudo-membranous bronchitis, tuberculous
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times as much of the decoction of all the parts (viz. — leaves, branches, barks, flowers and roots) of Vdsaka and with its roots and flowers as Kalka, should be used
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sej)tic solutions. For this purpose a counter-opening is made through the skin opposite the fluctuating point. The mucous membrane of
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vances in Pathology is given, illustrated by diagrams and with microscopes. Special courses of didactic lectures will also be given having reference to
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stricted only by the exclusion of a salt shaker from daily. It is desirable to tap abdominal fluid before the patient is greatly distended, for this interferes
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the t}-pes of Gutenberg's 36-line Bible (1457), and discovered by Professor Sudhoff in the Bibliotheque nationale, Paris. B: Blood-letting man (Ader-
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wohl schon in England heran, weil es sich herausgestellt hatte, und die englischen Freunde klagten gerade darüber, dass die Wolle nicht gleich-
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derived by Schoolcraft from n 'gik'-a-boo, or "otter's ghost". These two tribes were not members of the Illinois-Miami nation, but were
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1911), good histories of ophthalmologv have been written by August Hirsch (1877), P. Pansier (1903), and Carl Horstmann (1905).
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The size and value of American, Australian, and New Zealand flocks demand that the modes of treatment practised and the experi-
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Records now available show that at the highest reaches of Cold War bureaucracies officials discussed conditions under which human experimentation
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The scalpel rack is fitted into a metal tube. Sin. long by i ,in. in diameter, with a screw-on lid rendering it airtight. The tube is filled with a solution
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Efflorescence, ef-lor-es'-ens. Redness of skin; rash; exanthem. Efflorescent, ef-lor-es' -ent. Drying from loss of the water of crys-
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married Enrique III in 1388, and became Queen of Castile and Leon in 1390. If Arderne was really surgeon to the King of Castile
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gastric and duodenal ulcer. By means of it the presence of a duoilenal ulcer can l>e positively ruled out. The degree of healing of an ulcer
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of the temporosphenoid lobe through the outer portion of the crusta of the cerebral peduncle and the pons into the internal
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of Catalony & Aragon is Castilion; how be it they dyffer in certene wordes, theyr vsage, theyr maner & fashyons,
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taine t'hfz les anciens. Contre la lèprp on trouve des me'SUTes dans la Bible et Cook trouvait chez les habitants dtüt IIch dan« la mer du sud de« précautions
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a1 -is. yd. for each person from outside the County, to include all thiiiKs necessary except clotliinf. The ain and detached building of this new Institution have befn built on the most modern prin-
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or inconvenience, from a nearly straight to a semi-flexed condition." Examiner W. D. Scarff, of Bellefontaine, Ohio, certified,
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cupcrose 5 sem., salis gemme 51111, camphore 311, tbutie quart, i, aDgelot 311, aque rute vel feniculi et parum vini albi, et pono in alambico vitreo et
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moi,et a mon insu, mais en mon nom, et reussit en effet a. tromper la malade sur Iaquellc cette troisiemc lettre eut le On a tcnte les m§mcs experiences sur le somnambuli.-me
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eased or shallow socket, weakness of the ligaments of the joint and tend- ency to tubercular affections. In all trophic and vaso-motor disorders
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considered a reversion to the lower species, while others deny this and claim Anomalies of the Spinal Canal and Contents. — When there is a
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bevor Denman die künstliche Frühgeburt öffentlich befürwortete, während direct darauf folgen, also zwei Jahre bevor Baudelocque seinen Compas
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Asheville, N. C, 1907-10 and 1913-16. Secretary, Von Ruck Research Laboratory for Tuberculosis, 1913-16. 1890. Special clinical surgical work for two years at
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chest electrodes), skin temperature (small wires attached to your skin), and core approximately 4 inches into your rectum). On the exerdse-cold trial days, we will
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we make out, undoubtedly, a bookish study of medicine; of learning not contemptible, in letters, that is, not to head ache is practical ; the great fondness for elecampane,
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Violent shooting or tearing pain in eye-ball, generally worse on right side ; twitching of muscles of face ; worse from light and noise
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Unkulunkulu was something so far off that they never thought of him ; but that now this old man is being brought forward by others
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easily distinguished from the ducts. — (Kiek.nan.) Thus eacil lobule receires a branch of the portal vein, which ramifies into its margins and a minute artery, the
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beneficial. In cases of a very localized fibrositis, counter-irritation is sometimes of great use, especially in the form of the Thermo-cautery.
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slashing, with the result that the Viennese pathologist withdrew all reference to the matter from the second edition of his book and
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never seemed to be reached. ]\Iany persons have seen ex})ert players at draughts and chess who, blindfolded, could carry on numerous games with
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ammonia for its hydrogen ; one, two, or three hydrogen atoms of the ammonia molecule may suffer this replace- alkyliimiiis having the general formula NIl(C„H.j|,.).j)
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to resolve it, that tho natives, supported by a less rich and uuliibvc diet than Europeans, suflcred more severely, and died more frequently. The stomach bimI inteatiaes,
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Cor. 1896, 97, 98. H. 1901. C. 1904, 05. F. 1905, 06. 91, 92, 97, 98, 99. Cor. 1897, 98, 99. BeVCrshrOok, Filich-. Ex. 1884, 85, 86, 87, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96. Cor. 1897, 98, 99
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direct endeavor. It is a by-product, a sort of hon- North Carolina it would be the lesser evil to estab- lish this school in one of the cities of the state.
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1903 Hardy, Percy, Trenthohne. Walford-lane, Nottingham. 1886 ' Hare, Edward Christian, Indian Medical Service. 1886 1 Harg-er, Frank Arnold, P.O. Box 251-2, .Johannesburg, Transvaal.
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which is atypical not only as to intensity (number of mitoses) but also as to cellular structure and tissue organization, that is, is metaplastic; and which
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lodged, the saine is true of the soldiers. The bedding many of the camps is scanty, damp, and pretty often full of lice. The litter is actually being repla.ced
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knife or scissors, the edges of the cleft, and. af- after the union of the lip. or the operation of sta- cum sulph. (Ph. Ed.) £j ; Potass, bitart. 3 SS - :
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lesions which are the cause of arthritis, deformity of bones, cere- bral symptoms, etc., tuberculin again will in most cases settle the
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The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart