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a.(2) The President shall appoint at least three members, one of b.(2) The President shall appoint at least three members to serve
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is expressed that the lumbar or retroperitoneal areas promise better results, and possibly instead of glass tubing, etc., animal aorta hardened in formalin might
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1 Not at the time of the creation, but of their own birth. There is no one now who can remember when the Amatongo were first
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marked influence over the nervous system. It is successfully used in cholera, periodical convulsions, fits, epilepsy, nervous excitability, asth-
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as to cause abscess and death. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, March 1, 1896, there is an extensive list of gastrotomies per-
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The third son, Wm. S. Durie, was born at Gibraltar, and be- came a prominent personage in Canadian military matters. In November, 1828, he entered the Royal Military College at
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temporal ridge. He remahied in the field hosi)ilal until the 4th of December, when he was transferred to the 3d division hospital.
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Guillain and Barre. Deux cas d'astasie-abasie avec troubles du nerf vestibulaire chez les syphilitiques anciens. Ann. de med. Par., v. 3, 1916, pp. 431-436.
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do clectrotberapie van Scribonius Largus (zie ook mijn disseilatio pag. IX) Ik boop dat bet na doze mijne toelicbtingen ook voor den meest seeptischen
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purchase allopurinol online — Private Andrew J. Gordon. Co. A, 31st Ohio VolunteerB, aged 21 years, was wounded at the battle of Cliick- REMOVAL OF FRAriMRNTS AI'TER GUNSHOT KRACTUKES OF THE SKULL. 219
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burg. May I'Jtli, 1863, by a canister shot. The missile entered the left parietal hone, immediately |)osterior to the coronal, ami
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by Paul Blocq (1888), nrosraHve interstitial hypertrophic iritis of infanta \>\ .biles hejerim- :iu<i J hIl- Sottas il.SW. infantile progressive muscular
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masi Crudeli, 1879) were translated for the Sydenham Society. He experimented with various products for the treatment of
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self on account of a suffocating heat, and having procured refrigeration for himself in this manner, cease doing so, the
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Hoare, William Wallis, M.D. Brussels, Mackay, Queensland. Hobson, John Morrison, M.D. Edinb., Morland-road, Croydon. Hodges, Aubrey Dallas Percival, M.D. Lond., Uganda.
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and injuring the internal maxillary artery, and ma<le its exit at left ear; then entered the shoulder, fracturing the acromion
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instances of duplex stomach. Bartliolinus,'-'" Heister, Hufeland, Morgagni, Riolan, and SandifortJ cite exami)les of du})lex stomach. Bonet speaks of a
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report: "The hall entered externally near the middle of the left forearm, producing a comminuted fracture of the radius, and
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healed, and these, also, discharge purulent matter. When he urinates the urine discharges from six orifices, which are suppu
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wort in his hand or put it in his shoe lest he should weary. And when he will pluck it before sunrise, let him say first these words
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tension condensation of the cell contents. In his memoir on the protoplasm of rhizopods and plant cells (1863), 6 Schultze def-
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vertebral cartilages for long periods." I would add that malnutri- tion of a part of the disc from a vertebral subluxation or other injury,
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someone quoted in the same article that you referred to in the New Dr. Richard Krause is Director of the National Institute of Aller-
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given one or two shots of Botulinum Pentavalent Toxoid. It may well be argued that the use of these agents to protect those involved
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Trichinosis as a disease has long been recognised. Peacock in 1828 and J. Hilton in 1832 mentioned the existence of the cysts of trichinae ;
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Wilhelm Kieft, Director General of the New Netherlands, Dr. Samuel Fuller, who came over in the Mayflower and practised in
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four and one-fourth ounces, and was of an intense green color; the kidneys were extremely flabby and anaemic, and the cellular tissue surrounding them, einphysematous. The right
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I 'h. I\ liih ri(ii\|. w III' llii- siiiiir i-xliiliiliirj Fig. 48. — Lanibdoidal fissure <if llic vitreous table of the ri(fht parietal. &'pec. 3406, Sect. I, A. M. M.
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Nightingale graduate cap. St. Thomas' Hospital, London, England, St. Luke's Hospital, Canada, and University Hospital are the only hospitals
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small triangle, which did duty as the snake's head. The second pattern was found by Dr. Matthews among the Navajo, and by myself in the old
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mistake of riding poor and badly kept horses. His way of ridinii' was known all over; no one could mistake him on horse-
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gery and transplantation, allergy and dermatology, cancer, and This multivolume work will provide a much-needed central source of information on the biochemistry and molecular biol-
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September, and on the 23d of that month arriving at Vincennes, where he presented letters of introduction to Gen. Harrison, ileanwhile The
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and inserted into the muscular process of the arytenoid that part of the middle constrictor of the pharynx that originates from the greater cornu of the hyoid bone.
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of course, something quite apart from the parasite- Practical considerations. — Certain clinical facts about malarial hepatic congestion and malarial hepa-
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▼ioualy employed for aimllar purposes if it can be avoided. Bxcept in cases of urgent necessity neither the temporary nor permanent occupation of buildings
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method of sponge biopsy offers the general practitioner an opportunity to play the principal part in the detection and diagnosis of several important types of early curable can-
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1883 Shone, William Vernon, Strathalbyn, South Australia. Shoppee, Edward Collett, 21, Carleton-road, Tufnell-park. N. Shore, Richard Allan Ambrose, M.D. McGill, Toronto, Canada.
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account of the disease is one of the best we have met with, and the appearance of the swelling h very well illustrated by an accompanying plate.
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white, you must take at first, not the body of gold or of Luna, but the first essence of gold or of Luna. If a mistake is made at the outset, all the sub-
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([ue 39 cas et 2 décès seulement, comparés avoc 515 cas et 343 décès parmi les non-inoculés places dans les mêmes conditions. Les faits parlent tout seuls.
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ing into the throat about a teaspoonful of the water every hour. Another treatment for roup, a contagious disease, is to separ-
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The History of the Crusades, for the Recovery and Possession of the Holy Land, The History of Chivalry ; or. Knighthood and its Times, by Charles Mills.
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heiten (Epizootie) ; auch gekautes Schwarzbrot und Weissbrot ersetzten die Stelle dieser Kultbrote. Dämonen vertreibende Zauberkraft erhielt auch das
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wise, it is safer to leave it protruding than to enlarge the wound in the peritoneum for its reduction, or to incur the hazard of intra-abdominal effusion from its lacerated vessels.
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Peaches, Apricocks, is a good fign of encretfe of riches and fear becaufeof the precipices, it denotes through much pains one (hall come to the honours and digni-
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action ; had been sick in the night from some drink given ; is free from pain ; pulse HO ; pain on pressure : an enema ordered. Evening, adosc of castor oil, and twenty leeches
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sulphur dioxide (vide Medical Science, 1921, 3, 498), except in cases of In addition to a brief survey of the most recent literature of calcium
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on the stage of compensation. Wliile compensation is maintained, the heart contains a relatively normal amount of blood, and is in a relatively
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caooot do much against inilnmmatory infiltration of the lyinpbatie glands nnd oofinectivc tissue of the Sfick. Aceordingtorayexpcrionoe,
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selves, or by pressure upon them by enlarged lumbar glands, an associate English gentleman of fifty-three. When he was called to see the man on
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Give (a) the symbol, (b) atomic weight, (c) molecular wdght. and (a) N. (b) 14. (c) 2B. (d) Nitrogea is an odorless, colorless,
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it drive over, and you will again \ivify it with that augment. produced. Imbibe it witli a small augment. Place for eight dajs on hot
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He was at once admitted to the hospital of the 1st division, Second Corps. His left side was paralyzed, and a portion of tlu!
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than one-tenth of an inch from the cornea, even with the middle of the pupil, into the posterior chamber, and gently endeavour to depress the cataract with the
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colour, called cinnabar, whose colour is deeper in pro- grinding with vinegar and a little salt, which dissolves the metalline impurities ; and by distillation, either alone
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precautioufi of this sort which will occur t4> every anopheles in the neigh Im>U! hood of native houses are infected, it in manifesL that to vinit native qnarters
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Describe the appearance of a typical nasal ulcer in glanders. At the first the ulcers are round, rcguhir and Htooothly bordered,
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ability from "resection of the hnmerus and three inches of the sternal end of the clavicle" The foregoing notes, with two photographs
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1 ToULMOUCHE (A.) (Etude medico-lcgale dcs blcssures intcressant les organes gcnitaux chez Vhomme, in Annales d lTygiene, 1868, 2 grie, T.
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patient, not being al)le to speak, was compelled to submit to this cruel treatment, which caused his death on May SOth, 1864,
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Darma, the fifth Huldea. The Yunani physicians do not allow this to form a part of their prescriptions, as they believe it destroys the
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The Salon: 2009 Flyer
Photograph: James Stuart